351w dyno. We put together this AFR 220cc head kit together as a great kit to finish up an aggressive 351w stroker engine 408 or 427 ci combination. The AOD conversion kit will work on 1965-1966 Mustangs. Took the car to the dyno thought I would post the results, pulled to about 5800-6000rpm. This high performance aluminum cylinder head is a direct bolt on for Ford 289/302/351W engines and retains OEM exhaust, intake, and accessory mounting locations. It seems that the Edelbrock dyno testing was, if anything, a tad conservative, as (despite the lower compression) the topped-off 351W pumped out 460 hp at 6,100 rpm and 435 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. Its a mustang dyno 20-22psi s480 tfs 11r 190 heads . Was wondering if you guys knew if its possible for aluminum heads on an efi engine since every magazine ive looked at for parts says that aluminum heads arent an option for efi engines. DYNO PAK FORD 260-351W INTAKE , 10. AFR 185's w/ 10:1 c/r CompCams XFI 236HR-14 cam. After assembly, it was time to hit the dyno and see if all our hard work . The efficiency of long-tube headers over shorty headers is demonstrated on the dyno with 16 more HP and 16 lb-ft of torque on a mild 351W . Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 21, 2019. with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge ® 170 cylinder heads (TFS-51410004-M61), Trick Flow Track Max ® hydraulic roller camshaft (TFS-51403001), Trick Flow StreetBurner® EFI intake manifold (TFS-51500001), Trick Flow TFX™ throttle body (TFS -24070), Trick Flow TFX™ 24 lb. My results on a mustang dyno all numbers are at the wheels. 30 over Trick flow TW 170 heads . ATK HP08M Ford 302 Mid Dress Engine 365HP with Fox Body Oil Pan ATK HP78M Ford 302 Mid Dress Engine 365HP ATK HP11M Ford 351W Mid Dress Engine 385HP. The additional stroke provides a boost in power along with better throttle response, acceleration, and overall performance. Xtreme Energy Camshaft™ Dyno Results Xtreme Energy Cams™ bridge the gap between Magnum street cams and race only cams. 351 Windsor, 351W Testing ADAPT (Advanced Dyno And Performance Testing) Our highest level of testing Build Type Performance Grade remanufactured, not rebuilt Cubic Inches 351 Liters 5. To get things started, the 351W was configured on the engine dyno with a Meziere electric water pump (no accessories), a set of 1 ¾-inch long-tube Hooker headers, and a Holley 750 Ultra XP carburetor feeding each intake. This killer engine makes great power and torque so check it out!. Ive got an 89 bronco with a 351w efi. Check out these dyno results! Engine- Small block Ford 351W/ 408 Stroker Eight Stack Adds 31 horsepower and 36 lbs. 408 Ford Small Block Stroker Crate Engine: F408. Read about the newest product launches from our development team. Before the aftermarket really took off, small-block Ford buffs looked to the 351W cylinder head for power improvements. 351W Performance Ford Crate Engine (Complete & Dyno'd) • OE Cast Iron Heads. Before installation of the supercharger, we ran the modified 351W on the dyno using a set of 1 ¾-inch Hooker headers, an MSD distributor and a Meziere electric water pump. Intake and Holley 750 HP carburetor. the goal is over double its original power. com: Performer RPM 451 HP Top End Kit for 1969. This induction combination helped build power in the upper rpm ranges. Holley 670cfm vacuum seconday carb. The 351W head gives the 289/302 plenty of breathability with its larger intake and exhaust ports and larger valves. 67-73: Mustang/Cougar: 351W w/standard Ford Port (step design 1 5/8 - 1 3/4) 4 Tube Step: C E K L: 8. Gasoline Air/Fuel MeterFAST™ has revolutionized the tuning industry with it's wide-band air/fuel meter. Xtreme Energy Cams™ provide increased torque, vacuum, response, and power while still providing quiet operation of the valve train and the durability required in daily driven vehicles. Running Holley HP EFI management, sans turbos, the 351 Windsor dyno'd at 409 horsepower and about 405 pound-feet of torque. The 408 Ford is an excellent choice for those looking for a Windsor based stroker engine to fit in place of an existing 351. There was an article in Hot Rod magazine in the mid '80's where Jon Kaase was developing 351w packages. Simplify engine building and save time with these assembled short blocks. So far I have a line on a complete 5. The engine is mild with a small cam, Holley 650 carb, Edelbrock air gap intake, MSD ignition, Hedman "shorty" headers. Mar 9, 2008 #1 They had a Dyno test day at South Plains College in Leveland yesterday and I took my 73 stang out there. Ford 351W 408 427 Stroker Rotating Assembly Kit, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 4. 