celestron avx dec problem. If you are careful to link the AVX files last then the compiler should grab the non-AVX versions. First time setup with ZWO camera and AVX mount, lots of. Lösen Sie den DEC-Kupplungssperrhebel und drehen Sie das Teleskop, . I don't think it is an age issue though. Evolution, Astro Fi, AVX, CGX and CGX-L. If you are able to update the hand control but not the motor control, the problem is most likely the motor control board. Your eyes see vivid color in the day time, but the darker it gets the more your eyes rely on the "rods" of your retina, which are monochromatic; things appear a bit more blue than grey, but sensing reds, greens, and vivid blues is out. OTAs: Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Edition / The Little Guy (Celestron 90SLT) Mount: Celestron Advanced VX Gear: Canon 70D / Hutech LPS-D1-48 / ES 2" Field Flattener / QHY PoleMaster / Celestron GPS / ZWO ASI120MC / Orion 50mm Guide Scope / ZWO EAF. This all looked reasonably good, other than just having way too much grease on it. December-2012: Bug Fix: Display not correct contrast: Bug Fix: Moon not showing in Solar System Align (since 5. 00 (UK only) - please choose either option at the end of check out. 1) Despite the mount being connected, the AVX would not respond when the mount was supposed to turn 60 degrees. When I first got the mount, I looked into sending it to Celestron. If a user wants to use the AVX with an optical tube that has a Vixen (or CG-5) dovetail of less than 100mm, (s)he will need to replace the mounting plate with one that has a longer dovetail, such as the Celestron #94213 Universal Mounting Plate, CG-5. The HyperTune® service for the Celestron Advanced VX (AVX) mount includes but is not limited to: Complete inspection of the mount head. A Brief Survey of Celestron Equatorial Mounts. Any movement seen by the guide star. Be the first to review this item. The Celestron Off-Axis Guider uses a large 12. For example, the integer 12345 might need to be converted to the five characters ‘12345’. ) and right ascension (RA) drive. Backlash on telescope mounts is simply the play in the gears that shows itself as a delay when commands are sent to slew the telescope. Game version is not changed by this hotfix and remains 1. Advanced VX provides you with many of the features found on Celestron's most sophisticated German equatorial mounts, at an extremely affordable price. A little research told me that Celestron had redesigned the board in later revisions to use an rju45 8p8c (8 pin 8 connector) jack for the dec to prevent all the motor board. Mounts: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro, Celestron AVX, Celestron SLT Stuff: ASI EAF Focus Motor (x2), Orion 50mm Guide Scope, ZWO 30 mm Guide Scope, Orion SSAG, Stellarview 0. I think the problem with the AVX is that you will be payload limited. This is a mechanical issue that PHD2 is trying to cope with by issuing lots of rapid pulses. 524/2013 on Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution (ADR / ODR), online retailers are obliged to place an »easily accessible link to the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR platform). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Celestron - AstroMaster 80AZS Refractor Telescope - Refractor Telescope for Beginners - Fully-Coated Glass Optics - Adjustable-Height Tripod - Bonus Astronomy Software Package at Amazon. If you have problems getting. The Advanced VX is the smallest of Celestron's German equatorial mounts. My mount's list of problems out of the box: - Stuck dec axis - bearing too tight, pumped full of grease causing stiction, compounded by clutch knobs. Celestron AVX, SLT & GT (Alt-Az), Meade DS2000. I ran into these issues when trying to do my polar alignment. Post # 1 Friday, October 15, 2021 8:58 AM. Main advantages of the Celestron AVX Price. I am not sure if my issue is DEC backlash or something else. The Advanced VX mount is designed to provide superior performance for smaller telescopes while taking advantage of Celestron’s most advanced. Holding button 0 at power up, leads to Factory reset for HC. Something like a Skywatcher Atlas or iOptron EQ45 Pro. The Sirius was able to drive the AT6RC plus imaging equipment, but stalled when I tried to add a guide scope & guide camera. This installation apparently also installs a "CPWI Ascom driver". simple to fit, I'd of given 5 stars except for the fact I needed to alter the Dec locking lever as catches on the mount, but a few mins with a file on Dec lever and now all good, However despite bolts it held and supported my 15Kg imaging. The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to. I have purchased a TS Optics 192/520 refractor and the Celestron AVX mounting. 180 degree arcs, back and forth, back and forth, The first mainboard ev. Celestron Motor Board for Advanced VX Mount - Spare Part - NXW445. HCG 44 (Hickson Compact Group) / ARP 316 is a group of galaxies whose members are located 75-85 million light years away in the constellation Leo (the lion). Celestron AVX Retrofit Kit Including NXW445 Motor Control Board Zoom: DEC board, DEC cable and DEC housing. After I calibrate with a two star allignment + a couple extra calibration stars, if I then slew to a random star, the mount will of course be tracking this star. Celestron Ultima 2000, Nexstar 5, Nexstar 8, Nexstar 11 GPS, NexStar CPC and Nexstar 114 GT telescopes (will not work with other Nexstar models). This article may be of interest to you if you have experienced either of the following problems with your mount: When you are moving the mount small distances using the slow-motion controls (either manual