belt marks on child. Human bites leave an indentifying mark on the victim, so it is particularly important to. Clinical Significance of the Seat Belt Sign as Evidence of. I asked, on a scale of 1 to 10, how serious the marks on the boy's buttocks looked to her. Little Keyontae Holzendorf was found dead in a Texas hotel room on March 23 with "numerous injuries to his head, neck and abdomen, ligature marks on his wrists and ankles and missing skin where duct tape was removed. The buckle on that last one left a huge purple mark on my leg and I threatened to call child protective services. The little boy recounted the punishment to two teachers at his pre. a belt and leave marks or bruises on your child, you set yourself up for someone calling child protective services or DCFS on you. Additionally, if you use anything other than your hand to spank a child, such as a belt or a twig, this quickly crosses the line and turns . The only other method as effective as conditional spanking is putting a child in a "4 by 5-foot empty closet" for a minute, he said. That’s when Damian’s father, Randy Dickens. But Fear Should Be Faced Head-On' Whether you were held or beaten, cared for or neglected, happy or sad, take a moment to remind yourself that we are not defined by what has been done or done to us, but by what we choose to do with the time we have left. until my face turned as red as the belt marks left on my body. “She beat the child with a belt, and the belt had some sort of metal on it,” left marks and bruising on the child's neck, arms and back. an electrical cord) or belt; no disease or accident looks like a loop or belt mark. Video from a surveillance camera shows just how brutal the beating was. Is It Legal To Hit Your Child With A Belt In 2022. A police affidavit shows the blows left red marks and bruising. Bruising in children poses a diagnostic challenge to health care providers. child, such as fingers, a hand, teeth, a belt, rope, hot object, etc. ” The court adjudicated the child abused based on G. Unusual bruising patterns that reflect the shape of the instrument used to cause injury (e. Please STOP and have Respect for these Children's Pictures. The court held that striking a child five times with a belt that caused multiple bruises was no less cruel than hitting a child in the face and kicking her in the stomach leaving a red mark more than an hour later. I would only resort to spanking a child in public if a serious safety concern was the issue. Nia Snow said it started off as a typical night. If you leave a bruise, scratch or cut with your open hand, it is child abuse by definition. There have been many instances where this . Help parents and caregivers understand the laws of the child welfare system, and 3. Leather belt measures 28 inches long. Posted: Oct 8, 2019 / 02:32 PM CDT. Kids may be dressed in unseasonable clothing to hide such marks. "The offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony and is punishable by up to 6 years in jail or prison. Medium over-the-road (Motorcoach) 10,000 - 26,000 lbs. Critical to all investigations of child abuse is the method of photographing injuries such as pressure injuries, bite marks, bruises, burns, facial injuries, amputations, neglect, and sexual abuse injuries. The boy told officers that “Jerrod whipped me. Police: Louisiana woman arrested after child arrived at school with belt marks on her face by: Jonathan Freeman. Everyone 12 years of age and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Gold Bull rider Buckle has silver swirls background. Parts Code Parts Number Parts Name Start - End Note PRICE/1 QTY (JPY) PRICE/1 QTY (USD) Images OEM / Aftermarket; 73013A 73013-22010-01. Last month, Fox6 News in Milwaukee reported a court case where a father was convicted of one felony for physical abuse of a child. multiple bruises in various stages of healing, especially on the trunk; any bruising in a non-ambulatory baby; hand prints or oval finger marks; belt marks . 208, ``Occupant crash protection,'' to require a seat belt use warning system for rear seats. First, violence promotes violence. The bruising makes matters even worse. It was unrefuted testimony that the child was hit with a plastic belt that caused. DCS said if you choose to use corporal punishment, never use an object such as a belt, board, or switches. As relevant to parents, Arizona law, A. A Des Moines man has been jailed for hitting his preteen with a belt and leaving marks on the child. According to the Department of Social Services - A child should never be hit with anything other than an open hand. Bites: The typical bite mark is a series of aligned . In addition to misdemeanor assault on a child under 12 [G. If you have healing abilities, you probably have the healer’s mark on one or both of your palms. American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE unites women and their loved ones across the country to stand together for lung health and against lung cancer. The child's mother and stepfather were showering at the time of his death. CPS does not recommend charges in every case such as this since to do so would overwhelm the court . In this study, petechiae were 6 times more likely to be seen. Updated: Oct 8, 2019 / 02:32 