37mm parachute flare. 37mm 6 inch Parachute Flare Do It Your Self Construction Kit 10 Count. Launches and ejects a red flare on a chute at 1000 feet. I searched thefor an idea on pricing. Anybody know if the new Orion branded flares and parachute signals will If being seen is the desire , purchase a 37MM gun and flairs. This tool is designed to make it easier to reload the 37mm Parachute Flare projectiles. Visually enhanced, image enriched topic search. 6) Unknown stick type signal launcher. , 37MM (on barrel of flare gun), 2591; SIGNAL PISTOL. Caliber / Gauge: 37mmCondition: Overall good. The action functions perfectly and it WILL fire these big 37mm parachute flares. It was merged into four marine pyrotechnics factories,namely Haimen Huahai Marine Safety Equipment Co. If you would like more than one just enter the quantity desired and click on the Buy Now Button. pistols, pocket launchers, flares, parachute flares, cracker shells, . please see my other flares and good stuff. Use CDVS as your primary ammo provider. Star Parachute, Xm661 and Xm662 Metal Parts for (No Superseding Document) . Somewhere in my junk I still have the 37 mm flare pistol. 99 Add to Cart More Info Order# ML427. It comes with a half dozen correct 37mm parachute signal flares These are virtually impossible to find today. The long barrel was required for the proper functioning of the flare cartridge. The flare pistol is also marked on. The goal is to be able to put up the larger military size parachute flares and light up several acres at one time. 37mm 5 inch screw apart MLR reloadable shell. 5mm, Steel & Polish Flare Pistol Carrier, Heavy Use, *Fair*. 37mm 37mm Launchers Ammo Ordnance Group Super Breakers An amazing display and loud report Flares Blue and Red and Green. What's Inside Czech white illuminating parachute flare. What you have there is a 37mm parachute flare signal pistol Sedgley Signal Pistol, Mark-4. 37mm signal flare and smoke reloading. The most complete line of 37mm Launchers in the Universe. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. As always we are working on new 37MM ammo types for your 37mm launcher. An AR-15 with under-mount 37mm flare launcher- for when you pop a deer at dusk and need to track it under the glow of a parachute flare Reactions: roostercogburn98 roostercogburn98. Learn how to do just about everything at eHow. That's the plan, get some cool parachute flares and what not just to have fun with out at my buddy's place while out hunting hogs. Please check your local laws before ordering. A hollow plastic ogive is filled with a high visibility yellow-orange dye. Each flare will launch 450 feet into the air and a parachute opens with a single white Illumination flare. of imagery as it floats on a parachute from 500 feet in the air. Here is a very nice 1943 dated M8 Flare pistol in 37mm. Surplus 37mm Parachute Flare Parachutes. The cavity contains a pyrotechnic flare candle assembly, and an integral ignition/ejection charge attached to a 20 inch diameter parachute. Best place to get 37mm shells?. Don't take my word for it but WW2 dates in this type of flare are hard to find. Manufactured by Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company ( E. Included is a 12-count original open box, mfg'd by Sklar Signal Pistol Co. For the smoke be thinking marking and not concealment. Provides position marking during rescue operations. 37Mm Starburst Red Flares (Box Of 10) 37Mm Starburst Red Flares (Box Of 10) $119. Magpul Mbus Back-Up Rear Sights, Black. sedgley navy parachute 37mm flare gun. 5mm Parachute Illumination Flares. com has Flare Gun for sale from thousands of trusted sellers. Parachute Flare Has peak altitude of 1,000 feet. A flare parachute is a small parachute with an illuminating flare connected to it so as the flare burns it is slowly dropped to the ground. practice grenade, flare canister, small ISO, 37mm, 40mm, 2. Pains Wessex parachute rocket flare. - posted in Pyrotechnics: I am not really looking for suppliers but more suggestions on what size star would be best for these for signal flares. SIGNAL, Without Parachute, Changing Colour, for Aircraft. This auction is for one (1) Huahai Red Rocket Parachute Flare. Orders $75 and over ship for FREE in Contiguous USA ( see restrictions ). M781 TP 40MM Practice Cartridge. ORION Red Parachute SOLAS Signal Rocket. Specializing in manufacturing reloading supplies, ammo, and rounds for the 37mm launcher. Huahai 37mm Red Rocket Parachute Flares (30,000 cd) I accept credit or debit cards through Zelle only. 00 : 000707: US 20 Round Carton. " We will be looking at all types of Ordnance with the exception of 40mm, . BTW - Maritime Parachute flares are . This is a WWII PARACHUTE FLARE PISTOL. 