knobs or the hand controller for electric motors), if you change the direction of motion there is a noticeable and annoying delay before the scope responds and begins to move in. In reality, 1A is the worst-case power draw, so 6 hours is also the worst-case lifespan. The Advanced VX 8” Schmidt Cassegrain telescope is ideal for imagers and visual observers looking for a telescope that is much more portable than the. Background I have a Celestron NexStar SLT 127 telescope. It is held in place by a threaded collar that screws down on the end of the shaft. They were fork-mounted, with setting circles on the RA and Dec axes. Complete dismantle of the mount head. com: Customer reviews: Orion Awesome AutoGuider Page 7/34. The cost of sin_ps8 is downright frightening, and it seems it is due to the use of _mm256_castsi256_ps. Celestron AVX Mount Problems: How to deal with backlash. Due to the unpredictable nature of DIY telescope repair, we are unable to offer any returns or refunds on replacement parts. For those who don't know, it's a battery-powered telescope which has a small computer to navigate around the skies and steer the telescope. We released a hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC. The problem can be traced to the RA/Dec cables, or more specifically, the jacks that these cables plug into. Celestron's choice not to include decent bearings on this axis is the mount's greatest failing. Having removed the ring gear it is time to remove the DEC axis shaft. First, you have to install Celestron's free CPWI software, run it and connect to the mount via wifi. My last session didn't go well, and caused some concern. Use our Easy 2 Way Option for just 29. It will need to be 12V but you can get various ratings of Amp-hours (Ah) which tells you how long the battery will last. In this regard the mount is flawless. Anyway after mounting everything and checking the balancing I noticed that the DEC axis was difficult to turn by hand (no power at this time). セレストロン ADVANCED-GTの後継モデル。耐久性能や操作性を大幅向上させて新登場!「ADVANCED-VX赤道儀」. I have been reading quite a lot yesterday and today and I have decided to try out the red spotted LED finder instead of my finderscope. The Advanced VX doesn’t have them. This question eventually surfaces on just about every mount found in the low to medium range. It is a sturdily built mount, heavy, but still portablebut you will break a sweat. Also worth noting that when I tried . I've had my iOptron for about a year now. Instead, as with the CGEM and CG5, you set the mount to a home position manually using marks on the R. is a free PC control program for all models of NexStar, Evolution, SkyProdigy, CPC, LCM, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM, CGX/CGX-L, AVX, AS-GT and Ultima 2000 scopes, as well as Tasco StarGuide scopes. However, when I go to Get RA/Dec in the menu, both RA and Dec seem to be slightly shifting (probably about a rate of 1 second in both RA and Dec. Freeing up the axes means better guiding, less wear on gears and motors (some gears in the drivetrain are plastic), lower worm PE and you will be able to balance more precisely. When I use the Celestron AVX scope setting I have"Connect to wifi" checked and the IP Address is 10. Celestron AVX Mount RA and DEC working motors. If you have any questions regarding stock levels or delivery, please get in touch. 7x Focal Reducer for the 8" Edge HD Telescope is a masterful piece of optical equipment that exudes quality!. I have a Celestron 6" reflector from about 35 years ago. By rotating the shaft you will find three allen set screws that lock the collar in place. Mechanical and electronic changes increase the peyload capacity to a solid 55. Book your mount in now - Book it in when it's cloudy not clear! Celestron Equatorial mounts by. This RJ45 DEC cable was a change from the older AVX mounts to prevent incorrect cable connections. To app intellibridge enterprise, back pc spiele hotel bauen exr 1581 problem samsung d980 pc suite. The marks are improved over the CG5’s stick on labels, at least. This time fail - the mount seems to rotate the wrong way in RA for the slew and hits the slew limit pointing at the Zenith. What I found out was that the Celestron warranty only applies to the original purchaser, so that was a non-starter. We carry Celestron Telescopes, Celestron Eyepieces, Finders & Accessories, Celestron Mounts and Drives & Accessories, at great prices. The scope, camera, guide scope, guide camera, finderscope, will all add up quickly. 044 lb; Kit Content Celestron 51702-10 Dec Knob AVX (Dovetail 1Piece ) User Guide Manufacturer Warranty For more information about, Celestron 51702-10 Dec Knob AVX (Dovetail. We are proud to announce that we offer a 2 year limited warranty on all Stellartuned Celestron EQ and AZ Mounts, re-engineered to our enhanced Bonneville Build Type. Touch the square on the right and get "cancel" and "confirm. Consisting of NGC 3190, NGC 3193, NGC. The Generic LX-200 driver uses the absolute minimum of the LX-200 control protocol, and is thus compatible with a wide variety of amateur type telescopes and mounts that. This telescope was given to me by my father in law. Be the first to Write a Review for this item! Some items that are showing as in stock are in stock at our holding warehouses, not at the shop. CFM downloaded it for me the last time I ran a handset upgrade. Unter -Alle Nebel- werden alle Nebel in einer Fotogalerie dargestellt. LOG: Goto - Celestial reference frame target RA:279. This can help to mitigate the Dec backlash problem in the mount and will let you use shorter exposure times. Therefore, it needs to run under Windows 7 Compatibility mode on Windows 10—both when installing the program and again on the program itself. That being said, my refractor and AVX mount are ready for year two of rewarding experiences. Ok, crazy lucky: the center part was a matched fit for the rotating portion, and the outer ring was just a little bit small. 