horstmann sword marks. D: American Sword Identification By Period Style. A Horstmann sword with floral etched panels on both sides of blade. Top of the handle shows an eagle which holds a small chain that runs to the; 1812 PERIOD 5-BALL EAGLE HEAD SWORD. I had made pictures that serve as an additional description. PATRIOTIC ORDER SONS OF AMERICA SWORD WASHINGTON (HORSTMANN. CIVIL WAR MEDICAL STAFF OFFICERS SWORD. This calvary sword exhibits the classic Roman numerals cut into the side of the guard. 00 Vintage Indian Wars Original General Service Button Horstmann Philadelphia. It is in mint condition and is an early example with the Horstman scroll mark on the reverse side of the top mount. It is a very basic sword, and with. M1850 Staff & Field Officers Sword. Civil War period M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, by Horstman . Old Horstmann sword with rare stamp of a Script “H” in a Shield and “HORSTMANN” “PHILADELPHIA” stamped underneath it. A Model 1860 Cavalry Officer’s sword with its metal scabbard. Exceptionally Fine Horstmann Presentation Grade Staff & Field Sword with Sculpted Fittings and a Scabbard Inscribed to a Captain of the 22nd Regiment of the New York National Guard in 1871Measuring 39 inches overall, with a 33 inch slightly curved double fuller blade. The 1840 models of musician swords tend to have identical styles of marks for corresponding years. "CLAUBERG/SOLINGEN" and the knight maker's mark on the reverse ricasso, . sword socket bayonets and appear historically on the Model . Indian Wars USMC M1850 Staff NCO Sword by W. The M1840 was known as 'Old Wristbreaker' because of its' size and weight. , a turban-ornament, a sword, a dagger, and other things'. According to work done by sword collector, researcher and author John H Thillmann, Horstmann’s first sabers offered for sale were imported from Hamburg in 1827. I have one that has all the knight markings as stated above, appears to be brass material also with a sheath that looks to have a no. " was in business from 1882-1925. Horstmann, with a small circular proof mark appearing on the ricasso. Very good haft with expected minor handling-marks/abrasions, age-stains and signs of use. HORSTMANN and the United States Marines 14MAN AT ARMS August 2010 Subscribe Today! 1-800-999-4697 FOR YEARS, the distinctive swords covered in this article have variously been identified as "infantry hangers," "mounted or foot artillery swords" and "non-commissioned officers swords. Model 1850 Foot Officer's sword manufactured by HORSTMANN & SONS PHILADELPHIA. Swords are popular collectors' items. Iron alloy, slightly curved, one-edged blade; "U. Horstmann, a well-known sword retailer and importer, contracted with the Prussian firm for most of Horstmann’s better quality swords. " A gold sword knot is fitted to the knuckle guard. Sheath shows some compression marks on both sides to varyingdegrees. His firm consisted of two companies: one dealt in civilian clothing and goods, and the other in military uniforms and equipment. · Marks on the Horstmann sword; image . There are no marks on the ricasso but the reverse blade has the manufacturer's .   Brass single-branch guard with wire-wrapped shagreen grip. 45 Of these, the Mahārājā only accepted the sword, the dagger, and a brocaded dupaṭṭā. (A) A non-regulation 1850 foot officer's sword with regulation style brass hilt with leather wrapped grip bound with one strand of coiled brass wire bordered by two single strands. The followings are the specifications of this stunning sword: E Pluribus Unum riband and marked W. This is a genuine M1850 Marine Corps sword with a stunning near mint blade. It was, in fact, said to be perfect. and some still carry marks from their German makers. The leather covered grip is wound with a single braided wire. It is another big straight sword of a different ilk. Millard · Widmann · Fakes · Common Inspector Marks · What = Value · Presentation Sword Press . Such swords might be given to a Pythian by family members, business associates, or others as a token of esteem. The hilt is casted brass with no rivets and has casting flaws common to the sword, and retains the original leather blade washer. They are very close in style to the 4th and 5th Akasaka. Wwi Us Military Army Gear 30 Cal Wood Ammo Can Box - Lot Of. Semi-circular marking (Type II) found on cavalry and artillery sabres. The marking of tools began with early pre-historic humans. We made that determination because the scabbard is leather covered steel. right, the Staff and Field Officer's Sword, 1850, Peterson 1881 when the Ames Sword Co. Very Rare German small sword, rapier 1748 Solingen or Passau, runing wolf in Collectibles, Militaria, Pre-1700, Original Period Items | eBay Antique Swords May 25, 2017 ·. 