200" Deck Assembled Short Block, 347ci, 9. The 351W has a front sump oil pan, while the 5. This engine was designed to be street able, with a noticeable idle and work with power accessories. Dart Special High Performance Ford SB 8. Watch the latest product and technology videos from COMP Cams®. I didnt see the log just his dyno, but. Some of the rocker studs were damaged in shipping so I was planning on returning them. So I would like to see how anyone can get that absurd claim with a mild 351W build. This build will have it's torque right were it needs to be at the bottom of the RPM band. 0L Stroker 427 351w, Stage 4 Description: We did the work, so you don't have to. Though this small block is a platform capable of much greater performance, you can easily modify it to make more horsepower and torque. 351W Performance Ford Crate Engine (Complete & Dyno'd) • OE Cast Iron Heads • 310 Horsepower • 380 Torque • Dyno Tested Ford 351W Crate Engines | Ford High Performance. American made quality and affordable performance. intake 750 carb 1 3/4 LT's Made 475hp at 6,000rpm on builders engine dyno Only put down 360rwhp on the DynoJet, but is what about 110* in the shop at time of pulls. The increase in displacement involves a cylinder bore diameter of 4. This intake manifold can be used with ported factory cast iron heads, however. Turnkey packages start from $995 to $1095 to $1195 for this engine. 13 and no head problems yet to date. From the real dyno tests that I have seen in tha mags, I don't have much reason to doubt them. I am thinking of picking up DynoSim6 from Pro Racing Sim. 7RR, professional products typhoon intake, 24lb injectors, and probably many other things I'm forgetting. The regular TFS Twisted-Wedge small-block heads flow 250 cfm of air, as determined by our own flow-bench testing at Duttweiler's. Stock 351W - Ford D0OE * Flow data for this head from an external source. Ford guys, torque making 351w. The basis of the build is a Dart cast-iron 351W block. 8 motor/wiring harness/pcm from a 96 Bronco in decent shape. small block Ford style crate engine - longblock. 351W Performance Ford Crate Engine (Dressed Longblock) • High Performance Aluminum Heads • 380 Horsepower • 410 Torque. We have kits available with all the parts to make your 351 rear sump so it clears the K-member. Stock 351W (C9, D0, D8, D9 castings) Cost per pair: Varies Material: Iron Combustion Chamber Size: 60-69cc depending on year. intake and a 750 cfm Holley double pumper. It's ideal for drag racing or oval track engines operating between 4500 and 8500 rpm. Season 16, Episode 11 HorsePower Builds Summit Racing 383 Stroker Build 2 Episodes Twin Ford 351 Builds 2 Episodes Hurst Olds 9 Episodes '78 Buick Century Wagon "Sucker Punch" 3 Episodes. We start with a Dart SHP 4 bolt main block which has a 4. AFR also plays a major role, octane could obv cause it like you say, but sometimes as a tuner can richen AFR and . I now have an F4TE longblock 351W with the F2TE rods. The 408 Stroker test motor featured a set of CNC ported ARF. Our 351W crate engine for sale utilizes aftermarket high performance cylinder heads and has a mild cam to give your old 351W new life. The block is fully align honed and torque plate honed, then assembled with brass. For less expensive engines see our engine rebuilding page! Please email us for a custom quoted engine specific for your application. 