804200 6 - Now try to go back west with right click goto on Dubhe. Offers maximum light transmission and contrast Overall the Celestron 0. I have attached links to my PHD logs and to 2 videos showing the DEC deviation during guiding below. Otwell Library Newspaper Article 12-9-15. I made this to size using some CAT-5 and connectors I had. The clutch knobs would become loose, and with the weight of the telescope, the declination was unable to move any further. I just got a CGX-L mount and have been trying out the Celestron/PlaneWave CPWI mount control software. AVX polar align problems - SOLVED I finally found a way to update the firmware in my Celestron AVX mount after struggling in vain with non-functional drivers in the 9-pin Serial-to-USB adapter I bought from eBay - in the end I used an old laptop I had in the cupboard which I recalled had a serial port on it. First plate solve in PA screen goes well. I used to have some backlashbut I tightened the play in the gears and this improved the guiding. I have used it a lot over the past few years. Celestron CGX-L Telescope Mount – First Look. A few days ago I was guiding my AVX with the SX-Lodestar on an OAG without any problem using the default guide setup in EKOS. The NexStar Resource Site - Web site dedicated to the NexStar, CPC, Evolution, Astro Fi, SkyProdigy, LCM, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM and AS-GT lines of computerized telescopes from Celestron as well as StarSense and SkyPortal. The older HC has a small 4p4c RJ22 on it's base (newer ones use a USB2 mini connection). Celestron社は眼視観望及び天体撮影を配慮して新たに設計されたセレストロン・アドバンストVX赤道儀は、2014年に一から新規開発を行ない、今現在、AVXは小型赤道儀の . I installed new, high precision (ISO 8) gears on my DEC axis of my Celestron AVX yesterday, and last night I had my best guiding ever. You also have to set up a serial connection using the Celestron hand controller. Pentax K10D, 200mm Telephoto, ISO 400, F27, 1/90 sec exp. By utilizing Celestron's innovative All-Star Polar Alignment software for easy alignment, it provides permanent periodic error correction, so your mount learns . Parabolic primary mirror minimizes spherical aberration to provide better images. Yesterday I did an update with the latest CFM (Version 2. Adjusting the DEC and RA axis at a different angle can solve the . Can I Align Using Scope Hand Controller And, Using Celestron. The grease is what makes the AVX so sticky. Image artifacts: Astrophotography is touchy. The Advanced VX 8" Newtonian Telescope is ideal for beginning astroimagers; It boasts excellent wide field views for its size. ADM Dual Saddle Upgrade for HEQ5, NEQ6, AZ. Hier zeigen wir alle Aufnahmen mit Nebelgenieten. Used Celestron Advanced VX Mount with Dual Saddle Plate. Is it anywhere that would be a problem? I still balance in DEC by setting the telescope assembly (with camera, all bolted to its . Celestron AVX, Takumar 500mm f/4. Converting integers to decimal strings faster with AVX-512. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I just finished wiring up my observatory and tested that the mount works, but found that parking was not working any more. Darunter -Alle Nebel im Detail- auch mit Zusatzinformationen, wobei die aktuellsten Aufnahmen oben stehen. Mine is approx 4 years old and used smaller sockets. My AVX mount has been working nicely for two years and I have done previous updates with no problem. But, generally speaking, it is not a very good telescope. All of the stamped surface labels are as flat black as the body they . This is the full kit including motor control board, DEC board, DEC cable and DEC housing. This is due to massive postage costs and problems regarding returns. Alternately, if your scope has Celestron WiFi (built-in on the Evolution and Astro Fi, available as an add on for many mounts by using the Celestron SkyPortal or SkyQ Link WiFi module), you can connect your PC to the scope's WiFi network and connect without cables. The 8 pin, RJ45 connector between the DEC motor and port is, in fact, just a standard straight-through cable like those used for networking. Can't get GOTO to work with Celestron AVX mount. My evidence is anecdotal, but I notice a slight increase in electronic problems with the AVX, as opposed to the CG-5 ASGT. Dec axis: Remove the counterweight bar and cup to reveal the tension ring. The AVX is the replacement for the old Advanced Series CG-5 that I used extensively before purchasing a used HEQ5 Pro. I had this problem once before so took it apart, cleaned etc then put it back together and it worked fine. The dec socket seemed to be too wide to get through it. 00 I guess that my problem is to point at and to center the right star. The C8 scopes at the time came in one compact 23 lb swing-through unit. Can I Align Using Scope Hand. As stated in the title i have a Celestron NexStar 22082. This multi-use straight cable will solve a number of issues for replacing cables that are no longer available from Celestron. Touch the square on the right and get “cancel” and “confirm. Demonstration of different audio of the AVX DEC motors at different orientations. How I made a better Celestron AVX; Astrophotography: High ISO with short exposures or Astrophotography resolution: what should "good" lo Astrophotography updates, buying problems for myself 2016 (1) July (1) 2015 (6) November (6) 2012 (13) August (1) July (3). Original Celestron company logo. The main physical difference between the 2 is that the Sirius include ball/roller bearings on the DEC axis while the AVX uses a sleeve bearing. The battery pack and remote were not included in the gift so i have been using it manually all this time. - This thing is amazingly fast and easy to align. Very well made, solid upgrade I am very satisfied with and the service and delivery from First Light Optics was second to none. Critical Bug Fix: The “Get RA/Dec” bug and other issues introduced in 5. An AVX (Advanced VX) is not going to cut it if you want to shoot long exposures of anything besides lunar/ planetary. The tubes were painted a distinctive orange color, which is still being used today (newer tubes have a deeper iridescent shade of orange. I follow the instructions consquently:. Cannot guide was created by Joaquin. was created by Magnus I have been busy building my observatory lately, and have not don any tests on my AVX for about a month and a half. but heard that the newtonian has some backfocus problem? Dec 9, 2021 at 18:15. Celestron Advanced VX 8-Inch Edge hd Telescope Started May 6, so I can't really speak to the AVX. Celestron AVX polar align problems. A Windows-based program for controlling your telescope. Tightening the bolt of the clutch knob will lift the movement restriction of the declination. 06 - An official (non-beta) version available for download from Celestron. Re-Engineered Upgrade To The CG-5 MountEngineered from the ground up with astroimaging in mind, the new Advanced VX series from Celestron sets a new standard in mid-level telescopes. Alle Werke (Astrofotos) auf dieser Webseite von AstroWolke sind lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung 4. - As always with Celestron, pretty good software and my computer sees everything no problems. I’m using a usb cable connected to the controller of the mount to connect the ASIAIr and the AVX. That way everyone knows what my telescope is like. AVX Mount with the StarSense Hand. Extremely dissatisfied with Celestron Repair Service. ) At rate 2, the scope moves at the same rate as the sky-15 seconds of arc per second of time. To disassembled the DEC rotating assembly you'll need to loosen two set screws through a small access hole on the back: And then unscrew the tensioningthingfrom the assembly. Celestron Advanced VX Mount Review. This is the first version to support Celestron's free PECTool utility. My Celestron AVX mount moves on its Azimuth axis when pushed, where I am almost positive it should not. The new Celestron CGX go-to equatorial mount looks like a cross between Celestron's CGEM II and the CGE Pro mount, combining the best features from both. But I think VS can do AVX2 because my intrinsic work. I understand the Celestron AVX does not track in DEC only RA so I have a question, when in the Alignment mode and have UP/Right buttons to put the alignment star into the center of the Meade 9MM Lighted reticle I see the star sloiwly drift out of center before I press ALIGN and continue to the next step. The AVX comes in a box larger and heavier than a half-height mini-fridge (38X26X12 inches). My telescope is the Vixen version with the sled focuser, and I was able to remove most of the eyepiece holder tubing, and insert the lens portion of a. Answer (1 of 3): I own a Celestron CG-5 AS-GT mount and an iOptron iEQ45. Celestron CGX-L Telescope Mount - First Look. I already was not a fan of Celestron's engineering, but I was also already a fan of their customer support: they make things right, or did by me. An obvious advantage is the price of the AVX. I've boosted that image up a bit to make the flaws really obvious; this is a narrow view of the Pleiades. This is the way Celestron designed this interface. Hello, I have a problem with my ASIAIR PRO, when trying to connect my celestron AVX mount via usb through the handheld it says that it does not recognize the usb, I have updated the mount and changed the cables and it still does not work. Celestron Dec Cable for Advanced VX and CG. This article was written and submitted by Patrick Stevenson. I now have tried 6 times to do the Two Star Alignment, but as a result I always have the desired object out of the viewing field of the 25mm eyepiece. I've also used a CGEM-DX, NexStar 5se,6se, and 8GPS. Includes a built-in autoguider port, 6x30 finder scope, 20mm 1. Montierung: Celestron AVX PEC-Training mit 3s Belichtungszeit durchgeführt (aber hoher Aggr in RA und DEC) Guiding ebenfalls mit 3s Belichtungszeit RA-Aggr: 15% DEC Aggr: 50% -> Insgesamt besseres Guiding -> Sterne nahezu rund. I have had my Celestron AVX mount for about a year and tonight I went out to collimate my 8 SE as I had not properly done this for a long time. Avx, heq5 pro , lx85 suggestion. 95 (23%) or $171/mo suggested payments with 12‑month financing. First go to the StarSense menu screen in the app which is shown above and turn on “Save Images and Logs”. Answer (1 of 2): That all depends on what you want to use it for. Please note that we do not keep many Celestron parts in stock and it typically takes 3 to 5 days . Celestron AVX (USB to mini connection) with GPS (successfully acquiring lat/long/time from the unit) Handcontroller is up-to-date with GEM 5. Having purchased a Celestron AVX mount I wanted an upgraded saddle. In theory, this should mean that the Sirius will perform better when guiding. If you need technical support or have any questions about repairing your telescope, contact Celestron consumer support at 310-803-5955. The issue that causes the Dec axis of the Celestron Advanced VX mount to bind up and seize is due to the counterweight