09, also said to have been used at West Point. Hi everyone! I have this Interesting? sword I am contemplating on buying and was wondering if anybody had ever seen this Horstmann mark. The blade appears to have the correct marks for the Civil War, but the scabbard is from a later period. One theory holds is that when post-war tariffs made Solingen blades too expensive, Horstmann found a domestic company to produce blades for them, and this is that unknown company's mark. 1800's American and European sabers have not been among my areas of specialization up until now, but you'd better believe I'm currently doing my web research and have ordered a bunch of American and German sword. Late Eagle Pommel Small Sword by Horstmann (Book Plate 2. The "H" within a shield re-enforces the belief that this H marking also indicates a Horstmann product. Horstmann 2019-08-19 Python For Everyone-Cay S. It was intended to replace the Model 1872 Cavalry "Officer's" Saber (a decorated version of the Model 1872 Cavalry "Troopers" Saber ). As with all Horstmann swords, there are no inspector's marks so this is . Luneschloss Saber Sword Rifle Bayonet. "Horstmann 1840 General Officer Type Sword (SW1321) Description: " Very similar to the very rare General Officer's and may be a variation. I know Horstmann didnt make them. The worst of which is on the front at the top of the symbol of the star in the circle. short-term disability florida covid;. Cay Horstmann C For Everyone Solutions Cay Horstmann C For Everyone Solutions 2/32 [Book] And Computer Programming That Focuses On The Essentials And On Effective Learning. " is in the center of one side of the blade. This is an artillery officer's sword with the absolutely original sword knot in Saxon green and silver. Horstman/and Sons/Philadelphia. RARE MODEL 1833 DRAGOON STYLE ,W. sword staff for sale near riberossignol race skis 2023. Horstmann & Sons of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lot consists of: one US Navy regulation Ames 1860 pattern cutlass with scabbard and frog and two prewar militia swords by Horstmann. HORSTMANN & SONS, PHILADELPHIA,. Horstman & Sons 1850 Foot Officer's Sword. Civil War swords have suffered nearly 150 years of aging. The blade appears to have been period sharpened (tell tale sharpening wheel marks) and then blunted, possibly when decommissioned. The discarded swords, suggested Secretary Knox, might well be contributed to the scrap heap for remolding into modern armament. Stretch marks involve the stretching or tearing of the dermis, which is one of the layers of your skin. THE PRESENTATION SWORD, marked as made by "W. A classic Mexican to Civil War era sword as carried by officers, complete with original brass scabbard. The etching could have been done by WKC, or any other German supplier, if so stipulated by Horstmann in their order. Description Nice sword with metal scabbard. HORSTMANN & SONS ,PHILIDELPHIA one of the most beautiful sword I own. HORSTMANN & SONS, Manufacturers of Dress Trimmings and Military Goods. teenth century was the firm of William H. One of the most famous examples of Masamune's work is a sword called Hojo Masamune. Horstmann Sword Marks This is a classic CSA "clip corner" belt plate. This is a very nice example for the pattern with traces of charcoal blue remaining on the. 5,000 blades from Emerson & Silver in 1862, which were marked with the “keystone” mark. Please see myother items and old Swords, . Furthermore, when you see a Civil War sword, you should remember that it was probably used in battle. inspector's initial on the Knuckle Bow. Handle has been replaced and re-wrapped. The early models of this sword were marked as having been made in Springfield instead of Cabotville. Be Suspicious of Marks of Perfection. The Legendary "Hojo Masamune" Sword. Sword: basically a big shiny blade. It seems to be a later mark (Post Civil War) but, could also be a fake. Horstmann NCO swords are distinct as they have a turned down counter guard. Masonic Fraternal Swords & Accoutrements (12) By Category. Horstmann (1785-1850) established a manufacturing, importing, and retail business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1816. Horstmann & Sons/Makers” in three lines stamped under the counterguard. The cutlass has been seen to list either the Springfield or Cabotville address, although