5mm White Parachute Flares @ Dlask Arms Corp. with a barrel length of 14" and an overall length of 28 1/2". 37mm Parachute Flare Construction Kit 37mm Parachute Flare Projectile Construction Kit. FLARES A total of 40 parachute flares were fired during the study. Many people have asked us about making parachute flares. US 37-mm Single-Star Red Parachute Flare Original Item: The US nomenclature is #52 PISTOL PROJECTED PARACHUTE RED FLARE DISTRESS SIGNAL. An exact replica of the 40mm grenade launchers used by the U. 37mm Parachute Flares For Sale. 4) Coston-Sedgley 37mm parachute signal pistol 5) Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co. As time went on its performance fell behind in the race, until it became necessary to produce something better. Launching rocket ignites flare and projects parachute with flare. Magpul Mbus Back-Up Front Sight, Black $45. The powerful and successful 37mm AAA guns naturally led aircraft . This adapter was designed to fit Bates & Dittus launchers. Shoots an approximate 1-1/2" diameter flare. | Caliber / Gauge: 37mm | Condition: Overall good. For the advanced WW2 Flare Pistol Collector. BRILLIANT SINGLE STAR OF LONG DURATION. available and more recent longer barrel models can also fire parachute flares. 37mmボルトカノーネ: 機銃の代わりに37mmの対空機関砲を2門搭載する。. I would also like to know of any preferred smoke formulas and the pros and cons of the different tube lengths. procuring the M2 to accommodate the new interim 37mm signals replacing the Very signal pistol . 5-12ga Note: its a federal felony to fire any firearm ammunition from a flare gun without the 200. This in an EXCELLENT 37mm WWII M-8 Flare Pistol with its Rare M-8 Pistol Mount. I have made some with multiple small stars of 1/4 but would like to make a large single one. In 1926, red single star with parachute, yellow smoke with parachute, white single a tracer for 37mm antiaircraft guns, and test flares, . A red distress signal for day or night use. 37MM Parachute Flare Construction Kits 37MM Parachute Flares Now Available!! We are currently working on a new construction kit for 37mm Parachute Flares. Thirteen (13) WWII Era 37mm Parachute Flares. Be aware of what is downrange and use common sense when using our products. Flare Guns & Ammo Now Shipping, NOTE: a one time $20 Hazmat fee is added on each shipment of flares, regardless of quantity. Also, give a parachute illumination a try someday, just don't set the field on fire. but I has taken time and money to get the components custom manufactured for us. Includes Shells, Wads, Tubes, Our Formula and Everything Needed to Load 10 Cartridges with our formula or yours. 37mm Parachute Flare Construction Kit NEW!!! 37mm Ammo kits just released. 37mm Parachute Flare Kits 2020. I carried mostly parachute flares and also had a pocket ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter). An M8 Greyhound is a six rubber-tired armored vehicle with a 37-mm gun turret. 37mm products are gaining in hobbyist interest. The intense brilliance of the SOLAS red parachute flare achieves 30,000 candeland a burn time of 40 seconds. 37mm Parachute Flare Reloading Tool. It is enjoying high reputation from. Also Personal Check, USPS Money Order, Money Order, Bank Check, Certified Check. Flares, Smokers and Rockets. I'd only really be interested in it for smoke and parachute flares, but even on youtube there isn't much about any of this and if this shits . 00 Deluxe 37mm Reloading Starter Kit $125. These custom build kits offer the most reliable and versatile information and materials for building efficient reliable parachute signal . 