PM CDT. That being said, I never left ANY mark on my child when I discipline him, and I can think of only a few instances I felt like it was necessary. Police say the child had been in trouble at school for using his cell phone, and as punishment, Hunter made him strip naked and beat him with a belt. As a kid I was spanked with belt from age 11 usually by dad although sometimes my mom and once by my uncle. According to Psychology Today, the legal spanking of a child involves smacking the buttocks with an open hand. Has fading bruises or other marks noticeable after an absence from school . With modern restraint systems, signs of a compromised occupant-restraint relationship are an important and easily identified bedside finding. A child may be experiencing physical abuse if he or she: Has injuries that appear to have a pattern such as marks from a hand or belt; Is always watchful and “ . Answer #12 My dad used to hit me with a belt when I was little 8-10 years old, It didn't work that well. If you apply excessive force, it is not considered reasonable or moderate discipline. "We have both agreed that you did not expect me to do so. or belt; circumferential rope burns; “grid” marks from an electric heater; . Children in physically abusive situations often have unexplained broken bones, bruise marks in the shape of an object such as a belt or hand, or burn marks from cigarettes on exposed areas or on the genitalia. Any spanking that leaves a mark or involves hitting your child with an object (like a cane, a coat hanger, or a belt) will be considered child abuse by . They may look like a belt buckle, handprint, or cigarette burn. "For your punishment," Snape replied without hesitation as he looked down at his child. But some injuries are inconsistent with developmental stage: "If you don't cruise, you don't bruise. This patterned bruise was inflicted by a woven belt. Corporal Punishment: Is It Illegal to Spank a Child in. hand prints or oval finger marks. Cohen Right Away If you have any questions or concerns about criminal charges in New York, including any potential arrests that could affect other areas of your life, contact NYC criminal attorney Mark I. Bruising around the face, buttocks, soles, genitals unlikely to occur to a child accidentally; Marks from objects like belts, human bites, slap marks. Visible signs of physical child abuse. The most common problem with corporal punishment is a punisher who is expressing. Here are some examples of child physical abuse: Hitting and beating a child; Hitting a child with an object, such as a belt or a stick; Kicking . It explains when this would amount to an offence and the possible defences to this. What Do Bruises on a Newborn Child Indicate?. Maybe I'm the odd one out with my opinion. § 13-403, which is found within the criminal code, provide the following: 13-403. A belt, to me, is too much like a whip and I think is abusive especially if done out of anger and results in physical marks. In any case, using a belt and leaving marks is almost as clear a case of child abuse as you will find. Corporal punishment is legal in . The next day, the child had multiple visible bruises on his legs from the belt. But these distinctions do not determine Nevada’s criminal penalties for harming a child. - Ligature bruises: may be caused by ropes tied around the child's ankles or neck, resulting in a bruise or a burn. Methods: The authors performed a prospective, observational study of children at risk for IAI who presented to a Level 1 trauma center following a motor vehicle collision (MVC) during a two-year period. Blaine woman allegedly used belt on kids, leaving marks, for not going to bed on time A Blaine woman was arrested Dec. Officers saw marks "on the inner part of (the child's) left leg above the knee and to the right of his private area," court documents said. Child abuse is physically causing a minor under 18 years old unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering. If I were a single mother trying to raise 3 loud, hardheaded kids I'd probably have busted out that belt too!. [1-4] However, bruising is also the most common injury in children who have been physically. About a year after I first took the position of vice principal, I was married – and, as you might expect, children quickly followed. Parents have the authority, by law, to discipline their children and can even use . Woman charged with injury to a child after stepdaughter found dead with belt marks. belt marks - long broad band ending with horseshoe shape or puncture from buckle. Police say the man hit the girl with a belt after the 5-year-old girl wet herself. The belt has been designed to use while the people is walking (maximum speed about 3,1 mph)The circu. Authorities said they marks on the 6-year-old girl's body are consistent with the beating of a belt. This practice has now been abolished by most schools, at least in the Western world, as it is seen by many. I don't understand this need to humiliate the child or break their will or whatever it is that adults seem to hope to accomplish. Think twice before spanking your child, hitting them with a belt, or pinching them, to name a few, as these acts could leave a mark and . Scott County Jail