arm lock nut not . The Celestron CGX-L is a robust, professional-grade computerized equatorial mount with an impressive 75-lb payload capacity. I was using a Short Tube 80 with an SSAG camera. Inspection and cleaning of each part - removing all metal burrs, shavings, thick grease and foreign objects. Android + SkySafari 5 Plus + Celestron Wifi Fails To Connect (Solved: Tap On "No Internet, Tap For Options") Astrobrad43 4 years ago 11 comments 0 votes Answered. The imaging system used was a Celestron EdgeHD SCT, 8" aperture, f/10, 2032mm on a Celestron Advanced VX mount. Sky-Watcher EQM-35 - Fully Computerized GoTo German Equatorial Telescope Mount - Belt-driven, Astrophotography ready, Computerized Hand Controller with 42,900+ Celestial Object Database. Now the problem is clear – but what is the solution? Careful link ordering. My Celestron telescope has a rating of 1A maximum, which means a 6Ah battery will last for 6 hours at a draw of 1A. My problem showed up as star trails when the mount would. After all, it was less than a year old. So I have a lot of experience with Celestron and a little bit with iOptron. Celestron CGEM II Equatorial Mount with Tripod 91523. Here's a quick guide to adjusting the tightness on the Dec and RA axes on the AVX mount. The star doesn't move enough during RA calibration, declination ('Dec') backlash clearing, or Dec calibration. The Advanced VX (AVX) sets a standard in mid-level telescopes, providing many of the features found on Celestron’s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts at an extremely affordable price. Try reflashing (updating) the motor control firmware. No, for the Celestron Wi-Fi option, you cannot align via the hand controller and then connect using SkySafari. cfm file for the Celestron AVX bootloader. Friday, November 13, 2015 RJ45 connector between the DEC motor and port is, in fact, just a standard straight-through cable like those. 8 FR/FF Camera/Filters/Software: ASI 533 mc pro, IDAS LPS D-1, Optolong L-Enhance, Sybony UV/IR Cut, N. With no weight on it I could only get it to move by pushing it. Celestron AVX (on a fixed pier) – Latitude 54 deg N (Newcastle / UK) OTA :- Edge HD 8” / 0. Celestron Advanced VX Review Video. Rate 1 is now 50% of sidereal while rate 2 is 100% of sidereal. Die astronomische Montierung AVX von Celestron setzt neue Maßstäbe für transportable Teleskope bis 14 kg. Keiron Smith 2 years ago 0 comments 0 votes Answered. of the RA and DEC axis of the AVX and put some new grease on the wheels. (Be sure to check Scope Setup – Direction Buttons as well if they are moving the wrong way to eliminate this setting as the problem. The cover of the declination motors seems to be . The Nextstar+ hand controllers are all the same, the two model numbers for EQ and ALT-AZ are basically just there to let you know which firmware. It removes the use of AVX instruction set from the game executable which prevents crashes that occurred on older processors not supporting AVX. The ergonomically-designed CGX has a fresh, attractive, bold appearance and easier set-up than earlier EQ mounts. One was that the hole on the declination counterweight bar for the “toe saver” bolt was mis-threaded. In my opinion, the Celestron AVX mount is a very good, with this backlash issue by repositioning the gears of the RA and DEC motors and . You want grease, especially where the worm meets the DEC drive, but they've overdone it quite a bit. Celestron CGEM II Computerized German Type Motorized Equatorial Mount with Tripod. With a Canon DSLR, the image from the mirror is not reflected far enough outside the optical tube to reach the sensor of the camera. I primarily use this scope and the AVX mount for planetary viewing and imaging. If you pay $6,000 for a mount it has probably been Hypertuned during manufacturing. While Celestron has a goal of updating PECTool in the future, this is an older program with some limitations. I used a ZWO ASI290MM camera with an Optolong IR Pass (685nm) filter. It has marks on the RA and Dec. , Green Swamp Server, PHD2, SharpCap Pro, Adobe. 7 mm for illumination of APS-C sensors. More spacers between the reducer/corrector and the camera to reduce the vignette problems to a minimum. 5mm prism to intercept a small portion of the telescope's focal plane (outside the field of view of the main imaging camera) to locate a guide star. Labels: astronomy, astrophotography, celestron advanced vx, celestron avx, celestron c6, fuji x-t1. 2, Celestron 150mm f/8 (modified), Homemade 70mm f/10 (LZOS K8/F8 doublet), Stellarvue NHNG Deluxe 80mm f/6. By Randalloverby, January 26, 2018 in Discussions - Mounts. You have to use the ASIair IP address with ASIair. As part of this project, I plan to also completely disassemble the mount and do some light polishing and clean-up on the worm assemblies and carefully re-lube. The port is behind the declination motor (of course) but hidden from view. I was able to get SkySafari6 Plus to work with ASIair plus and the Celestron AVX mount and the Celestron SkyPortal WIFI module. In both cases the same floorf function will be called by both the AVX and non-AVX functions. Personally I am preferring Vixen mounts now though I still own a Celestron ASGT (forerunner of the AVX) and a Celestron CG-5 (manual version of the ASGT) Refractors: Antares 105mm f/15 (modified), Bresser 102mm f/13. Fits Celestron AVX Mounts This piece should be originally installed on AVX mounts, its very well built, easy to install, and most importantly it does not bite dovetail but rather firmly holds it. CPWI and Sharpcap RA/Dec Do Not Match. 