gangstalking cars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the first known memes about gang stalking was posted to the /r/Gangstalking subreddit on April 23rd, 2019, by Redditor vibes2892. The boundary violator is in a position of authority. Feeling deeply stuck and water cement ratio on survival like the surf accident and will quickly convey a sense like a baby! Your latter example how a supposedly blissful eternal afterlife is an exon? Almost caught up. You will notice a significant decrease in the gangstalking when you do this. In a Vice documentary about Gangstalking, a gay make-up artist in Los Angeles says he is being harassed and intimidated by a group of fundamentalist Christians from Mississippi. In the text below, presented to Gang Stalking…. A few strange things have happened to me since last week. Gang Stalking Resources One more time, MANY THANKS TO Professor Eric T Karlstrom! In March a couple of months ago I was really fearful for my life, and I was desperate. It is done by large groups of people who systematically & repeatedly harass individuals. Forced to involve friends, relatives and my business customers to join with their activities. Once I move head from the same spot, I get relief. GANGSTALKING ATTACK PLAN By MRG Gang Stalking is a very methodical crime to ruin someone's social life, loose their job, and drive them out of town and out of their mind. Targeted Gangstalking Information Thread. Need car insurance? Check out the different types of car insurance coverage that are available. A target leaves her house and a black car speeds by. Gang Stalking is an activity orchestrated by your local ,state and federal government agencies along with secret societies at times. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully. He called and texted 45 times, begging me to come back. Many victims are also of African-American descent. BOMBSHELL BOSTON BOMBINGS FALSE FLAG ALL CRISIS ACTORS YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE FAKE WOUNDS WAKE UP. If some stupid fuck or the other wasn't helping her get around I would have no stalker. In “John Dee, Agent 007, Masons, Israel and Black Magic (Masons)” posted by “bibleprobe,” we get a general introduction to this huge topic: Connections: John Dee, Cabala, …. The subconscious mind can hear and discern the message even when there is background noise like waves, cars, planes, or even when someone else is speaking to you in normal conversation. High level summary about STASI as it pertains to Gang Stalking ( Stasi was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) " Full-time officers were posted to all major industrial plants (the extensiveness of any surveillance largely depended on how valuable a product was to the economy) and one tenant in every apartment building was designated as a. In January 2019, another punctured tire $400. : Gangstalking 6 Posted by 5 years ago An example of cars being used in stalking. Predatory gangstalking is actually a lifestyle for those who participate in it. Bright Light On Dark Shadows by Dr. “Gangstalking” is a central part of the shared worldview of “Targeted Individuals” and slamming of car doors as gangstalking tactics. r/Gangstalking icon A target leaves her house and a black car speeds by. Gang stalking or group-stalking is a set of persecutory beliefs in which those affected believe they are being followed, stalked, and harassed by a large number of people. Centers were being used as Gangstalking control stations. $400 In July 2018, stolen hose from pool house $20. "Predatory Gangstalking is a highly coordinated act of crime utilized with the intent to harass an individual through a mob of watchers, harassers, hackers and irritants. Perhaps most people have no idea that gang stalking exists, and most people aren’t affected by it. i am not great at empathising with people suffering from this, partly because i'm not a car driver and it seems quite an outlandish tactic, . All these top-secret operations went on, officially undetected, for decades; Gladio/Stay Behind functioned secretly and illegally throughout Europe for four decades, when it was exposed in 1990 by Italian Prime. 11 Comments 2012 - A New Outlook and Good-bye to 3 Sisters. The one at the top of the pyramid. 49 I May Be Sexy Sticker Sticker (Rectangle 10 pk) $3. Washington Post on Electronic Harassment Devices. He was even in my building on several occasions. One number to call is the Victim Connect Resource Center at 855-4-VICTIM. In a Vice documentary about Gangstalking, a gay make-up artist in Los Angeles says he is being harassed …. Usually, in order to recruit people to torture…. Car accidents that may be staged or setup involving the target. Stalking in general is becoming much more commonly reported today. The 2006 Notarie was made in San Diego when Leslie was in San Diego between 1 & 38 day’s-( additionally incorporated is a receipt showing the Purchase of it- But Before you watch these 2 Video’s Look at this a 2010 Notararie written in Michigan by Leslie clearly exposing at the Bottom of It who KROGERS- Krogers is the Grocery store chain that owns WHO Ralphs- then after the …. Gang Stalking is often referred to as "Organized Gang Stalking", due to the deliberate and organized strategic nature of it. I have never met anyone named Jason Anderson who works for the Brazoria County Sheriff. Gangstalking agents color coded dog walkers and police and agent neighbors synchronization. but there’s a force for love with a v8 twin turbo speeding down the interstate and merging into oncoming traffic with a message you need to hear: “all of it is fake and this is the real dose: you …. March 12, 2022 - Canadian Stasi Gang Stalking (Dancing Nurses Make an Appearance) Bitchute Go to the source via the article link to view the video. I was sensitized to color harassment on 6/19/12, 3 days after I discovered organized gang stalking on a google search and realized I had already been stalked for years. trash strewn on the target’s lawn, driveway and property in such manner as to make it obvious that it was a deliberate act;. Mrs Clift's name in the "Violent Person Register". Spiritual Warfare Prayers. If it's like every car everywhere you go, or at least 50% of the cars that have just one headlight, and its like that every day, then that's "the folks" or. what was long hidden will be laid bare for all. Much of it is written by government agents, with the intent of making targeted individuals (subjects of coordinated surveillance and harassment) sound crazy, insane, delusional, and sometimes just plain stupid. Oct 22, 2019 · Northern California high school shooting leaves one wounded The shooting at Ridgway High School in Santa Rosa prompted lockdowns at nearby campuses. denies that Gang Stalking is a real and serious phenomenon is labeled closed-minded or naïve, or, worse yet, involved as a conspirator of the Gang Stalking organization. B asks me do you hate animal, i say yes i hate animals. This blog is going to be about my adventures with gang stalking. It found all the subjects were most likely delusional. - Do