8 liter 351 Windsor Short Block Engine is on sale. I won a set of D0OE-C 351W heads that were remanufactured by Ford on eBay last week. This happens to be one bad ass small block Ford. This table is provided to give a general idea of the BALLPARK spark advance that a typical combination desires. Just got my latest issue of car craft where they build a low buck 351W shortblock to test some different top end parts. When equipped with the long-tube headers, the power output of the 351W improved from 404 hp and 413 lb-ft to 420 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. Doubt mine will make that much, but, there is an engine dyno in town so I'll probably haul it down there for kicks and giggles and report back. By Jason Reiss January 01, 2015. Your choice of Rocky Iron Aluminum heads (202 valve), or SS PRO Street Aluminum heads ~ ~ both have the new twist wedge aluminum heads that do WORK!. Ford 351w on the dyno today cranking out 396. 8 liter has one of the longest production runs of any Ford engine today lasting three decades, through the 70s, 80s and 90s. 2 compression AFR 185's CompCams XFI cam Vic Jr. If you port the 351W head, it only gets better. Fortunately, nothing broke, nothing went wrong, and the dyno printouts proved what we knew all Strokers Wild Part Two: 393 CID Ford 351W. The old adage that what goes in must also come out, should immediately come to mind when talking about any performance motor. The EFI Hi-Ram manifold line has a new addition for the 351W Ford application. FORD 351W — 380+ HP MIDNIGHT BLUE ENGINE This is one of the BEST STREET HIGH PERFORMANCE engines! Built from our Dyno tested (on a real SuperFlow Dyno!) and road proven packages. Order this Ford 351W crate engine. running this heads for 2 years plus on the race track on a stock bottom end ,292 comp. Adding a good 3 angle valve job brought it up to 255 Hp/362 tq. I am building a mild combo and wanted to real . Ford 351W Dyno Test: Shorty Versus Long-Tube Headers When it comes to performance, many overlook the backside of the equation, more commonly known as the exhaust. Install an E-Force Supercharger Part 1. comp cam 508/532lift 222/232dur. This 427 Small Block Ford is a customer favorite. One of the key ingredients to the success of our stroker combination was the cam profile. This 427ci Windsor is a small block Ford that acts like a big block, and has 575Hp and 525 ft-lbs of torque to prove it. I have a cobra on the forum that came in with a Ford crate 351w of unknown vintage , looks like the y303 heads, Victor Jr manifold, 650 CFM Edelbrock, unknown flat tappet hydraulic cam, that ran well but not great power. Dyno tested on a real SuperFlow Dyno. 6c Flat Top Pistons, Fits 1 or 2-PC Rear Seal, Rings and Bearings Included, *2. Flywheel and harmonic balancer: The 351W needs a 28oz imbalance, while the 5. AFR 220cc Top-End Engine Kit for Ford 5. I have an old car craft article were they ran this setup, and supposedly were able to run 11:1 compression ratio on 87 octane fuel. Where To Download 351w Engine WINDSOR COLD START AND WALK AROUND Mad Max Interceptor Pull - 351 Cleveland on the Dyno! 351w Voodoo Cam AFR Heads Open Headers 500+ HP 351w Stroker Engine Install LOW$-JUNKYARD 351W-BETTER THAN 5. The 351w long rod motor you were probably looking at is the one were they used modified 400m rods, theyre 6. I am slowly researching/pulling together parts as they pop up for a 351W EFI build for my 74 project. The only custom piece is the crank—the rest of the combination uses a. I know they were OBDII and mass air but electronics less desirable because of added emissions stuff in the pcm. Free Shipping; Brodix Cylinder Heads MG 1350 - Brodix Cylinder Heads Exhaust Header Gaskets. Ford’s 351W/427 fills the Factory Five engine bay nicely, and Edlebrock’s fuel injection carb look-alike fuel injection system is trick. Ford 302 - 376+ HP Midnight Blue Turnkey Engine. 0; Start date Nov 16, 2006; Forums. If using Holley's 556-112 CNP coils, the Holley 558-318 CNP coil sub-harness is also required ( or the Holley 556-128 CNP Big Wire V8 Kit). What will the power difference be on a 351W engine from a pair of C9OE 351W heads that have 1. 