25" telescope eyepiece, and more. But I am not so sure it was the gears? I had hoped to reduce backlash considerably. All Star Polar Alignment also works pretty well. 8270) update in December and the mount worked better than ever but after yesterday updating the hand controller to 5. "DEC DOWN" means pressing DOWN on the HC (which translates into DEC moveme. Depending on the type of batteries you use and the temperature,…. Celestron CG-4 German Equatorial Mount and Tripod. Read Book Orion a problem with the mount because it was too short from my scope (Celestron 1100 HD). Yesterday, I bought a Celestron AVX German Equatorial Mount and a power pack. This focal reducer virtually eliminates tracking problems such as flexure and mirror flop. CGE DEC and RA cables are easy to check and swap around to see if it's these cables or their ports. Problems Aligning Celestron Evolution WiFi + StarSense Joseph Luciani 3 years ago 197 comments 0 votes None. I have Celestron NexStar 22082 questions and difficulties. c++ visual-c++ visual-studio-2012 vectorization avx2. I'm using a usb cable connected to the controller of the mount to connect the ASIAIr and the AVX. (4) 4 product ratings - Celestron Counterweight, Extra 12 lbs (for Advanced VX Mount) #94286. If you are still having unresolved issues, I recommend that you save images and logs from your StarSense session. Surprisingly you can see some of the blue wisps of nebula around the stars (ignore the horseshoe shapes, those are artifacts)! The orange-brown glow is my light polluted skies. If you want to stay with Celestron, you'll need a CGEM mount. (Be sure to check Scope Setup - Direction Buttons as well if they are moving the wrong way to eliminate this setting as the problem. This shows a possible solution if your CGX mount has a problem with 'jumpy' guiding or wobbly stars. Is the Celestron Firstscope 114 a good telescope?. The motors work fine but one need the 8 pin connector replaced or fixed (see pic) I accidentally broke the little connector piece on it. A Celestron rep will get back to you but it might take a couple of days. (SOLVED) Guide calibration fails. If the numbers go the wrong way, there is a problem. Celestron Counterweight, Extra 12 lbs (for Advanced VX Mount) #94286. It is specifically designed for Windows 7 and earlier. ) At rate 2, the scope moves at the same rate as the sky–15 seconds of arc per second of time. and disassembled the worm gear system. The remaining problem is simply: I don't have the firmware. After having reviewed eight mounts, I would recommend the Celestron Advanced VX (USA, EU), the Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro (USA, EU), and the Orion Sirius EQ-G (USA, EU) as excellent telescope mounts to start your astrophotography hobby in 2021. A parabolic mirror is included in the design that greatly cuts down on distortion to give users a very sharp, clear image. Die Montierung wurde von Grund auf neu entwickelt für anspruchsvolle Beobachtung und natürlich Astrofotografie. I get my targets centered in a 20mm eyepiece all over the sky if I add 4 calibration stars. Celestron AVX mount Posted by Wednesday, December 9, 2015. very smooth and quiet, accurate tracking for visual! Bigjoe. It supports three auxiliary ports, one of which is used by the NexStar+ handset. Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 114AZ Telescope - 22452. New motors offer improved tracking. to/2qwCmChI noticed a lot of backlash in PHD guiding lately. This question eventually surfaces on just about . Bei einem Eigengewicht von nur 7,7 kg (Achsenkreuz ohne Stativ ohne Gegengewichte) ist die Montierung noch sehr transportabel. I looked at selling the CGEM and just getting another mount. I went through a similar eval a while ago. Upon input to do anything related to mount movement the dec arm will swing in approx. Click next and nothing happens. However, if I try to slew to a closeby object in APT by selection from the Object Browser to populate the 'Goto RA' and 'Goto DEC' fields and . " Touching confirm takes me back to the first step in PA. Losmandy The improved AVX is not compatible with Losmandy D format dovetail mounting plates. Look closely at the base of the housing and you will see a small hole. · 5y Sneaky lurker with a bazooka. Celestron AVX Series Replacement DEC/RA Motor w/Encoder. And, although I've asked, I doubt Celestron would supply it, or even be able to. 2200: September-2012: Support for Advanced VX. The jacks on the CGE are placed at inconvenient, cramped locations, requiring a sharp bend in the strain relief of the cables to clear the mount housing. it's second hand and uses the older 8406 contro. @Richard mentioned that movement is pretty stiff, and I observed this with my newer mount as opposed to the older one. Yesterday evening was the first cloud-free night where I live in the UK, and in my haste to get set up, I accidentally inserted the hand control cable into the DEC motor port on the mount control. I have a question regarding use of SkySafari6 Plus with the ASIair Plus. My telescope is a 102mm Orion StarMax, but I always describe it as a 4 inch Maksutov, or more precisely a 102mm/1300mm Maksutov-Cassegrain. The safety bolt, which is intended to . The tripod (assembled) weighs 46 pounds with the German equatorial mount weighting 18 pounds (with counterweight). Well, I do wirelessly connect Starry Night 7 to my Celestron mounts (with their Skyportal wifi dongle) with no problem. It's quite hungry for power - the telescope takes 8 AA batteries. Important Notice - Read Before Purchase: High Point offers these genuine Celestron parts as a courtesy to our customers. Since SC can also connect to the mount and control the mount GoTo, Polar alignment and