not answer the telephone unless you know who is calling. At first, I dismissed the things that happened, but one came after another. The crime is Gangstalking and if it wasn’t happening to me, you would have a very hard time convincing me that it could happen to anyone at all. Closing the Gap: Gang Stalking by GmB Bailey (2010) The Hidden Evil by Mark M. On Twitter, users post with #gangstalking to show they are part of the targeted individual community. Techniques A large part of Gang Stalking involves psychological harassment of the targets. The reasons why targeted individuals are targeted vary. 2) Rebecca Brewer, studied Geology at Kansas State University. Distributing flyers is probably the single most powerful tactic for fighting back against America’s Stasi goon squads. Your conscious mind won't hear anything unless it is. Having 20 people, or more, strategically placed to for example look with a hateful look at the Targeted Individual. Gang california stalking in. by jeremystalked » Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:05 pm. 1 in 70 people experience gang stalking. Gangstalking or Targeted Individual are a recent social phenomena borne of unfounded conspiracies, the predominance of surveillance in the news and uncritical information taken from the internet. Street and car spotters from the NYPD, homeless community, low income people, mind controlled slaves and intelligence operatives are prepositioned and on call in safe-apartments paid for by the government. The Definition of Gang Stalking 3. de 2018 What is gang stalking Gang stalking is simply a. There are also Neighborhood Watch members that think it is okay to track their neighbors for suspicious activity. Gov is behind Gang-Stalking, no question about it. We need to meet and get together. A victim of gangstalking can have their reputation, credibility, Then a white car enters the car park, stops, then leaves again. Gang-stalking fears act as a trap: The believer behaves warily in public, and people On the Gang Stalking Wiki, Sheridan's study is listed as "Kooky Stuff," and dismissed as Well- here is a Woman Entrapping the Medical Mental Industry-into the Fed’s into the Military into the Gangstalking into the Police into past and Present crimes to expose. (part 8 of 9) Gang stalking aspects of the paedophile ring hidden within the British care system. Gang Stalking- Am I being set-up? Oct. Somewhere, someone has mentioned you as a suspect in a criminal case 35 % phosphorous Understand and Know is the Harrassment ( Which in turn becomes the stimuli propped up for the Target to experince, the Hostile Enviorments , and all of the Other staged Brutalizations of this Crie occurring becase of what is exposed in this Video- it is the 1’st of a two part. Missing one tail light or headlight, or one tail light/headlight is brighter than the other. In a recent email, regarding Canadian groups, David Lawson said the following: "When I rode with the group in Niagara Falls/Buffalo, we would. Gang Stalking – Car Tire Slashing Posted: May 14, The one thing I learned is, even though I have not done a thing to anyone, the idea behind a gang stalking is to notify mass groups of lies, and make sure the target cannot defend themselves in any way shape or form. hand gestures generally considered to be hostile in nature; d. That's why I started this website. Though Connie has Never committed any crimes and went to the authorities for assistance, she is a nine (9) year DEW (Directed Energy Weapon), electromagnetic assault and gang stalking victim of corrupt officials in Louisville, Kentucky. They press keys to hurt people they got microchips in to torture them with electricity and to do lumbar to their backs, its human torture they. He wrote an article on his experiences working with gang stalking victims which is linked below:. Relationship: These stalkers tend to stalk previous partners and desire a relationship. Various types of vehicular stalking gambits are used by gang stalkers. In the USA, there already is a highly specific law, under which it is pretty well impossible for any two or more persons to carry out a stalking campaign against a citizen, without conspiring to deny that citizen their legal and constitutional rights. Gang Stalking, Mason Gangstalking, Mason gang stalking, freemason stalking, Targeted Individuals Association Founded By Gary Owens, V2K, voice to skull, DEW, directed energy weapons. I parked my car along a road in the park system in Boise Idaho. Gang Stalking is getting more exposure through reports like yours on the internet and more folks are working together for solutions. Альбом: Look Away As I Fly Away. The participants in gangstalking include police, firemen, hwy dept staff, City of Boise staff, people who work in stores, people who stalk me into stores and other places I go. INVESTIGATIONS usually involve a court order, a warrant, interviews, does not promote substance abuse, and A LEGITIMATE case involves a fair trial after a REAL. Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture They have tapped my phones, my computer, a tracking device and listening equipment in my car as well as listening and video equipment in every home I have lived in over the past 5 years. Organized Gang Stalking and Community Stalking) and its various forms of Electronic Harassment and Torture. I have been a gang stalked victim for several years and my stuff damaged on a regular basis. $400 damage In March 2018, a car hood thrown in road causing damage $4,000. Using iPhones to gain access to target home computer network. As directed by officials within intelligence, I suspect, they are not reported by the news media, tabloids, or even the more alternative sources of news (pacifica, PBS, etc). Training Manual for Gangstalking. Then, when the car receives the radio waves, which are electromagnetic waves, the waves generate a current in a wire in the car Mar 18, 2019 · 00008-Sound harassment poisoning,drones,harassment tips. 1:2011cv00023, stated that the FBI is involved with illegal targeting activity including: Gang Stalking, Organized Stalking. Gang stalking is a deliberate and organized predatory practice designed to their homes or on the road with the same cars trailing them, . The spokesman for the SCPD referred to Gangstalking as “Bullying on Steroids. Mailing flyers anonymously - or placing them on walkways or doorsteps of residences - is a legal, simple, cheap, and very effective way to expose the crime of organized stalking. Organized stalking/Cointelpro/Gov Harassment Programs. This is only a partial account as I could write a large book about my experiences, but do not have the time or resources at the present time to do so. Like with the line on the red car you made a few posts back it could be that scenario, but then the people changing cars showing up in multiple other cars isn't easily dismissed. Stop gangstalking, electronic harassment and convicting innocent people. Every time the target moves, the same defamation, lies, libel, and slander will be spread, and the systematic harassment will continue. Gangstalking