99 Add to Cart 37Mm Starburst Red Flares (Box Of 30) $349. Flare burns bright red for at least 40 seconds. The SOLAS parachute flare is the most powerful distress flare available. "I suspect the flares are 1 red flare, 3 red flares, 1 white flare, or smoke (blue)" You'd be right. WARNING: This product can expose you to. It was made by the International Flare Signal Co. We expect to have this 37mm reloading kit released by the end of this week. Parachute deploys between 200 and 300 metres. 37mm Sonic Signal Rounds /Loaded in Aluminum Hulls. Comes with a rope Navy lanyard. Kits to LOAD YOUR OWN 37mm AMMO. m-2 flare gun holder with three 37mm flares M-2 flare gun holder with three 37mm parachute flares. Flares, Gas and Smoke, (ok it will have some toy use)but primarily as a replacement for the plastic Olin launcher and the stick launchers. Our 37mm 6 inch Parachute Flare, Do It Your Self Construction Kit. It has a 7 ½" long smooth-bore barrel which fires a 37mm metal cartridge. Item restrictions take precedence, and are noted above in red. These will fire out of any 37mm flare gun. SOLAS parachute flares ascend to more than 1,000' and burn at a dazzling 30,000 candela for 40 seconds. 5mm parachute flares using the adaptor for firing them from the 37mm bore. ,Ltd,Dongtai Welfare Fireworks Factory,Jianghai Shipping Equipment Co. "37mm projectile" 3D Models to Print. These were made in various configurations by R. I've never seen the single white before. Navy WWII used parachute 37mm flare pistol with a pat'd 1-13-32, with an 8" clean steel 37mm bore and lock up is solid with blued metal, and a heavt aluminum handle. It is mostly brass with an SST barrel. Most 37mm/40mm munitions sellers wont sell CS or Tear to non-military or LE agency, you'll have to acquire it however you can. These are Surplus Parachutes from Military 40mm and Commercial 37mm Flares. 5mm adapters but not 40mm, sorry. They are used to illuminate areas at night or in low light. These 37MM Signaling Rounds are made for signaling/training. I also test-fired a couple of smoke rounds legal for civilian use and some 26. 1920 "37mm projectile" 3D Models. 37mm Reloadable MLR Shell Tube 2 1/4 inch. (Our #, not hers!) 888-339-5633. In the C-47 I flew we had a 37mm flare gun and a socket in the fuselage behind the pilot's seat for the gun to lock in to so we could launch a flare in flight. 37Mm Starburst Red Flares (Box Of 30) $349. Manufactured of quality materials by Bates & Dittus. This adapter allows you to fire 26. 37 mm flare gun with a brass frame and steel barrel. I've got one of the shorter havoc's and I love it. 5mm parachute flares don't do a real great job of . THESE ARE A FIRE HAZARD! PLAN ACCORDINGLY! These custom build kits offer . During World War One the US Army adopted a 37 mm French gun as a trench cannon and anti-tank weapon. If you would like to Purchase 37mm or 26. Flare parachutes have often been used in Iraq so soldiers could illuminate various areas and see more clearly at night. Its all started from ShFK-37 auto cannon, first developed by Boris Shpitalniy back in 1935. " You never know when you might need a flare gun! US M8 M-8 WW2 Flare Pistol 37 MM dated 1943. Original Item: The US nomenclature is #52 PISTOL PROJECTED PARACHUTE RED FLARE DISTRESS SIGNAL. They traveled just as far and fast as the same rounds fired from longer-barreled launchers. Products ( Total Items: 2 ) Sort by: Use Default Sorting Order By Avg Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Name Newest. Six Flare Launchers1) World War II R. Original US Army carton of 10 37mm Red/Green Tracer Cartridges as issued with the M8 Flare Pistol as issued to the Army Air Force, etc. ORD-82: 37mm Red Parachute Flare, red cardboard top wad, aluminum hull, copper and brass primer marked W. 25 mm flare gunTen #52 pistol projected parachute red flare distress signals . Coston-Sedgley 37mm Parachute Flare Signal Pistol, with a 7 1/2 inch steel barrel, complete with the original rope lanyard and a dummy flare. Huahai 37mm Red Rocket Parachute Flare (30,000 cd). It is fired from a long-barreled 37-mm signal pistol. ,Ltd and Qidong Traffic Signal Bar Factory. Coast Guard'' and dated ''12-43''. NEW!!! 37mm Ammo kits just released. 