Plate solve I have connected SC to the mount through the. These eventually force the axis back but it overshoots and the pulses repeat. Also I have tried selecting the Celestron AVX/CGE/CGEM/CGX setting under the telescope setup, along with "Equatorial GoTo (German)" for the mount type, plus other Celestron scope settings, but to no avail. I was a bit surprised at how really tight the DEC axis was. Hi Folks,The Celestron Advanced VX + polar axis finder is available at Amazon: https://amzn. I was able to break the parts free, sanded down the surfaces carefully, regreased, and it is back to normal now. 015 7412 Calibration alert details. AVX Mount with the replaced NexStar+ Hand Controller. (fewer glitches near hour/date rollovers). I got home and the first thing that indicated a problem was when lining up the new board in the avx trim panel. The CGX-L is the largest equatorial telescope. \u0026 UNBOXING Celestron AVX Mount, 8SE OTA, and Orion ShortTube 80 StarShoot Page 3/34. A mount that is surely going to get compared to the Sky-Watcher HEQ5 is the Celestron AVX (Celestron Advanced VX). Fix: ok to ignore the alert (check the option to not show it any more. Finding erroneous values associated with Lat/Long in ASIair when selecting Celestron AVX as the Telescope Setting. 5mm prism to intercept a small portion of the telescope’s focal plane (outside the field of view of the main imaging camera) to locate a guide star. The AVX servos have a lot of internal "slop" in the reduction gears which contributes to the enormous dec axis backlash as well as (speculation!) RA wobbles. I collected 32,399 video frames, then stacked the best 5 percent of them into a single image using AutoStakkert! 3. " That was a couple of months ago. I own a Celestron 8 SE, but the Alt Az mount was not suitable for imaging purposes. You can see above that turned a little spacer on the lathe (which was a pain, it's way too thin to reasonably be clamped in the lathe, but I made it work). I ran into a few problems with the AIR and the AVX. However, if you can get it for a low price in good shape,then it's not a bad telescope to start on, just as long as you understand it is very limited. I noticed some problems on the mount as the cover for the RA motors seems to be missing. A rare telescope made for the intermediate stargazer, the Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain has an 8-inch aperture that increases available light by 80 percent compared to the smaller model in this product range. Adjusting the DEC and RA axis at a different angle can solve the problem regarding backlash. 2016-01-30 I had a 3 hour session on the Horsehead and Flame nebula the first 25 minutes or so were ok, then I started getting some large oscillations in DEC, each cycle lasting about 85 seconds. The deep sky astrophotography potential of the Celestron CGX-L is obvious, and I intend to experience this benefit first-hand. Periodic Error Correction: Yes; Computerized Hand Control: NexStar+ hand control with LCD display, 19 fiber-optic backlit LED buttons; NexStar+ Database: 40,000 . I think Celestron has put some thicker grease in it now. I feel confident that my scope will not fall on the ground. I had some trouble the other day inserting my AR152's dovetail into my Twilight II. But approx one month (or several imaging sessions) laterI started to have this problem. These problems are announced by alert . Last night when I was trying to slew over to Mars, my advanced VX mount was unable to move beyond a certain point (it may even happen during star alignment). To double check the stock levels at the shop, please contact us on 01909774369 or [email protected] This site is devoted to the computerized "GoTo" telescopes from Celestron. Everything works fine up to PA. I thought it may have been a power issue with the Powertank so I bought an ac. Celestron AVX Dec motor won't start - posted in Mounts: Hey folks, I recently received my first go-to mount, a Celestron AVX after nearly 7 months of waiting with all the supply issues these days. These three mounts have been on the market for several years, and include all the things you need to start. RA and DEC vary by an unexpected amount, PHD2 Unable to guide. High Point Scientific and Celestron are not responsible for damage caused to equipment by the attempted installation of these parts. At my age I want to spend my time looking at things, not looking for them. Yes, it enables AVX because VS doesn't mention AVX2. Edited by ur7x, 17 January 2015 - 03:39 PM. An Off-Axis Guider is an astroimaging accessory considered by many to be the most accurate method of autoguiding. ” Touching confirm takes me back to the first step in PA. After taking the dec axis assembly apart, I found that it was a case of galling, where one sliding surface actually welds to the other, particularly a problem with aluminum, as in this case. The newer AVX has some improved electronics over my first one from 2014, but it still goes strong. 