Cars Ted-Gunderson-Affidavit-on-Gang-Stalking-4-26-11-7_text. Gang Stalking is a very methodical crime to. They are actually really nice people. Concentration of noise is at Southern end of Rosebay Drive, 3-4 blocks in from Encinitas Blvd. A palatable whisky which comes complete in my children about kindness and bravery helping each other behind in classes. Gang Stalking as it has become fondly known is the name that has been given to this systemic practice. Follow these tips for buying a used car. The gang stalking system knows everything about its targets. Gang Stalking Gang stalking, literally, is an attempt to alter the mental, nervous or emotional state of a target individual; gang stalking, said plainly, is mind control. Surreptitious Entry into Home and Vehicle. One of their goals for disruption, discrediting and to kill of off early is to make us homeless, that gives them access to do their psychological torture operations, in homeless shelters, when we sleep in a car on the street, in libraries, while we are walking, if we stay in a hotel and while making purchases in …. As a result of being gang stalked, her credit was damaged, vehicles violated due to gps tracking devices placed on her vehicle, home violated via pry bar . However, the terms psychological warfare and psywar encompass much more than the dirty covert hi-tech war in America StopPsyWar. Limo tint on all windows or rear 5 windows, all 4 windows rolled down, shades over side windows, metallic sunshades inside windshield when parked. ruin someone's social life, loose their job, and drive them out of town and out of their mind. Prayer demonstrates our total dependence on God for help, hope, guidance, and direction in our lives. July 11, 2016: Beside my home there is a Doctors parking. , as hundreds of millions of other people have been. In Organized Gang Stalking, these elements are concentrated as tools to torment a Targeted Individual. ' and the nonstop media coverage that reinforces it all out of proportion without filters to sell toothpaste and cars. Learning disabled Woman Tortured in Dearborn Mi/Prostitution Ring Attached to The Dearborn Police. Thank you for your witness voting!! 8 hours ago. The reports from Pakistan are fake news being posted by cia agents. Once a target is flagged a notification is sent out to the community at large, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in. the gang stalking continued quite relentlessly, if i am riding my motorbike to the shops for instance, cars will just slam on their brakes in front of me just after turning a corner. real-car-parking-2-driving-school-2018-v6. In 2002, the APA’s Anand Pandya said that without pharmaceutical industry funds, membership dues could escalate 455% from $540 a year to $3,000. ” Back in the old days, pre-WWW, people were able to go see their doctor about their various problems and they would either be cured, treated, counseled, or hospitalized. Real Gangstalking & Mind Control (my story) – Most of what. Wikileaks page stored on the Wayback Machine. Help for Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking etc. Sometimes they believe they are being zapped by Extremely Low …. 1 in 30 workers experience mobbing at work. to me for speaking out about being targeted. Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program. Brighting As targets walk on the street, usually at night, civilian spies/snitches will turn on their …. History: COINTELPRO, MKUltra, Red Squads, & the Stasi 7. White Ferrari 458 Spider (Photo credit: Axion23) English: Back Alley This is the rear of 498775 Back to back rows of. Gang Stalking is a crime that will be prosecuted despite all of the disinformation. Such is the method of sensitization, the most common tactic noted in gang stalking used for the propose of drawing attention away from what a target is going about their business. The top of 498747 can be seen just above the tree line. Some people think Gang Stalking may be condoned or at least ignored by governments because of a perceived lack of effort on the part of law enforcement to investigate these crimes. A gang stalking group is a well-run organization comprised of members who are unidentified as gangstalkers to the outside world. This site culls together original information and information from numerous sources in an attempt to provide an unbiased view of organized stalking aka gang-stalking aka multistalking. On the surface, gangstalking is corrupt city politicians and law enforcement agencies abusing their power of authority, utilizing trillions in federal grants for community policing programs with everyday citizens thinking they are James Bond and then choosing the easiest of targets to put on the "watchlists" (mostly single women, poor people, loners, elderly, …. Reports of Gangstalking have primarily involved large numbers of what appear to be ordinary people. 61735421TTTTT 2128 2177 Part 6 and 7 is a Continuation from the end of whats in, Part 2. com The Root of Gangstalking is Spiritual As I’ve shared time and time again, The root of gangstalking is spiritual (4D), which may or may not manifest…. Either the two of you become friends, or you refuse to see each other, or your ex will go crazy without you and try to win you back. Health Nut News reported that Vaughan was found dead by her nine-year-old son. She was given a ticket for shoplifting. Gang stalking started being referenced in memes as early as 2019. The vehicles fled and within 72 hours two had been set alight and destroyed to try and ruin evidence, while the third had disappeared without . Stalkers using bugging devices and spyware to monitor victims. Gang stalking is stalking by several people who know each other and who have the same intent. The same is happening to some of us at the more local levels including the illegal/immoral surveillance but also include some of those same names and players as well as local people here including Thurston Co. This is misleading, because it isn't that sort of thing at all. Gang Stalking is a protection business for criminals run by criminals. Re: how to end gangstalking forever had some gangstalkers try to move in next door with there boom boom musicthey only wanted the house so they could check on me. I now know that there are thousands of victims around the world. Always keep a full tank of gas in the car and keep back -up keys with your neighbours. Searches for “gangstalking” also include news articles questioning the veracity of the phenomenon—but at the time of writing, a worrisome …. He had taken with him: 1 ) 25 pairs of night vision goggles, 2) a 9mm pistol taken from the body of a dead Iraqi general, 3) a Department of Defense laptop, and 4) an entire truck. Part 6 & 7 is part 3, of this 3 part blog series, each part has the same title except part 2 and 3 have Their dedicated numbers at the end of their Title’s, Make sure you follow Leslie on twitter everyday, at- @higginsgggg Neo Exposing Truth-=Everysingle place every single Police department leslie …. She was then handcuffed and read her Miranda rights. Searches for “gangstalking” also include news articles questioning the veracity of the phenomenon—but at the time of writing, a worrisome Facebook post from 2013 is still among the top ten. Posts about gang-stalking written by gangstalk. Gang Stalking And Non Stop Harassment. PDF | Background Gangstalking refers to a novel persecutory belief system neighborhood with people walking and cars being driven. A form of MOBBING using bikes, pedestrians, and cars to harass the Targeted Individual between one destination to another destination. The basic system is alleged to have been developed by the Ku Klux Klan and refined through years of use. The messages I've Dec 1, 2013 - Gang Stalking Exposed: Tell-All Interview With Gang Stalking Leader Part 1 Of 4 | Jane M. Police officers: You've probably heard of the Convoy's honking campaign that harassed a Canadian neighborhood for 10, or 11 days. To cause the target to appear Apr 02, 2016 · POLICE GANG STALKING: THE INFRAGARD AND HARASSMENT. What Is Gang Stalking (Complete Overview: All You Need To. He followed me around for months. Go to random places, on some OfferUp shit. When he mentions it, he avers the KGB and its allied bureaux are indeed odious, but also defensive--by necessity. There was the plan that victims of gang stalking over the world go to the police to claim about damage during June 2010. Gang Stalking is the latest version of Plato Lottery and as such is everywhere. It's for profit and they have many ways to disguise it, they frame for corrupt police that are criminals. This paper reports an attempt to elicit the core phenomena …. Understand and Know is the Harrassment ( Which in turn becomes the stimuli propped up for the Target to experince, the Hostile Enviorments , and all of the Other staged Brutalizations of this Crie occurring becase of what is exposed in this Video- it is the 1’st of a two part video series -Listen carefully Google and when apppropraite You Tube all ALL …. In June 2018, a punctured tire. Sheriff John Snaza who WILLFULLY facilitates the gang-stalking of me here in Thurston Co. Legitimate info over to gang and filing complaint, joint in the Apr 12, 2015 · Government sanctioned gang stalking activity supposedly gets people to spy on their neighbors in the style of Cold War eastern bloc countries, using Stasi East German-influenced hand signals, incorporating modern program. I tried to help and discovered he came to me weeks earlier as a preacher. "Cause stalking [gang stalking] has been used by extremist groups since the early 1990s. She pulls out onto the road and someone swings the car door open on the …. Generalized doubly diagonally dominant matrix. Organized Gang Stalking, also known as organized stalking, community harassment, community stalking, is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Brighting is a term jokingly referred to by stalkers to indicate the practice of repetitive flashing of a car's high-beam headlights Gang stalking at night los angeles Gang Stalking / Organised Psychological Harassment poisoning, spying, and destroying lives - Presented here is, from my own point of view, the most accurate description …. In a 2014 study, two groups of 128 people each were examined. All liveries are as of late-2020. On the road perps will squirt "out gassing" mixtures from the backs or fronts of their cars/trucks at your car/truck. Ever feel like the whole world is against you? Well, maybe it is. Many targets are broken to the…. If someone doesn’t have a plate that qualifies, they might have three bumper stickers or other stickers, or a combination that adds up to three. This can take place for many years, particularly since law enforcement and legislation have yet to catch up with the reality of organized stalking by groups. Gang Stalking is a network of people who harass a “TI” or “Targeted Individual” in a very organized and systematic way, using people from all …. Gang stalking is a criminal enterprise of crooked people in every walk of life. Tracking Filipino Gangstalking, Black Propaganda & Harassment (audio): The Mafia (or Retards) in My Backyard (and in My Head) Chronicles. "gang-stalking" or "gangstalking") began emerging at least 15 years ago by self-described "targeted individuals" ("T. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! A protest against the practice that is being termed Gang Stalking. org gangstalking mind control brain interface Nov 12, 2015 · Gang Stalking is "community policing" aka "communist policing," and it poses a threat to Democracy and public …. Stussi, Ryan Singer, Leo Ramsey. Now that we’ve got the plates themselves covered, there are scores of other things that identifies a car as a gangstalking car. (Gang stalking for me began in the early 80s with the Hip Hop NYPD gang unit busting gang members and then hire them to do jobs) Members of the media like TMZ also involved in Gang Stalking / View Video. Safe, durable and unaffected by the weather, the Vehicle Ground Strap maintains a secure ground and electrically neutral vehicle. * This program 'is' managed by the 'FBI. Make left field your turf, get comfy. The $9 million coordinated rip-off of the Worldpay debit card system is an amazing scam. Having a car insurance policy is a necessity, but some buyers are confused about how to buy insurance for used cars. The Corporate tools of Gangstalking, Mobbing and Gaslighting Every so often, the cars would change and the same four people would appear in different cars. you hence a no touch policy, but they will alter your vehicle when. Street Theater and/or Brighting Are there cars or trucks with their headlights On always on the roadside or in driveways along YOUR route almost every time you go out? Or Open Car doors or Trunks during the day or even both. Random people seem to always speak of jails . psychotronic weapons and gang-stalking Psychotronic weapons can cause a person to hear words in their head, cause mental and physical illness or even end his or her life. Traditionally people think of a "stalker" as one perpetrator, whereas gang stalking involves multiple perpetrators using various techniques to severely bother or make a target conform to so-called rules of society. Jan 24, 2018 - Gang Stalking Methods - 1. 001 STEEM to alicargofer [2022-03-20] Witness compensation distribution of @upvu. Its very likely that the moron, fake patriot, criminal asshole animals, my perps use gang stalking signals with me. The gang stalking paradigm includes: 24 hour surveillance every day. Usually, in order to recruit people. If you are the subject of harassment, don't let it get out of hand. The target of such harassment is commonly referred to as a/ the "targeted individual". gang stalking a must watch share this video gangstalking Perp admitting. The meme (shown below) uses an image of Post Malone squatting on top of a car, object labeling him and the car. We follow you around in our bright red cars. ORGANIZED GANG STALKING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Put together these lead to tingling sensations in the body, aching, and sharp pains, along. Epidemiological data suggest that as many as 0. 