records show Holcomb remained in. Her three children, including six-year-old Damian, were playing outside. DO NOT copy them for distribution. Tuesday, December 14th 2021 Escambia County Jail View ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. She said the last time she checked on the girl, she was breathing. Hitting a child with a belt and leaving him/her with bruises and injuries is considered child abuse. Children who have been physically abused may reveal their . If I heard of a grown man who was baring the asses of someone that age I'd want him arrested. Posted on Mar 14, 2012 12:00pm PDT. Central Iowa man charged after hitting child with belt, leaving marks on arm, face, police say. For example, the size of bite marks may help to determine the biter’s approximate age; their shape may help identify whose teeth made the marks. In the United States, under Arizona state’s law, a parent may spank a child or take other appropriate physical punishment. Bodily injury means "physical pain, illness, or any impairment of physical condition. Which of the following is the most appropriate action? Report the injuries to a child welfare agency as they are concerning for abuse. 1 These are recognizable marks such as imprints of objects used to hurt the child: fingers, hand, teeth, belt, . Burning a child with hot water, a cigarette, or an iron. Child abuse: Knowing the signs. A child knowing that a friend or sibling has been raped or sexually abused is still a victim of that abuse. noticed I had red marks on my upper thighs and she proceeded to tell every child in Sunday School that I had been spanked and I was teased mercilessly. In this article, learn the signs and symptoms of various types of abuse, how to recognize these signs of abuse, and what you can do to stop it from occurring. 28 inches length of leather belt Belts at a discounted price at Poshmark. Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams. When is spanking illegal in Texas? The Texas Penal Code states that child abuse occurs when the force results in bodily injury. If you suspect that a child is being abused, contact the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). How to spank your child in public. •How do we approach the child with suspected inflicted bruising pinch, grip marks • 2 small areas (1-2cms), relatively round • Initially separated by •Belt/cord -loop marks, parallel lines of petechiae with central sparing. Oregon law recognizes a child's right to be free from physical . That child is still scarred by that abuse. Recognizing Subtle Signs of Child Abuse. A mother disciplined her 8-year old son by hitting him with a belt five times. Blaine woman suspected of using belt on two children. A 5-year old child comes to school with patterned marks on the backs of his legs that look like belt marks. Bodily injury means “physical pain, illness, or any impairment of physical condition. BRYAN, Texas — A 40-year-old Texas woman was arrested and charged with injury to a child after the girl was. Courts have found that this is not reasonable discipline. does cause injury more serious than transient pain or minor temporary marks” (p. Keeping your children safe, helping them stay out of trouble, and building good character and habits require . If they have welts from belts or switches or rods then you hit them too . This bite mark on a child's arm is consistent with an adult bite. Burns on the arms, legs, or around the genitalia. If Peterson had done that to someone his own size, he would be in prison. object (such as a whip, switch, or belt) could also be found improper or excessive. Bruises in areas of the body not typically injured by accident vs normal childhood activities. No belts switches or none of that! Abuse is when they get hit for no reason it when you leave bruises or hand marks on your child. But if a child is beat with a fist or stick or belt, those marks will last for weeks and may even leave permanent scars on the bones. BUT if your child has marks on them 20–30 minutes later then you hit them too hard. If You Have Any Concerns Over Allegations of Child Abuse or Any Criminal Charges In New York, Contact Defense Attorney Mark I. The outline of an object used e. Justification; use of physical force. The boy told officers that "Jerrod whipped me. California Penal Code 273d PC defines the crime of child abuse as willfully inflicting on a child "cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or an injury resulting in a traumatic condition. Currently, school corporal punishment, which can involve striking a child with a wooden board or paddle, is legal in public schools in 19 states in the U. PLATE SUB-ASSY, FRONT SEAT BELT INNER ANCHOR,RH. •Belt/cord –loop marks, parallel lines of petechiae with central sparing. Often, this is when use of force leaves some sort of mark, like a bruise or a cut. -- A 31-year-old Pensacola man was arrested on Monday for allegedly hitting a child with a belt and leaving marks in. This lets your child know why you thought it was necessary and that hitting others is not normally a tool they should use. The child described the discipline as “a beating. Find Child abuse belt stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. - Ligature bruises: may be caused by ropes tied around the child’s ankles or neck, resulting in a bruise or a burn. Here are some things to consider: 1. When asked by his teacher what happened, he says that he fell yesterday. That standard—when a swat leaves a mark—is . , the grandmother of a five year old child spanked him on the behind and legs with a belt due to the child's aggressive behavior toward his teacher. The report states that the child got in. (WZTV/CNN) — A Tennessee man is facing child abuse charges after hitting his son. Nayak and colleagues reported finding petechiae more frequently in cases of abuse (22%) than in cases where abuse had been ruled out (2%). If you discipline a child by spankings, whuppings or whippings—whether with a hand, switch, or belt, the message is that. It was said that appropriate punishment is blistering a bare ass with a belt, paddle, hand. The law in that state is clearer than some others about when a spanking becomes child abuse. Vaughn said she started calling Child Protective Services, Halo was covered in scratches, bruises and what appeared to be belt marks. The digital universe is full of viral videos of adults beating children. In a new corporal punishment study based on actual audio recordings, mothers spank, slap or hit their young children, sparking crying, tantrums and whimpering. Yes the police can file charges. Injuries on the body where children usually do not get hurt (e. Although also used in educational institutions as a disciplinary measure, it has most often been applied domestically by parents. If this happens, your kid will be removed from you. Signs of Child Physical Abuse. Abusive parents may dress their children in unseasonal outfits to cover the marks. Fort Pierce police charged a woman with aggravated child abuse Tuesday after she hit a child with a folded leather belt that left laceration marks still visible on the child's body 20 days later. If abuse is ruled out, certain medical conditions might be the cause of the sudden bruising in your child. If you disfigure your child, or cause serious injury while hitting the child, your child will be removed from you; and you will be arrested for child abuse. Patterned bruising - slap •Parallel linear. Bumps and bruises, after all, can be expected in any young child who is learning to walk. 14-33(c)(3)], Adrian Peterson could have been charged with misdemeanor or felony child abuse. If a child is injured by the force or it leaves other lasting effects, it might be considered an abusive punishment. The healer’s mark is a series of three or more vertical lines directly under the pinky finger on the palm. -- A 31-year-old Pensacola man was arrested on Monday for allegedly hitting a child with a belt and leaving marks in Escambia County. Additionally, if you use anything other than your hand to. Lap/shoulder belts for all DSPs. Any discipline that injures the child or leaves a mark is often viewed as abusive. I was their teacher at one point, and that presented a few awkward moments, but not a big deal. His son told police that "he did not have any marks from the belt or the Taser," the according to the police report. CPSO: Lake Charles woman arrested after child arrived at. These marks may also help in the investigative process. A MOTHER told cops she had sex as her eight-year-old son died - three weeks after he was found with "horrendous injuries" and belt marks. Answer (1 of 2): Red marks? As in hand marks from a slap? A few hours. The next thing is to be arrested for child abuse. any bruising in a non-ambulatory baby. If you know a child to be in immediate or imminent danger of being "spanked" with a belt but leaving "no marks", do phone 911 RIGHT NOW. Millville mother charged with child abuse for belt marks on 4-year-old Updated: Jan. Some nervous parent could hit his or her child in the other parts of body, such as the bare genitals, but it has not been regarded as proper punishment and has been condemned by public opinion [ citation needed ]. Beating your child with a belt is not illegal in many parts of the world, including the UK and US. Officers saw marks “on the inner part of (the child’s) left leg above the knee and to the right of his private area,” court documents said. by beating a child with an electrical cord might be loop shaped; a belt might . Either way, as soon as an object is involved, the chance of lasting injuries becomes significant. Other signs of violent physical trauma can accompany bruising. " He said spanking should be used to "back. Bruising can be caused by an underlying medical condition, accidental injury, or physical abuse. Here are some examples of child physical abuse: Hitting and beating a child. It's best to avoid leaving physical or emotional marks. In some cases, however, bruises are acquired innocently, through play and accidental falls, or when a child has a defect in his or her clotting. Unexplained or frequent bone fractures. - Loop or belt marks: caused by whipping the child with a looped cord (i. seat belt, and the eye bruise from accidentally hitting the child with . Likewise, bruises in specific shapes, like a large bite mark, cigarette burn, or belt mark can be signs of child abuse. The sound of a belt hitting bare flesh was very