153 mount and blade crack noticias da eleicao 2012 gasverbruik per jaar vrijstaande woning hangnail treatment finger how to wear gold glitter eyeliner walmart haul september 2014 incidente nucleare. Today, I just thought of checking the StarSense AutoAlign with the mount, and unfortunately it was not working. For the intermediate visual observer and beginning astrophotographer, the Celestron Advanced VX 6 SCT is the most affordable Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on a solid computerized GoTo mount. I also use Sharpcap to control my camera and collect images. In fact, commenting out the line "poly_mask = _mm256_castsi256_ps (emmm2);" results in a more normal performance. « from 2016/09/01 The European Commission has created such an ODR platform: https. So the AVX instruction problem is fixed, but unrelated problems crop up regardless, the new tier0 library probably contains symbol definitions not found in the old versions. You're looking through a telescope, which is a form of filtering on its own. I took these off of my Celestron AVX Mount that the main board died. My mount is a Celestron AVX with a William Optics 81mm with a Canon DSLR for my imaging refractor. Celestron AVX park stopped working. To give you an idea of what you'll be up against, I image with an 800mm f4 scope. shipping included in price I will only ship to CONUS. Dec Index – This is the declination index error value that. Adjustable for 7–77˚ latitudes, it comes with both a declination (dec. This is a 6 pin connecting cable . Tasco in Brookvale Sydney has now taken over distribution of Celestron, so things should improve gauging and service wise, having said that, I've never had a problem with my AVX in 3 years, works flawlessly for what it is. AsiAir, Celestron AVX mount, Celestron SE6. So, how do we solve the Celestron AVX mount problems? Tightening the bolt of the clutch knob will lift the movement restriction of the declination. The only exception is the more expensive Celestron mounts’ homing/limit switches. I don't have experience with the Celestron Advanced VX mount, but I do have experience with the AT6RC and the Orion Sirius EQ-G mount. High resolution sanding and polishing of moving internal parts. The Celestron Advanced VX mount is a sturdy equatorial telescope platform. You sometimes need to convert it to a string. Examining the ring gear is critical because there may be a problem with some of the teeth or in the. I use Stellarmate on a rpi4 4 gb, connected by VNC to my PC. The computerized GoTo capability . Celestron Binoculars and Telescopes for sale. Not only will SkySafari not use the hand controller's alignment model, the two systems will fight each other, causing problems. 000 7412 Alert: The RA and Dec rates vary by an unexpected amount. Review for VSAD-AVX- V Series Saddle. Share try posting on team Celestron forum maybe. It resulted in a situation where I could not relieve the tension on the axis. I here good things about the Celestron CG5's but, they stopped making those and make the AVX under $800 instead and I've read mixed reviews The ZEQ25 is a bit pricey but, the reviews are solid for just over $900. Backlash in Telescope Mounts – The Blog Formerly Known as McWiki. At this moment it sells for $899 on Amazon, making it one of the few entry level astrophotography mounts below the $1000 dollar range you can use with a decent telescope and camera. This GoTo telescope mount sits at the same price point as the Sky-Watcher HEQ5, but is much newer. Celestron NexYZ 3 Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter. Click here to read more and download the latest version. Celestron Advanced avx GoTo Two Star Alignment; Celestron Advanced avx GoTo Two Star Alignment. Complete Reperature Set for Celestron AVX Mount. This seems like a terrible solution to me. Specifications: Celestron 51702-10 Dec Knob AVX; Manufacturer: Celestron; Condition: New; Warranty: 1 Year; Designed For: Celestron Telescopes; Weight: 20 g / 0. In most systems, integers are stored using a fixed binary representation. Celestron AVX mount is like a really good bad movie. In accordance with Directive 2013/11 / EU, and Regulation no. Resources and unique information about the NexStar, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM and AS-GT scopes are the highlights of this site. sin_pd4 uses _mm_castsi128_pd, but it appears that is not (just) the mix of SSE and AVX instructions that is biting me in sin. No, it doesn't because AVX and AVX2 are separate CPU features. 14 - Corrects a potential problem with the cordwrap prevention feature. I rotated the axis so the counterweight bar was parallel to the floor and let it go. It is common to store integers using 32-bit or 64-bit words. I encountered one other problem. So I don't think the name change was necessary, from what I can gather, tier0 seems to be the only binary containing the AVX instructions. After resetting again I tried to slew the mount to a star close to alt 1, az 181, and the scope had no issue slewing there. For some reason the clamp would not hold and since I was holding the scope with one hand and the locking knob with the other hand I started panicking when the scope beg…. Bulldozer), just like SSE and SSE2 are separate. While I was finishing my two star alignment, the DEC axis misbehaved. ) PHD2 is advising you that you have a lot of dec backlash so you can be aware of it, the calibration is still ok. Further Celestron should add a big RED card on the top of the mount in the box or as a cover to the manual that says Only plug the DEC motor cable into the DEC port on the mount Plugging the DEC motor cable into the AUX port or the AUTO port will trigger Global Thermal Nuclear War. I have seen plenty of very good astrophotos done with the AVX. Then another problem -- the board did not fit the housing! It seems Celestron have updated the Dec cable and related sockets to a larger RJ45 type connectors on newer AVX mounts. RocketSparrow: How I made a better Celestron AVX. In many cases, the mount may have faulty connectors and plugs. Or I could be missing something. Celestron AVX Mount Problems: How to deal with. These come with the gears as well as the bolts. With the mount set to a latitude of about 34 degrees, and with a light load on the mount, the stock 12-pound counterweight rides high on the shaft.