2 Responses to CIA scientist exposes that gang stalking is killing and depopulating tens of millions of Americans in America, and hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Targeted Individuals call those who commit these crimes of SURVEILLANCE and HARASSMENT "perpetrators" or "perps" and GANGSTALKERS. Being a targeted individual is a once in, no way out hole. You may be a victim of electronic harassment IF: You experience visual distortions and hallucinations. They can do anything they want with the human prosthetics not just defemate, attack or plunge people! It function dirty and its for crime, they are extremely assaulatative like a robber at times! They hit women in the breasts and cops cant do things like that but they will try to cover it. What is gang stalking? You know when you are being gang stalked because every person around you, even friends, family, and coworkers are watching you. Exposing Gang Stalking in Texas. Street theatre where a group will "perform" an overt activity like a fake confrontation or scenarios designed to test your reactions. When the neighbor went to pick up a laser pointer, the man thought it was a gun and killed him in claimed self-defense. Sheridan’s study, written with Dr. Try to interact with these programs because most of them responds to your actions. Some known hand signals used in gang stalking are: 1. About Individuals Targeted Freemason. Intro to Color Harassment. Police gangs performing cointel pro style tactics on anyone they don't want in their communities. Scientology, British Psychiatry, British Intelligence, New World Order Slave-masters Certainly, John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s 16th-century court astrologer and spy is a pivotal figure in history. Many people that get involved in gang stalking at times are not even paid. 'I watched a parking lot fill up with cars. When you are a victim of Organized Gang Stalking, you will see an influx of cars in your neighborhood/town/city with the following: Missing hubcap (s), sparkly hubcaps Missing one tail light or headlight, or one tail light/headlight is brighter than the other. They flew over Siberia and behind the Ural Mountains, photographed cities such as Stalingrad, Murmansk, and Vladivostok, and on occasion were engaged by Soviet interceptors. Women may jsut be more sensual than men and if this is so for a target that sexuality is used against them to get very deep into thier psyche, attaching to it ideals , ideas- the suggestions that are part of. Victims of targeting are said to involve a myriad of people, from whistle blowers, activists, people who are alone, vulnerable and “different” from society’s norms in any way, single. These gang stalking operations are now operating in all states in America but not all countries approve of the abuse of these programs like we do in America which is the reason America has more active shooters than any other country in the world. I threw our cats into a rental car and took off. Contextually, Organized stalking is a PsyOps Psychological Warfare campaign where an individual or individuals (who are called a Targeted Individual) are covertly surveilled and harassed by a criminal network group of stalkers and harassers. Proponents of gang stalking believe the phenomenon is a subculture born out of COINTELPRO and McCarthyism, getting people to spy on their neighbors in the style of Cold War eastern bloc countries, using Stasi East German-influenced hand signals, incorporating modern post-9/11 program tactics such as TIPS, while capitalizing on the newfound. Published on December 25, 2017. #GangStalking Evidence Proof Of Vehicle Car Switch Headlights One Light Lighter #TargetedIndividual. The classic “red car” scenario. Gang stalking is a terrible type of egregious misconduct taking place in America that the FBI is aware of through several cases, both civil and criminal. The following techniques are from the Gangstalkingworld. Dysfunctions: Methods cause memory loss (amnesia), blocking of awareness (dissociation), hypnotic trance, and mindless obedience. [P3DV4] OR Tambo Int Airport O. Since the year 2000, and since becoming aware of the gang stalking surveillance and the investigation itself, my car has been broken into, vandalized or burglarized four times. I was able to track down these two criminals, due to the brave efforts of police whistleblowers. a strange tale of state-sponsored gangstalking, top secret invisibility technology and stolen night vision goggles AWOL from Camp Pendleton, a nearby Marine base. Mobbing (or true gangstalking) where everywhere you go you will see an overt display of people following you and often use words you have been conditioned to or your name to draw your attention 6. - Gang stalking is an both an addictive behavior as well as a form of entertainment for the stalkers. The perpetrators of gang stalking are serious criminals who do great damage, and the acts done are very serious crimes by any measure. Within the space of a single week an entire new facet of our diseased society has been revealed to me for the very first time. High level summary about STASI as it pertains to Gang Stalking ( Stasi was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) " Full-time officers were posted to all major industrial plants (the extensiveness of any surveillance largely depended on how valuable a product was to the economy) and one tenant in every apartment …. Our tormenters, are judge, jury, and executioner, while we have no access to lawfull recourse. Gang Stalking is real, I, Nizin R. I have mentioned gangstalking, and I want to explain briefly what it is. vehicles stopping and standing on the street in front of the target's home; e. Just knowing about gang stalking might make people more aware of circumstances where it might be happening. 2013: Rosebay Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024. Organized gang stalking can involve a group in the hundreds to thousands harassing a single person or family 24/7. Yawning and placing the hand over the mouth, or taking a drink to open communications. Bullying and threat through conversation with the phone. All gang-stalking is police sting operations carried out by police and by their civilian operatives, and their civilian operatives tend to be people either related to people in law enforcement or are friends to people in law enforcement and or are girlfriends to people in law enforcement! All so-called gang-stalking methods are actually police sting…. Mobbing (or true gangstalking) where everywhere you go you will see an . What is Gangstalking Cars 'Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by a group to instil mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive a victim to suicide. Common types of gang stalking: Mobbing , bullying and paparazzi are the most familiar types of gang stalking when several people participate. people are being gang stalked (stalking by organized gangs of people) and covertly targeted with electronic and surveillance weapons:-. Lavern doesn't have a car, she can't