these swords lack the eagle mark. Horstmann 1840 General Officer Type Sword (SW1321) Price $3,500. Additional photos of a Widmann-marked sword appearing to . The blade has detailed floral scroll, patriotic, and martial etching motifs that includes a Columbian shield with "US" above a banner marked "Union for Ever [sic]" on the right and "US" twice on the left. Category: Edged Weapons (Swords, Knives and Bayonets) Description. How to Identify Antique Swords. —Detail from Horstmann's Dress Trimmings, Military and Regalia Goods Manufactory, Hexamer # 2092-2093 (1887) WILLIAM H. Apparently, officers had a choice of wearing this. Swords can be categorized in several ways. Thw sword has a floral decorated knucklebow with Federal eagle on clam shell. It is a reverse "P" guard sword with a bird's head pommel. A beautiful presentation-grade sword made by the German firm of Weyersberg, with the Horstmann & Sons, Philadelphia retailer's mark. Search: Short Sword Identification. DescriptionHorstmann Sword w/ Scabbard. This can occur through a variety of very normal experiences — even adolescent growth spurts!. Thus, just as with comparably more brittle Civil War memorabilia such as letters, photographs or even uniforms, these swords were not forged yesterday. To try and identify it I went through several books and based on swords with the exact name in the exact script format, I'm assuming it to be a very early Horstmann mounted infantry militia officer's sword from the period of 1841 -1845. The M1841 cutlass (dated 1842-1846) is the only other military issue Ames sword marked this way. US Model 1902 Army Officer's Sword Identification. - As others have already said, this is definitely a mark used on post-CW Horstmann swords. Marks: ricasso is stamped HORSTMANN / & SONS / PHILADELPHIA. This is a scarce version of the 1840/41 pattern general officer’s sword by Horstmann in very good condition. from Emerson & Silver in 1862, which were marked with the “keystone” mark. Horstmann & Sons had retail stores in both New York and Philadelphia; most of their swords and sabers had imported blades, usually German. Non-commissioned officer's sword, similar to GLC02711. 5" Gilt brass eagle pommel hilt with reeded bone grip and down-turned counter-guard cast with an American eagle. He had learned the trade of silk-weaving in France, and, emigrating to. A rare example of an original Colonial American/Revolutionary War . They are frequently faked, however, and there are cases of fakes being marketed as authentic. Marks on ricasso, "HORSTMANN / PHILA" additional stamp probably is on the reverse side but this is impossible to read being covered up by the turned down guard. Other times the blade’s obverse is etched “W. Horstmann, a native of Cassel, in Germany. Antique tomahawk with carved wooden handle with rawhide accents, blade has maker's mark 'RG' with star and deer, approx 22. Manufactured by Horstmann & Sons, and was actually assembled from mostly Prussian parts, and failed to gain acceptance by the government apparently because of this. The back of the scabbard has the "HORSTMANN" stamped mark as well as the "423" model designation. " The ricasso shows the king's head mark of Gebruder Weyersburg of Solingen with who Horstman had a lengthy business relationship. 00 Civil War Horstmann-Solingen US Officers Sword w/Sharkskin Scabbard ; $995. Shrapnel Struck Civil War Wrist Breaker Cavalry Saber. Original Item: Only One Available. Nagamitsu is one of the most famous names in the history of Japanese swords. com - The most updated price guide and makers' marks research onlineOver 17 years of helping our membersresearch their collections & heirlooms. This sword appears to have been crafted-in composite-by [more like this] CIVIL WAR MEDICAL STAFF OFFICERS SWORD. American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE unites women and their loved ones across the country to stand together for lung health and against lung cancer. The 1865 dated swords were not delivered until after the cessation of hostilities, and therefore never saw active duty during the war. "The New-England Genealogical Register" from 1878, his Boston Globe obituary from. I have never seen Horstmann swords with a lion head or this mark. GERMAN PROOF MARKS Research continues for the inclusion of Pre-1950 German Proofmarks. Horstmann & Sons, NY and Philadelphia Although Horstmann was more of a resaler than a maker, I am including one of this firm’s marks anyways. Leather sheath with brass fittings. Early1812 PERIOD 5-BALL EAGLE HEAD SWORD. The scabbard is