580" long, and then a stock 351w crank. BORE v STROKE, SHORT v TALL DECK-FULL DYNO RESULTS. Call or email for a custom quote. We tested with two different sets of heads on our long-rod 351W. The stack added 11 HP and 17lb/ft of torque. My 351w is a 1974 with stock heads and pistons. The Performance Automatic transmission is ready to install in your 1965-1966 Mustang. The Holley 558-307 CNP main harness is for Holley's Coil-On-Plug smart coils and LSx ignition coils (nine terminated loose wires into J1B). This complete, dyno'd 351W Ford has high performance aftermarket aluminum heads and a mild cam upgrade to boost your performance. Stress relieved block is completely CNC machined in our state of the art CNC machining center. Put it on the dyno and it made 278 RWHP and 332 RWTQ with some vacuum at the top end. It is a 347 currently and I am running the AFR 185 heads. The efficiency of long-tube headers over shorty headers is demonstrated on the dyno with 16 more HP and 16 lb-ft of torque on a mild 351W Ford . There is nothing we love more than when a manufacturer under promises and over delivers!. Aluminum CNC ported heads allows us to use less camshaft than the 500 HP version and still deliver more power. Throughout the years we have studied the failure points of this 5. After adding even more wind to the Windsor with our manual waste gate controller, the twin-turbo 351W produced 809 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque at 14. 050": 230° / 236° Max Lift w/ 1. com where an owner of a CSX3000 427 Cobra posted the dyno numbers of his '67 427MR engine. Just nervous on the injector, TB , MAF required and would prefer a good custom EFI tuner in my area. 351 Windsor, 351W Testing ADAPT (Advanced Dyno And Performance Testing) Our highest level of testing Cubic Inches 351 Liters 5. Although the Clone Vert won't be a dragster, with a 3. (narrator)>> today on engine power ford's classic 351 windsor grows up and becomes a 427 cubic inch stroker. The transmission bell housing will work on 1965-1966 Mustangs with a 289, 302 or a 351W Engine. This 351w is built for daily drivers that needed more power and torque. 351W Performance Ford Crate Engine (Dressed Longblock) • High Performance Aluminum Heads. The first 351w I built was for my sons 87 Notch, it was a 72 block, stock crank & rods, KB Hyper flat tops, Comp XE284 hydraulic flat tappet cam, box stock Twisted Wedge heads, Vic Jr. Ford Tribute: Big Inch Windsor Stroker : Engine Power. I was leaning towards 302 but I have been hearing 351W might be a better Mine made 438 hp at 5800 rpm on the dyno and has a flat torque . Don't be fooled by some who build with a stock block and small bore. Includes 30 month / 50,000 warranty & BPE Dyno Promise. Just got back from my 1st dyno run. View the dyno test results here: Z2 Head Dyno Test Graph. Features forged pistons, hydraulic roller camshaft, and aluminum heads. Yesterday I took the day off from work yesterday to take my freshly rebuilt 351W to the engine dyno. Dyno Results Twisted Wedge ® 170 for Small Block Ford Test Engine: 9. Hydraulic Flat Tappet Rattler Camshaft; 1969 - 1996 Ford 351W 1800 to 5500 Howards Cams 228021-09 view Hydraulic Flat Tappet Rattler Camshaft; 1970 - 1983 Ford 351C, 351M, 400 1800 to 5600 Howards Cams 238001-09. Project Strokers Wild (Part 4): Dyno. 351W dyno results - 475hp @ crank. I have some gt40p heads that I was going to enlarge the head bolt holes so they would fit a 351w. It is a very streetable and mild 408, . Don’t be fooled by some who build with a stock block and small bore. Two Minute Tech : Torque vs. If you are wanting to fuel inject a 351W (5. Edelbrock 2090 - Edelbrock Total Power Package 451 HP 351W Small Block Ford Top-End Engine Kits Top End Engine Kit, Power Package, Intake, E-CNC Heads, Cam, Timing Chain, Bolts, 351W SB Ford, 451 HP-433 TQ. (mike)>> welcome to engine power. I'm looking for good dyno numbers on a stock 351w 4 bbl carb motor with no modifications. Ford Crate Engines built by ATKHP Performance Engines. The big-block dyno’d out with just a bit more hp and torque, and it got to the finish line quicker too, even though it outweighed the small-block by something like 170 pounds,” he notes. All Just got back from a dyno trip and am not sure if I am where I should be. by Michael Decipha Ponthieux Posted: 2013-12-7 Last Updated: 2022-02-03 