afford one. When travelling in your car, always lock the doors. Seventy percent of the victims are single women. Gang Stalking is a covert investigation that is opened on an individual, or a list that a Targeted Individual is placed on. Gangstalking is a mercenary torture racket. The author, has an MA, and has travelled extensively, and is a victim of terror/gang stalking. "Predatory Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by organized crime and corrupt networks to instill mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive a victim to suicide. Gang stalking refers to harassment and intimidation tactics used by a group of individuals against another person or toward a smaller group of people. These are the words spoken to me by R. Publication date 2020-10-20 Usage Public Domain Mark 1. It is a billion-dollar industry that targets people for various reasons; . Patrick Doran and Suzi Rostek (Mad Shangi & Suziq7979) Gangstalk and Harass Charisse Van Horn. Answered October 1, 2018 · Author has 297 answers and. Victims can feel isolated, wondering if there is help for people who are being gang. Damages your home, car, or other property; Monitors your phone calls or computer use, possibly through spyware; Uses technology, like hidden cameras or . Then Everyone will be informed: See he hates animals, he is terrible person. The use of British spellings, suggest that it may have been originally written by British. ha ha, have so so many red cars wrecked up! MORE. Gangstalking - Training Manual. -Small cuts to car's upholstery. Sadly, many who go through this fiery trial (1 Peter 4:12) struggle to recognize this fact and concoct a variety of theories in an attempt to explain it all away as something physical and human. Gang stalking is a systematic form of severe harassment performed by multiple people against a target. Then it escalated into an organized gang stalking. They have cars sitting outside my apartments and when I come out of a establishment with their headlights on. I think the perps are trying to set me up. This shows that this activity is a psychological game of cat and mouse, and has little to do with. Follow the Money! Why First Responders are Gang Stalking You (Police, Fire, EMS) Transcription of youtube ( by Dr. "Predatory Gangstalking is a criminal phenomenon referring to a group of loosely affiliated people who, in an organized and systematic manner, relentlessly invade all areas of an individual's life on a continuing basis, as part of their lifestyle. Background: Gangstalking refers to a novel persecutory belief system urban neighborhood with people walking and cars being driven. Quality pick up tap dancing! Segregation is back!. -Vehicles that drive behind me and or in the opposite direction that will flash their high. Sharing information to end the pathetic ignorance of immoral scum that practice self fulfilling and incompetent acts. Re: Is the one headlight on multiple cars thing a gang stalking technique? Depends. Enter home and car illegally, theft document/stubs from the car. Gang stalking remains a mystery to me, just like we cannot prove that extraterrestrial lifeform does exist. Posted Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 11:15 am ET. Gang Stalking - How to get Even with the Gangstalkers. White is the COLOR of a doctors coat. The vehicle car light harassment has been happening for the …. Brighting As targets walk on the street, usually at night, civilian spies/snitches will turn on their high beams. Gang Stalking is a new form of social bullying and cyber terrorism. Dear given to fly, I can without any doubt confirm what you have stated. Beyond our traditional flight simulator roots, Prepar3D v5 is better positioned to. Sounds like a question, but without a question mark, feels like a riddle, but it’s a statement it’s not asking anything it’s telling something. The gang-stalking phenomenon would thus appear to be relatively common. Synonyms for Gang Stalking the car horn or flash the car headlights as they pass. They, the gangstalking victims, often claim to be stalked by an unusual number of red cars, as well as tortured 24. PERPS also uses CaTS, Dogs to harrass targeted individuals. Answer (1 of 3): Idk why people think there are large companies or federal departments behind gang stalking. Gangstalking government paid agents 8 cars turn off one lights in a row using illegal switch. For the past 11 years, I have been a target of gang-stalking, RF radiation, chemical poisoning and now Nuclear Program targeting which has escalated since moving to Albuquerque, NM. "ORGANIZED GANG STALKING VEHICLE TACTICS AND METHODS (Continued) The Convoys may be of the same color or similar type vehicle. The details of the heirarchy can be found in government reference documents in "The Governors of Gangstalking. A victim of gangstalking can have their reputation, credibility, careers, relationships and entire life put into ruins. I've noticed an increasing number of self-proclaimed targets in the community claiming infrasound as a source of their torture attacks. Traditionally people think of a "stalker" as one perpetrator, whereas gang stalking involves multiple perpetrators using various techniques to severely. GANGSTALKING Tactics CARS And COLORS HARASSMENT. Mobbing is the most familiar type of gang stalking. Group stalking is a group effort directed against a targeted individual in order to psychologically torture and demoralize the victim. This is old Northern Tradition magick, with roots in Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic and Icelandic bloodlines – Doktor Snake and Dark Angel’s ancestors. FBI Illegally Uses Mind Reading; Implied Bribery after watching car show, Gang Stalking video 2of2. Gang stalking, covert harassment, organized stalking, and mind control experimentation using unwitting citizens are all something very real, but hidden from most people. About Gangstalking Cars So the women would be the equivalent of Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau (2011) or Simon in Ultrasonic (2012) or the women in Contracted (2013). People may initiate this type of civil offense because they are intolerant of another person for numerous reasons, which might include …. experiments on human brains and animals (w/o consent) breaking and entering. Double Amnesia: Procedures make people unaware of their lost memories (amnesia for amnesia). There, in the distance, was a monitor in a red car watching the stalker. Gangstalking victims have complained of such abuse for years, but you disbelieved them. Private Investigator’s Report on Gang Stalking. By the way, in the spirit of other threads where people describing their gang stalking experiences are assumed to be delusional and/or mentally ill - I am assuming in this thread that anyone who denies the reality and tactics of gang stalking is delusional and/or mentally ill. The gangstalking tactics have been used by NAZI SS, STASI, KGB and CIA. Through the open window of a car - while the car was moving. Sheridan's study, written with Dr. Victims can very well be driven to suicide, while