37mm-72mm Camera Lens Hood, Square Lens Hood Sun Shade/Shield, Reduces Lens Flare and Glare for Digital Video Camera and Camcorder 4. The one shown has been opened to show the content. It is fired from a long-barreled 37-mm signal pistol . established in 2009, is the largest manufacturer specializing in marine distress signals in China. 37mm Screw apart 3 3/4 inch Reloadable MLR Shell. 37mm Parachute Flare Projectile Construction Kit. is a cartridge for use in any 37mm, 38mm, or 40mm flare or signaling gun, . Civilian 37Mm Grenade Launcher. (The regular FEDEX ground shipping fees are included in the price) Dealers inquire on case lots. Thirteen (13) WWII Era 37mm Parachute Flares, in metal storage container. IKAROS parachute rocket, formerly 50751 McMurdo Pains Wessex Marine Illum Para Rocket Mk, (MK3) The White Parachute Flare are impossible to miss at their peak altitude of 300 meters. Marked on the gun is "US Property Pistol Pyrotechnic M-8. These are sure fire aluminum cased cartridges. This is a parachute illumination flare launched from a Czeck. Has a few small dings on front lip but not bad. These flares burn very bright at 15,000cd. The 37mm M3 gun was designed shortly before the war, being frankly based on the successful German PAK 36 design. M-2 FLARE GUN HOLDER WITH THREE 37mm FLARES | M-2 flare gun holder with three 37mm parachute flares. 25 mm flare gunTen #52 pistol projected parachute red flare distress signals from January 1972 manufactured by Kilgore Corp. This cartridge is a fixed round of ammunition consisting of a metal projectile body with a rotating band and a cartridge case assembly. ) Pistol has over 95% of its original Factory Parkerized finish, and baked enamel finishes. 37MM Launchers & Accessories including 37mm gas gun, 37mm gun, 37mm shells, 37mm fireworks, 37mm flare gun, 37mm M203 Launcher, 37mm grenade launcher, legal grenade launcher. For rates, please view our shipping information. Luminous Intensity : > 30000 cd. For specs for all of our launchers, click here For images of our launchers side by side, click here 37mm products are gaining in hobbyist interest. 37mm US M16 shells, and puteaux 25mm 4. RARE VAN KARNER WWII NAVAL 37 MM FLARE PISTOL W/FLARES. Available ammunition includes flares, smoke and other pyrotechnic rounds for civilian use. 25 inches (185 mm) Shopping Cart (0 ) View cart. Flare Signal 37mm Red Parachute Ww2 Survival For Sale at. 37MM COSTON-SEDGLEY PARACHUTE SIGNAL PISTOL. #1- Excellent quality Czech military surplus parachute illumination flares. I have flares and reloading items for $55 extra. Included is a 12-count original open box, mfg'd by Sklar Signal . #52 PISTOL PROJECTED PARACHUTE RED FLARE DISTRESS SIGNAL. The aerial flares we tested include: Orion Red Parachute Signal Rocket - . 1960s flare gun and flaresFrom a 1000 foot great lake ship, either "Mercury" or "Pallaides"; each ship was scrapped in Sturgeon Bay by a close relative. This kit contains four 37mm parachute flare projectiles with four launching tubes, four pushing cups to use as caps, a disc insert pack, one Este 24" parachute, and instructions. 37mm Parachute Flare Construction Kit. The Spikes Tactical Thumper is a full-weighted replica of the M79 grenade launcher. Most parachute flares are SOLAS approved and meteor flares are not SOLAS approved. 5" (MARINE FLARE USE ONLY) (FIG. why don't we see more of those 37mm flare launchers. -37mm Flare sight -Original Box -37mm Cleaning Brush $225. of Philadelphia, as marked on the barrel: R. Protectorates, and Canada, unless the item has restrictions. Huahai Rocket Parachute Flare. True maritime flares don't look anything like your friend's very macho looking Flare gun for his boat. 37mm 2 1/4 inch Screw apart MLR Aluminum reloadable Shell. There is also a box of twelve flares and a metal flare container. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. Military vintage M126A1 Red Star Parachute Flare $ 89. of out of a 37mm flare gun, and showed it off this week at DefCon. Eclipse has developed a programmable, lightweight ammunition for precise deployment of payloads including flash-bangs, irritant powders, parachute flares, . It also is Excellent Mechanically, and The Rare Pistol Mount is also Excellent with over 95% of its factory original blue finish. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Flare gun made by R. 6" (FOR PARACHUTE FLARES) (FIG. This is because launchers like our Tac-D are a great accessory for an AR or any Picatinny Rail equipped weapon as well as providing an ability to launch fun rounds. As part of consolidated wartime efforts, lifeboats for all sea going Merchant Marine vessels were to have a standard compliment of emergency provisions overseen by the USCG. Condition: all good to very good with visible patina overall and some rough. Buy 37MM THUMPER FLARE / GAS GUN LAUNCHER & PARACHUTE FLARE: GunBroker is the largest seller of Survival Gear All: 920411549. 3) International Flare Signal Co. 1-48 of 880 results for "parachute flare" Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Get On Target: Exotic Firearms. Reaches maximum height of 300 metres. Massachusetts Military Reservation, MA 24 parachute flare . 19995 RARE WW1 37mm BRITISH FLARE GUN CARTRIDGE- DEC 1918 - Paper case with brass base marked ELEY – LONDON- and closing wad marked “CARTRIDGE, 1 ½ in. It was probably used by the Navy but it could have been Air Force as well. 37mm Austrian SHE82 Flare gun with 50 Flares: Red, Green, Yellow and White Parachute. 1-48 of 880 results for "parachute flare" Orion Road Safety 15 Minute Flares (72 Pack), Waxed, for Highway & Roadside Safety. Thread: WTS 37mm Cobray Flare Launcher M203 style. (The smaller caliber completely prevents the loading of military 40mm ordnance in this launcher. Very clean WW2 37MM red parachute flare,1942. That said, Ordnance Group launchers will handle standard 37mm ammunition made by any manufacturer. M781 is a fixed, practice-type ammunition designed for firing from 40MM grenade launchers M79 and M203. This system is a 37mm flare launcher like no other. Reloadable 37mm Red Star Parachute Flare - 11289507 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. This was the standard ship-board signal of World War Two. Reloadable 37mm Red Star Parachute Flare For Sale at. USE CAUTION WHEN FIRING THESE FLARES TO PREVENT POSSIBLE FIRE HAZARDS! THE 37 MM CARTRIDGES LISTED ABOVE ARE SOLD SEPARATELY AT THE STATED PRICE. Defense Technology L8 37mm Launcher, Fixed Stock, 6rd Multi-Cylinder System, No Front Sight *Good / AS-IS*. The latest targets are types of projectiles which can be fired from 40mm grenade launchers, specifically parachute flares and chalk practice rounds. Height of Launching : ≥ 300m Luminous Intensity : 30000 cd Flare Time : ≥ 40 s Flare Colour : Burn with a bright red. 00 37mm Ready Load Starter Kit $240. 37mm RELOADER'S KIT, Everything included to reload TEN 37mm rounds except the powder. sedgley navy parachute 37mm flare gun Description: SOLD A U. 37mm launchers and after doing a little looking around found they make The smaller 26. I'm planning on registering mine so I can do lethal and less than lethal loads for it. Designed to withstand the toughest of marine environments, these hand-held flares are long range distress signals. 5mm parachute flares don't do a real great job of giving off light. Combat Disabled Veteran's Surplus 37mm Flares Product Category Page. A 37mm reloading tool for making 37mm Parachute Flare. 37mm launchers when used as manufactured can ONLY launch flares, to see is parachute flares and rope thrower/ line launcher munitions. Army since 1969, LMT’s M203 launches 37mm flare, smoke, or rubber ball rounds, making it completely legal for civilians to own, with NO FFL required. CARTRIDGES, LK22J フレア・スモーク薬筒 LK31J ダミーえい航標的用パラシュート装置. Para Red Rocket MK8A Parachute Flare . 52 x 20mm High Explosive (HE), 61 x 37mm HE, 1 x 57mm HE, 1 x 57mm. 99 Add to Cart More Info Order# FQ37191. The Parachute flare tool (sold separately) is recommended for reloading this round. CASES ARE PLASTIC AND RELOADABLE. NEW No 4, side of hull marked RED PARACHUTE FLARE/APPROVED BY/UNITED STATES COAST GUARD/ MANUFACTURED BY/CHEMURGIC CORPORATION/RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA, U. This total was composed of 16, Class 3, 1 -minute white light pistol-fired flares; 12, Class 2, l ! /2-minute white-light electrically-fired flares; and 12, 30-second red-signal lights (37-mm. Flares can reach 3000 degrees and present a fire risk if used carelessly. Exotic Firearms LLC is your online retail location for all things 37mm including, 37mm loading kits, rounds, flares and 37mm launchers. Visibility up to 20 nautical miles. 