CLICK HERE for the Ignition Timing Write Up The following table lists the typical MBT spark for common cylinder head/engine combinations, your engines MBT will vary. 1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-Classic Mustang Specific Tech. Looks like from whatever I can tell, variations of that combo have made 400 lb ft. If someone could post a pic of what 302 headers look like on a 351w in a fox chassis that would be most splendid. I am wanting to play a bit with some parts for the TCoupe and figured it would be a good package to experiment with on The 351W. 030-inch overbored stock block, stock length 351W rods, and stock-type 302. 427 Ford Small Block Stroker Crate Engine: F427. 351 Windsor As outlined in Strokers Wild: Part Two, we stroked a 351W out to 393 torque-monster cubes. WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE A MODIFIED 347 (302-BASED0 STROKER OR A MODIFIED 351 WINDSOR?. 351 Small Block Dyno Shootout: Windsor vs Cleveland HorsePower continues its build of a Cleveland and Windsor 351, setting up a small block shootout on the dyno. With this configuration, the naturally aspirated 351W delivered peak outputs of 418 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and 423 lb-ft of torque at 4,700 rpm. I built my 1996 f150 351W with Explorer gt 40 heads and upper intake, but a 1995 Lightning 351 lower and EFI GUY harness. Adding an aluminum ford dual plane intake similar to an Edelbrock 2181/600 4bbl added like 16 Hp. Check out all the great parts that go into this 351w based 408CI stroker engine package. Part 2 of HorsePower's dual Ford 351 project, as the guys complete the build of a Cleveland engine and then turn their attention to the Windsor engine. Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 05/09/22, pending manufacturer availability. now equally effective in nascar and drag racing, it won its fair share of. Edelbrock part #2090 Performer RPM Top End Kit is designed for 1969-95 Small-Block Ford 351W V-8 engines. If the hose was cool, then a 195 degree thermostat is the oe replacement although a lot of people run a 180. Here is a dyno sheet on a 351W, stack fuel injection, mild hydraulic roller cam, Edelbrock Performer heads. Before I do, I wanted to know if they would bolt on the the '87 roller 5. My fresh Ford 351w on the dyno at R & D Performance in Onslow, Nova Scotia , Canada. Ford 302 — 326HP 356-360 ft lbs torque. Left - The Hardcore Horsepower dyno cell has a very powerful exhaust fan to exchange all the air inside the cell 16 times per minute. With these top tips you can be well educated when choosing the components going into your first 351 stroker project engine. Stock 351W HO from mastercraft is rated at 285HP @?RPM with #? Torque. 00 labor only to 1 pair of 289, 302 or 351W castings. Since 351W swaps are a common topic here, I thought all of you might be interested in his combination. 400hp in a 351w can be very streetable, IMO. 408CI 351W Based SBF Stroker Engine 450HP. From 1969 to 1971, the 351W Ford engine was rated at 290 horsepower, making. I want to build a 427 out of my 351 SOOO bad. You will see an increase in vacuum at idle and more power throughout the RPM range. 23 @ 118 in his 2800 lbs coupe on just motor. For LSx coils, Holley 558-307 CNP main harness plugs into two GM. Which kit and add one for turbo 351W?. After strapping the car down to the dyno and doing some basic running through the gears, it was evident that the base map was quite rich during cruising. After Dyno Test first pull made 322HP @?RPM (forgot to take a picture of . Torque at max hp is 353 ft/lbs At 2100 RPM, the torque is 373 ft/lbs. Top 10 Tips for Building for your first 351W Stroker. Heres the best part, The max torque starts at 3100 RPM and stays flat right up to 4300 RPM !! One hell of a midrange. There is a thread running at SAACforum. Remember that 351W based engines are larger and you may have to make room under the hood for the bigger engine. 