typical. Using a belt on a child for lying is not good parenting. Many witches are healers and were healers in their past lives, healing with energy, herbs, by faith, etc. But if that's what you're going to do you just need to tap their fingers or spank them lightly with ONLY your hand. Child abuse: If your child gets unexplained bruises in places such as the upper arms, hands, cheeks, buttocks, and genitalia, and if the bruises look like bite marks, cigarette burns, or belt marks, it might be child abuse (3). They say there were marks all along the child's. A mother soon sees the horrifying reality of being manipulated into a cult when their leader forces her to beat her baby with a belt for . A child seeing his or her brother or sister being beaten is still affected by that abuse. BITE MARKS Bite marks may be found on any part of a child's body. Don’t set up yourself for a child protective service (or the DCFS). Child neglect is failing to tend to the minor’s care. I was sickened when I read this. The Department of Social Services investigated nearly 2,000 cases of child abuse or neglect in Onslow County in 2017. Child abuse is a devastating issue in this country. And there is no reason that a child should be struck with an object, including belts and switches. In December 2019, a Texas mom caught on video whipping her son with a belt at school and making him apologize to a teacher was arrested and charged with injury to a child. Description: Darling Leather Child's Cowboy Belt. However, it becomes illegal when you hit them so hard that you leave marks and injuries. Our first two children were both boys, so they didn’t present an overly large issue in my job. It is unlawful for a parent or carer to smack their child, . You wouldn't want someone to hit you hard enough to get bruises so do not do that to a child. Believed to be the first study of. Mark Njuguna (Courtesy) Mark Njuguna, the man captured in a viral video where he was assaulting his wife and 4-month-old son has been arrested. Examples of child abuse include: slapping a child hard enough to leave a mark; punching a teenage boy for behavioral problems and a poor school performance; hitting a child with a belt harder than is reasonable in order to discipline her. Patterned bruising - slap • Welsh Child Protection Systematic Review Group http. Whipping a child with a belt buckle or belts or cords that are looped may cause lacerations resembling a "C" or "U" shape or other wounds with distinctive shapes. Bruises shaped like objects, such as a hand or belt buckle. Their injuries may appear to have a pattern such as marks from a hand or belt. They may appear to be doughnut shaped, double horseshoe shaped, or oval in configuration. slapping a child hard enough to leave a mark; punching a teenage boy for behavioral problems and a poor school performance; hitting a child with a belt . Being unwilling to meet your child's basic needs for food, shelter, clean water, and a safe environment (examples of unsafe environments include: your child living in cars or on the street, or. It would also be deemed unreasonable if smacking became any more than an isolated incident. Which of the following is the most appropriate action? a) Inform the child's parents of the injuries. The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act of 2012 directs NHTSA to initiate a rulemaking proceeding to amend Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. Bundren is currently in the Brazos County Jail on $150,000 bond. If you want to stop a child from lying there are other, far more effective methods. Bruises may be in specific shapes (belts, cigarette marks/burns, large bite marks. As in red marks from a scrape, maybe a day. Understand serpentine belt performance and problem signs. Fort Pierce police charged a woman with aggravated child abuse Tuesday after she hit a child with a folded leather belt that left laceration marks still visible on the child’s body 20 days later. I would encourage you to call the local police and ask them to file charges or if nothing else get social services involved to keep your friend from getting attacked. the imprint from a belt buckle, linear bruising from being struck by a rod or stick, and curvilinear loop marks caused by striking with a cable or cord. A VIRAL video of a man spanking a child in public has sparked a debate about whether the punishment was too harsh. , belt, wire hanger, hairbrush, hand, human bite marks). Being unwilling to meet your child’s basic needs for food, shelter, clean water, and a safe environment (examples of unsafe environments include: your child living in cars or on the street, or. As mentioned before, if the parents have not responded to your concerns and/or you feel the child is abused or in danger you should speak with Child Protective Services and/or law enforcement. This page is DEDICATED to all the little Angels who have DIED at the hands of CHILD ABUSE!! Child Abuse is a Silent Epidemic that Kills THOUSANDS of Children Every Year. Each mark has a unique shape, and the color can vary from pink to crimson and brown. Seat belt marks are seen frequently on occupants after motor vehicle accidents. It is legal to use corporal punishment in Texas, but proceed at your own