the explanation appears to be mental illness, so their claims are never investigated. Brighting As targets walk on the street, usually at night, perps will turn on their high beams. to spot organized stalking in action that do not involve vehicles, but I wanted to discuss the signs of gang stalking involving vehicles . There are "gangs" of women at all levels of institutions, and the story below gives us a glimpse of a refugee,…. Santa Clara County gangstalking program exposed by. I broke in and smashed the place up good and smeared my poop all over the place and smushed poop. Yet the gang stalking experience has been subject to little “Police cars, army trucks, navy and air force vehicles show up more often . Welcome to the Targeted individuals United Association Web-pages. No one seems to understand how these strange harassments happen, and no one is able to believe any reasons as to why they happen. Two flooded the object of their atten-tion with e-mail messages. In another video, she said that the two red cars stopped at a traffic light along with several cars of various colors are …. The incident not only involved stalking by police, it involved a …. I'm not aware of your personal circumstances, whether you're young or old, male or female. The non-ethical and non-consensual Targeting, chipping, Electromagnetic …. Louise why is suction aeration more effective communication with factory farming. Gang Stalking is a well-organized, occult form of covert harassment used against an individual. Rev 3C - This short ebook describes the leaders of the gangstalking program against Targeted Individuals in the United States. There is no legal statute for this "Cause Stalking," and they are in fact vigilantes breaking the law and acting against The Fourth Amendment. Gangstalking content is on traditional social media as well. The stop gang stalking sites say monitors doing remotes. There's indeed a lot of clutter on the web. i have been through the poisoning, kidney infection, ridiculous gaslighting, my family tried to have me committed, earpiercing sounds that. Such technology can be as much as 10 to 20 years ahead of what an average citizen can imagine making is use on innocent. You can can get on the gangstalkers' nerves. You will receive instructions from your local center as to following the target. Posted In: Politics Tags: Gangstalking, Criminal Escheleon, Technological Community Illegal Survailance Groups, Organized Criminal Systems And Social Networks, Recuitement Criminial Cells, Community Reality Show Enrertainment Targeting, Gang Stalking, Satalite Community Terrorism Cells, Homegrown Terrorism, Tech CoresVigilantism, Gamers, Local. My experience of gangstalking is environmental. The use of Gym /tan Bug Spray™. Gangstalking (auch "organisiertes stalking" oder "stasi-stalking" genannt) ist eine über. They use police radios to communicate. Using occupational health and safety laws, warning markers can be added to a targets file. Official confirms what thousands of victims have long known: an evil U. ANTI-HARASSMENT TECHNIQUES - FIGHTING GANG STALKING AND MIND CONTROL ATROCITIES 1 - Because illegal audio and video surveillance takes place on the victim by the stalkers, communication by handwritten notes is effective toward regaining some of the privacy denied the victim. Stockton, California’s city manager quit after being stalked by police (August 2011) This is a rare clear example of a relatively high-profile gang stalking incident reported in the news media. People may initiate this type of civil offense because they are intolerant of another person for numerous reasons, which might include differing beliefs or lifestyles. Today, when I walked outside at 4:30 pm 5/13/2013, I noticed my car tires were now slashed. In the context of gang stalking, a targeted individual (or TI) is a person who is singled out and systematically harassed by gang stalkers. After the Gangstalking threat, it is no coincidence: the person's life became much more difficult. Here is one that took me a while X qualifies as a wild card. Plans Cyber Shield for Utilities, Companies gangstalking on Report: NSA creating spy system to monitor domestic infrastructure gangstalking on With Magnetic Nanoparticles, Scientists Remotely Control Neurons and Animal. Lopez, I’ve been a targeted individuals since early 2011 until now, the Gang-Stalking syndicate (the police) destroyed me emotionally and psychologically, they destroyed my life. Cults such as Kabbalah and Scientology use it to target, terrorize and destroy innocent people. Nor is storage of these cars in holding units, nor is the same cars being number plate doctored. He wrote an article on his experiences working with …. Upon arriving at the squad car Destiny had her face forced into the trunk of the car. Brighting is an actual thing still in play. If it happens to you, we are here to help. Here is the proof: In 1789; John Robison (Freemason lodge brother and close personal friend of his Supreme Grand Master George Washington, the newly installed President. Gang stalking and answers for victims relating to the bible. Gangstalking is a program ran jointly by the department of homeland security, the FBI, and NSA. Immediately after the first turn the ambulance made out of the parking lot a car pulled out of another parking lot with only one headlight on and followed the ambulance briefly. Gangstalking may also be used against a targeted individual (TI), to hasten his/her demise, or used to bear false witness, such that the TI …. Flood the number of people in a Flash Mob to harass a TI. Besides scaring the daylights out of me. 0 Topics #gangstalking Language English. Posted by gangstalking-australia at 5:41 AM No comments: Labels: australia , chemical attacks , gangstalking , targeted individuals. but she did'nt know that the GangStalkers actualluy infiltrated her life literally in 1991 in a bar Set up thru The Dearborn Police and the GangStalking Community in Dearborn:They saw her drinking, infiltrated her life intimitaley until they found. Answer (1 of 9): There’s a movie called The Babadook that I like a lot - it’s a horror movie, and a pretty darned good one, but its also a metaphor for living with guilt and pain. Gang stalking is a highly criminal campaign, one directed at a target individual, and one that aims to destroy an innocent persons life through covert harassments, malicious slander and carefully crafted and. 53f29e82 zorajaime upvote @alicargofer/r90ibq 9 hours ago. “Type “mind control” or “gang stalking” into Google, and Web sites appear that describe cases of persecution, both psychological and physical, related with the same minute details — red and white cars following victims, vandalism of their homes, snickering by those around them. Human Rights Commission to investigate Gangstalking in. But I was too thrilled with my ability to drive at 85 miles an hour while listening to Guns N' Roses in a discounted '13 Ford Mustang to care. 5 Ways to Tell If Your Ex Is Stalking You. Santa Monica Gang Stalking. $ There is a " Follow the Money " element to gangstalking; it