437 HP and 461 Tq out of a 351W. Mustang AOD Automatic Conversion Kit 289/ 302/ 351W 1965. Hardcore Horsepower Takes Dueling 427 Windsors To The Dyno. The following tests were run with the COMP Cams new Flat tappet Thumpr camshaft on the Westech dyno over three days in late December. small block Ford style stroker crate engine - longblock. This Top End Kit produced 451 HP & 433 TQ on a 351W c. COMP Cams XR282HR Dyno Results. Going into our customer in South Carolinas 1963 Ford F100. Eight Stack 351 Platforms · Don't believe us? Check out these dyno results! · Engine- Small block Ford 351W/ 408 Stroker Eight Stack Adds 31 horsepower and 36 lbs . Properly built, a 393 can make an easy 450 to 500 horsepower. In previous adventures with our 351 Windsor crate motor, we tested a number of different bolt-ons, including carburetors, intakes, . The Ford Motor Company built the first 351W in the mid 1970s and continued to produce this engine all the way through the 90s. If this engine was installed in a vehicle where the majority of operation occured at low engine speeds (below 5,500 RPM), the small tube design would definitely perform. SpeedoMotive sells a kit if you really are interested. Hardware: Varies Rocker Mount Type: Press in stud Runner Volumes: est 140cc int. 357 CID, 357HP @ 5700rpm, 378ft-lbs of torque at 3500. 5 inch taller deck to allow the longer stroke, head bolt patterns are the same but distance between the heads is greater, not allowing lower intake manifolds to be interchangeable between the 289 and 302 to the 351W nor is the cranks Heads: The heads on the 289,302 and 351W are all interchangeable though not always desirable. A 393 can be pretty inexpensive to build, too. Dart's professional assemblers start with their own Ford Sportsman cast iron blocks and custom fit them with. The long-tube headers improved the power output through. I looked at engine analyzer pro but that is a monumental budget buster. Ford 351W — 360HP 398-408 ft lbs torque. The FAST™ Air/Fuel Meter with it's available twin . 351W Gas Mileage & Dyno Tune Engineering/Technical Car Forums Page 351 351W Gas Mileage & Dyno Tune - Page 351 - Car Forums and Automotive Chat Our Community is 740,000 Strong. The kit delivers improved performance in street applications from 1,500 to 6,500 rpm range. Pro Stock Performance & Machine Buy/Sell/Swap. The Holley heads on our 351W were completed with a valve spring package and aluminum roller rockers from Comp Cams. The base engine was a time-tested 350cid 290 horsepower small block GM crate engine featuring a Weiand Air Strike intake manifold, 650cfm Holley carb, Hedman 1 ¾-inch primary tube headers, Magnum mufflers with 18-inch collector extensions and an HEI distributor. 8 motor and have been able to isolate areas that are more prone to breakdown and wear. He runs a Dyno in Northern Indiana and his wild ***** 462 (351W based) engine puts out about 660HP at the flywheel and and 530 RWHP. The long-lived Ford "Windsor" engine, displacing 351 cubic inches, was available in performance applications such as the Ford Boss Mustang in 1971, and today is available in a crate-engine version which features up to 535 horsepower. A bone stock 2bbl early 351w with stock replacement forged pistons (9. 54 years later the 427 fe is still a hot topic when discussing high performance ford engines. The Ford 351W or 351 Windsor is classic American muscle. The flywheel needs both the correct imbalance and the correct bolt pattern for the 351. If you quickly scanned just the title and photos of this story it may seem like Mike Petralia and the gang at Hardcore Horsepower in Tennessee did an iron versus aluminum block shootout with this pair of 427-cube Ford Windsor engines. 427CI 351W Based SBF Stroker Engine 575HP. Ford's 351W/427 fills the Factory Five engine bay nicely, and Edlebrock's fuel injection carb look-alike fuel injection system is trick. 351 WINDSOR 4 X 4 ENGINES! Ford 302 — 316HP 348-351 ft lbs torque. Ford 351W — 345HP 385-392 ft lbs torque. Performance hot street 393-408cid up to 550hp Fully dyno tested $24200. Engine specs: 351W - 40 over, stock crank/rods. Our 351 Windsor Long Block Crate Engine is on sale. I mention this just to put into perspective the significance of this 351 Cleveland dyno that I posted. 