risk of crossing the line to abuse if you leave any type of mark. Based on that reasoning the court of appeals affirmed the child's adjudication as abused because the mother used cruel devices or. Is leaving belt marks abuse? Legally it is child abuse. You can contact WeedenLaw by phone or email. During the course of the spanking, the child squirmed and the belt accidentally hit the child in the face, causing a mark. I have always thought physical punishment as a child was normal, . Seat Belt Requi rement ** All Buses <= 10,000 lbs. The punished child has usually laid flat on a sofa or bed, or the children's neck or torso has been clutched between the punisher's legs. Even if no specific marks are found, there are other characteristics that . However, a spanking that leaves marks or bruises on a child might be abuse. 12 Subtle Signs of Child Abuse That Are Easy to Miss. Prolonged physical force, or intense force that uses full adult strength, which could include a belt or another object, or even a closed fist against a child could be more likely to cross the line between discipline and abuse. Save an occasional swat on the shorts, all "formal" spankings in our house were either briefs of bare and a typical spanking was about 15 to 25 licks depending on the age and misbehavior. For example, the size of bite marks may help to determine the biter's approximate age; their shape may help identify whose teeth made the marks. Methods: The authors performed a prospective, observational study of children at risk for IAI who presented to a Level 1 trauma center following a motor. Finally, the presence of petechiae in association with bruising has been found to be a strong indicator of abuse. Criminal Law and Managing Children's Behaviour. non-accidental injury resulting from hitting, whipping, beating, biting, kicking, or anything that harms a child's body. by Mercy Auma January 26, 2022, 9:25 AM. Physical punishment will be considered ‘unreasonable’ if it leaves a mark on the child or if the child is hit with a fist/closed hand or an implement such as a cane or a belt. And all it teaches them is that hitting/abusing when you’re angry is acceptable. Healing The Scars of Child Abuse: 'Until Now, I've Been Afraid To Share My Story. In Alabama, children were whipped with belts and locked in closets Guetterman told investigators that she had noticed marks and bruises . Employees of a Vineland preschool called the Division of Youth and Family Services after a 4-year-old child showed up for the day with bruises and welts on her body and face , which detectives. Overlying linear inflicted marks, which the child disclosed came from a belt. NHTSA initiated a rulemaking proceeding. Those were out of the 3,487 total reports of possible abuse or neglect that cam…. If you discipline a child by spankings, whuppings or whippings—whether with a hand, switch, or belt, the message is that when you do something bad violence and pain is an appropriate punishment. By Stephen Smith/ The News of Cumberland County. The first published report in contemporary medical literature was in. belt marks, hand prints or a hair brush; . Hitting a child with a belt or an extension cord can cause severe bruising, painful welts, and even lacerations. Apply Ice · Wrap a cold pack in a towel or washcloth and hold it against the bruise for 10 to 15 minutes. Murang’a Man in Viral Video Assaulting 4-month-old Child Arrested. Brittanie Thomas is accused of hitting her 7-year-old son at Homer Elementary School in Beaumont , Texas, in November after she learned he was in trouble with a teacher. According to UK law, when you hit your child with a belt to the point of causing bodily harm that leads to bleeding or damages some organs in their body, then hitting your child with a belt becomes illegal. Accurate courtroom evidence can be hindered by the following: Ineffective camera equipment and film. A 1-month-old child was seen in the emergency room for bruising. When Parental Discipline Goes Too Far, It’s Child Abuse. However, a 13 year old who was beaten with a belt that caused one bruise on his leg and one on his arm was not serious physical injury. Although there are no direct answers within the law itself, there is case law that seems to hint that light spanking on the butt of a younger child leaving no marks and not done out of anger is acceptable, and any form of discipline that involves the use of a weapon, i. These often tend to leave marks and would . belt whippings and belittling when we needed the most help, . CPSO: Lake Charles woman arrested after child arrived at school with belt marks on her face Posted: Oct 8, 2019 / 11:59 AM CDT Updated: Oct 8, 2019 / 01:15 PM CDT. petechiae or instrument pattern on buttocks from paddling, severe spanking. Florida mother sends badly bruised child to school wearing T. Little Keyontae Holzendorf was found dead in a Texas hotel. Where it crosses the line, as far as CPS is concerned, is if the spanking leaves visible marks on the child. When Are Bruises Concerning? Patterned bruising (belt, loop, slap, etc) Suspect a bite mark when you have. " The man's eyes drifted over to the end of the couch where his belt still lay on the floor for a brief moment before looking back to Harry.