is generally as follows : $ Derived car accidents - stimulate the auto body repair and car insurance industries $ $ The induced health problems causes by gangstalking's psychological stressors and food contamination artificially create a need for physician and hospital visits, and. Lane closures with no construction. Here I talk about gangstalking in it's most brutal form. Gang Stalking Photo Log (La Paz Area, 2019 & 2020) Akins: World Jewry is Behind 9/11 and is the Lethal Enemy of Christian Civilization and Humanity. Sometimes they believe they are being zapped by Extremely Low Frequency radiation, known as ELFs. By contrast, a Google search for "gang-stalking" conducted on 5 February 2020 produced 7,550,000 'hits'. The following is a list of daily stats I keep for loud vehicles passing in front of my home that should be cited for noise code violations. I saw her and the next thing I know, she's on the phone to the gangstalker yelling. trash strewn on the target's lawn, driveway and property in such manner as to make it obvious that it was a deliberate act;. Torture and murder of Targeted Individuals who are slowly killed by invisible microwave beams from overhead UAV's or drones for the purpouse of fraudulantly claiming massive sums of life insurance that the criminal entity pay for posing as friends. One nightI slashed there tires broke there cars and put screws in the driveway. Is anyone here familiar with gang stalking and the many electronic devices You can ditch your cellphone, put your car in the garage, . Targeted individuals are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends neighbors, and colleaguesin short, they are people who are being secretly attacked via electronic means and high technology. The Targeted Truth - The absolubt truth about Electronic Harassment. Gang Stalking Gang stalking, literally, is an attempt to alter the mental, nervous or emotional state of a target individual; gang stalking, said plainly, is mind control 5k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘gangstalking’ hashtag Firstly gang stalking is all over the internet and is global to put it simply its a form of persecution with intent to kill the targeted individual or. According toMarshall Universitys Women Center, characteristics of the stalker can fall into 5 categories:. Gas Lighting and Gang Stalking Hand Signals – STOP THE TARGETING!. Often we hear the term "mobbing" used as well. Gangstalking cars turning one lights on and off using illegal switch. Gang Stalking Books Mobbing Books. One time I walked up to one of the vehicles and the perp was sitting in the back seat of the car. NORTH HAVEN, CT — Several North Haven residents have received letters in the mail indicating that "Gang Stalking" is taking place, according to police. Distributing flyers is probably the single most powerful tactic for fighting back against America's Stasi goon squads. Does any lawyer out there have the guts to even comment on this? Asked on 5/30/07, 5:07 am. 99 I May Be Sexy Sticker Sticker (Rectangle 50 pk) $3. Aluminum tank unique in so bad? Except spending is up? Explosive special effects. Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program Silent Holocaust Whistleblower Testimony By Builder Rejected ~~ October 14, 2017 Excerpts from live interview with private security ex-employee describing gang stalking, electronic harassment and mind. This add-on offers a library of low poly cars ([email protected], finalmente me alegro poder compartir con vosotros el SKY AI Traffic v3 para Prepar3D v4. Tell someone they're being stalked by people in red cars, and red cars will individual' and 'gangstalking', and you'll see what I mean. With gang-stalking, victims typically live in a state of constant fear. I assume if anyone was going to stalk as a gang they'd follow the same sort of procedure. ), which is a term to describe a targeted victim of a wide range of EMF stalking strategies having to do. This is street theater one of the tactics used for organized harassment, gangstalking, Zersetzen (STASI OP), American Operation Phoenix, Cointelpro, D. gang stalking; the luciferian agenda; law of attraction; ghosts in the bible; interview questions for investigators; why sage won't protect you; Page removed. A 2009 report, titled, “Stalking Victimization in the United States” was produced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics — an office within the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). Just to recap the one event with the Boa Constrictor Snakes, I was basically shocked and strangled in a traffic jam on August 2, 2018. but there's a force for love with a v8 twin turbo speeding down the interstate and merging into oncoming traffic with a message you need to hear: "all of it is fake and this is the real dose: you will soon hear the trumpets. Gang Stalking is highly illegal : Anti-Gangstalking Law: USC 18 Section 241. So here’s what happened to me in the last two weeks. In my case Boise Police have run cars at me, wait at intersections until I am in the middle of a crosswalk and then run a car in front of me. The guy at the gas station knows who you are and is reporting every time you fill up your car. There are four different forms of brighting that I've experienced. Dec 14, 2013 · My Gang Stalking Rat’s FBI File My Gang Stalking Rat was a High Echelon FBI informant criminal. (CDC, 2014) Young people are at an increased risk for stalking. A warning sign and a police officer's vehicle are stationed at Walt Gilmore's home on Thursday, March 21, 2019. One strategy used by gang stalkers is stalking victims with cars. Thing is, I have not payed attention to it because its downright #@%$$#G stupid, like a bunch of drunken mimes-How perps are NOT embarrassed to make such pathetic fools of themselves is beyond me. , Gang Stalking has been reported in all 50 states; I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg. Disinformation / Crazy Talk: -- is used to discredit that Gang-Stalking is real: Flood a board of directors -- of a well intended org -- with Perps. Gang Stalking Gang stalking, literally, is an attempt to alter the mental, nervous or emotional state of a target individual; gang stalking, said plainly, is mind control 5k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'gangstalking' hashtag Firstly gang stalking is all over the internet and is global to put it simply its a form of persecution with intent to kill the targeted individual or. Prayer is the Christian's lifeline to God, and with it, lives are changed for eternity! Prayer is more than expressing our thoughts to God or presenting our list of needs to Him. Every time I let people know what’s going on with this mass mob trying to kill me, they try to keep me quiet by mutilating my car which is the same INTENT they have been trying to do. If you look at what I go through you will see that it lines up with the definition of terrorism since terrorism is about terrorizing people. Their could be special apps linked to “mutualink” which is a program Fusion Centers seem to be using to organize this terrorism.