5mm Adapter Tube for 37mm Launchers. 37mm Rounds Ordnance Group launchers can chamber and fire virtually any 37mm ammunition out there. 5mm Flares Please visit these Suppliers Below. A Standard Grenade formula is also included. Its also not very smart as in almost all cases the will burst in a catastrophic manner. M8 37mm Red Star Parachute Flare, WW2 Dated: WW2 Dated M8 Flare Gun 37mm Red Star Parachute Flare. It was used by the US Army in World 37mm Parachute Flare Projectile Construction Kit. This is a fine example of a WWII Era U. Click to find the best Results for 37mm projectile Models for your 3D Printer. The color selected is the color of the 37mm ammo. Drive end chamfer and four detents help provide quick positive engagement with drive tool on any of the socket drive walls. What is 37mm Parachute Flare Flak definition, antiaircraft fire, especially as experienced by the crews of combat airplanes at which the fire is directed. The pistol is made in two pieces: a cast aluminum pistol grip frame, and a steel . /2-minute white-light electrically-fired flares; and 12, 30-second red-signal lights (37-mm. All flares used were manufactured . Burns for 40 seconds at 30,000 candela. The intense brilliance of the white achieves 75,000 candela and a burn time of 30 seconds. 37MM FLARES THESE CARTRIDGES WHEN FIRED AT A 70º ANGLE WILL REACH AN ALTITUDE OF APPROXIMATELY 450 FEET OR MORE. First video in a series I will be calling "Ordnance Overview. Compact and space-saving design. Flare slowly drops down out of sky suspended from a parachute and illuminates surrounding area. This round will launch up to 100 yards in the air with a Loud sound effect with a bright flash Please note HAZMAT ITEMS Cannot be combined with any other products due to shipping restrictions, a separate order must be made for all Non Hazmat items. 99 On Sale! This Red Parachute Rocket is a hand-held distress signal ejecting a parachute suspended red flare at 984 ft altitude and are up to 30 times brighter than its competition. 5mm Adapter Tube for 37mm Launchers Details. Original Item: Only One Available. This is an important consideration since ammo specs can vary widely. Compare this to non-SOLAS USCG flares typically found on . Bore is clean undented an not corroded. 陸 上 自 衛 隊 火 砲 弾 薬 共 通 仕 様 書. Rocket Parachute Flares (Type A) Ignition and the rocket are contained in a waterproof casing. Only flares or smoke can be used with an adapter. We offer educational assistance to help make your 37mm reloading hobby as fun and easy as possible. /APR 14,1945, headstamp CHEMURGIC CORP RICHMOND CALIFORNIA U. WW2 37MM Flare Gun International Flare Signal CO BRASS ORIGINAL US GI . Flare Colour : Burn with a bright red colour. Orion Safety 800, Red Parachute Signal Rocket, Solas. All flares are marked ''Sklar'' and one is missing the thin wax cap. A parachute may suspend the flare candle for purposes of illumination after ejection, as in the case of the 2-inch and 3-inch rocket flares, or the candle may not be either ejected or supported by a parachute, as in the case of the 2-inch target rocket. They will light up large area for 15 seconds. This is in the pistol variety with a 4-1/8" bbl and a pistol grip. " We will be looking at all types of Ordnance with the exception of 40mm, as that is something w. 5mm flares, parachute flares, and smoke flares from a Bates & Dittus 37mm Flare Launcher. And their ruling could soon be expanded to include all ammunition bigger than 1/2 inch in diameter. 99 Add to Cart More Info Order# RB26. I got some 40mm hand launch parachute flares too once and they are I recently picked up a 37mm, found places that sell the ammo for it, . Huahai Marine Signals Manufacturing. MARKS: COSTON-SEDGLEY, PARACHUTE SIGNAL PISTOL, PAT. Ejecting a red flare on a parachute at 300m (1000ft), burning for 40 seconds at 30,000 candela. 37mm 37mm Launchers Ammo Ordnance Group.