579 lift, a 236/248-degree duration split, and 114-degree lsa. Jul 9, 2003 865 50 99 50 Lubbock Tx. Not to be confused with a rebuilt 351W, our XP1 series has been completely remanufactured with upgraded parts specifically designed. 1963 was the dawn for a performance icon. This test involved a comparison between the Eight Stack injection and a (ported) single plane Edelbrock Victor Jr. The Edelbrock #5023 E-Street cylinder heads are designed for Ford 289-351W applications. Check it out as we dyno test a Ford 351W built with a Hilborn 351W EFI, an MSD ignition, and more - Custom Classic Trucks Magazine. Don't believe us? Check out these dyno results! Engine- Small block Ford 351W/ 408 Stroker Eight Stack Adds 31 horsepower and 36 lbs. If hood clearance is an issue with your EFI conversion, use these dimensions to determine which intake is best for you. With that in mind, a 351w with similar specs shouldn't be that tough. 750 Holley, backed by a C4 with unknown $200 Ebay stall and 3. 1965 Mustang 351W hyd roller 4bl C4AT (Older brothers-I built it) 1965 Mustang 289 4bl AT (Mom's joy-I fix/upgrade it!) 1966 F100 428FE 4bl 4sp and 3sp MT. We did 7 pulls on the dyno while experimenting with various settings (jets &. Thanks For Watching!Follow me on social mediaFacebook: http://www. When did 351W's get so damn high on craigslist? $200 bucks used to get you a running EFI pullout. By the time the dyno session was over, we had changed the power output of the Windsor by an amazing 555 hp and 459 lb-ft of torque. Pro Street 351-446cid 800+HP Race fuel required After market Dart or World block. The XFI stroker cam from COMP Cams offered. Ford Racing Performance Parts, Trick Flow and Edelbrock all make intake manifolds for the 351W. Dyno Results: Camshaft Part # 12-432-8: Grind # XR282HR-10: Duration @ 0. If you don't need the performance of a stroker and just need a reliable 351W high performance engine, look no further. Part of the 90 degree small block V-8 family of Ford engines, the 351 Windsor reached its peak stock horsepower in 1969 at 290. This AOD transmission from Performance Automatic was dyno tested and rated for 450 horsepower. Our 520 HP, 351 Windsor based stroker is our most popular street engine. 250 H-Beam Rods, 4032 Mahle Forged -6. Estimated Ship Date: 4/11/2022 if ordered today. With AFR 185 heads and a CompCams XE274HR you could expect 470 HP/470 tq and 10. Hardcore Horsepower Takes Dueling 427 Windsors To The Dyno. 0 compression) and dyno headers made 211 Hp/353 tq. Thread starter jikelly; Start date Mar 9, 2008; Forums. One of the mags got 400hp on a roller 302 shortblock with the stock cam and AFR 185s. And it’s all in a package that will fit under the hood of a Mustang. E-Street heads feature as-cast ports and are designed for street performance applications. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. 60 undercut valves, guide boss and bowl work plus exhaust port work (ports measure ~140cc/60cc) to a pair of cleaned up stock GT40 (non P) heads? Both heads have good valve springs. 8L), then your manifold selection is limited. 351W Gas Mileage & Dyno Tune. 70 rear, I should have some fun light to light. Hi folks, Dynoed my mild 351w yesterday, lot of potential there Holley 650DP, 4777 Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap ProComp 185cc, . It seems that the Edelbrock dyno testing was, if anything, a tad conservative, as (despite the lower compression) the topped-off 351W pumped out . The Dart block replicates the original Ford 351W in terms of basic design and layout, but with several enhancements. after hours of searching i cant find squat!!!! so post your 351w numbers. For 1964 to 1986 applications, great for Mustangs. One can draw their own conclusions. For the dyno test, we topped the engine with an Edelbrock Victor Jr. Since the added displacement also required additional flow, we stepped up the heads, cam, and intake on our big-inch 351W build, as well. Small-Block Ford E-Street Cylinder Heads 1. Edelbrock part #29245 Super Victor 351W EFI intake manifold is designed for high rpm or large displacement competition 351 Windsor Ford V8's with a deck height of 9. The chart below it is the same motor with a carb and performer manifold.