brass and is engraved with geometric designs. This sword dates about 1848 and is marked in a stamped cartouche on bottom of guard “W H HORSTMANN & SONS”. HORSTMANN AND SONS/PHILADELPHIA” in two lines. It has a slightly curved pipeback blade with two fullers, which was common to the Navy’s M 1841 eagle pommel sword design, and was carried forward by Horstmann in this model sword. swordmaker, Weyersberg to Horstmann’s order. Pretty sure you have a genuine CW sword. (B) A characteristically Philadelphia brass hilt sword by Horstman. There have been various swordsmiths named Nagamitsu who worked from the mid 1200's through the 1940's. (These swords actually postdate 1887. Almost immediately, Horstmann started producing swords using the hilts, pommels, etc from that shop but with simple bone grips. 51B of his book “THE AMERICAN EAGLE-POMMEL SWORD” on p 195. The Chieftain was an evolutionary development of the successful cruiser line of tanks that had emerged at the end of the Second World War. M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword 1861; M1850 Staff. WIDMANN/PHILADA” as shown here. Excellent, original condition model 1850 Foot Officer’s Sword with half basket brass hilt decorated with pierced floral decorations, and a custom ordered etched blade. Scabbard maker marked Horstmann Phila & N. " George William Gordon (1801-1877) served as U. This was formerly in the superb collection of Kevin Hoffman, who felt it was a very early… (870-346). Manufacturer and retailer of civilian and military equipment. I do not mark merchandise value below value price or as a gift. Most are unmarked, but will occasionally bear the markings of Ames or Horstmann. Both side of the blade has engraving. Horstmann, which was located in Philadelphia. The sword is marked: "W Horstmann & Sons (front in two lines) / Philadelphia (on back)". This house was founded, in 1815, by William H. Widmann Examples As was discussed above, on both the Widmann “Marine Sergeant” and “Marine Music Boy” swords, the maker’s mark is on the underside of the counterguard and consists of: “F. The items, as far as prized, were worth Rs 510. Other times the blade's obverse is etched "W. 2022Cay Horstmann C For Everyone SolutionsCay Horstmann C For Everyone Solutions 2/32 [Book] And Computer Programming That Focuses On The Essentials And On Effective Learning. 00 Antique Solid Silver Military Officers Whistle In Sheath Birm 1860 2020/9/lnnt. The "NJ" marks on the ricasso show ownership by the State of New Jersey. Ames Civil War Cavalry Saber With Scabbard With Partial 1863 Date. An unknown marking on the scabbard.   Blade engraved with martial and naval themes, including "Frank Nathaniel Eklund" dedication on panel. This example made by the famous US firm of Horstmann Bros. The US Sword Dealer - Horstmann Philadelphia : European blade maker's mark: Blade Marking The sword dimensions are 35¾" overall with the 9/16" wide engraved blade being 28¾" long and the grip and guard being 7" in length. Horstmann was a notable seller of blades during the war. This steel blade is slightly curved and measures 31½" long with a 24" long stopped fuller and 15" narrow fuller. 35 5/8 in blade Marked “Horstmann's / Phila. Curved 35 ¾ inch long bright blade with broad and narrow fullers. Horstmann held government contracts for 1043 cavalry sabers, 1143 NCO swords, 270 musician swords, and 87 light artillery sabers, and is the only known maker of the M1840 Marine sword. " on the obverse blade and "NEW YORK" on the reverse. The left ricasso is stamped "HORSTMANN/& SONS/PHILADELPHIA. Top of the handle shows an eagle which holds a small chain that runs to the to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Standard configuration with Horstmann etched firm name at obverse ricasso, gebruder Weyersberg king’s head blade stamp reverse ricasso; “iron proof” etched spine, all correct for German swords and blades imported by Horstmann for sale to U. According to Andrew Mowbray the first sword is a transitional eagle type 1 as illustrated in Fig. ” on the reverse and the Keystone blade mark of Emerson & Silver, Trenton, . Clearly this last sword is a Horstmann product since it is marked in the etching "Horstmann / Philadelphia". I would say it is a recent, aged reproductionDuring the civil war, German import swords would not use the English "made in" on the roll mark . Manufactured by Ames Mfg Co Chicoppee Mass (left ricasso) U. Consul George William Gordon The reverse folding languet is inscribed "Geo. Community of Professional Organizers Dedicated to Helping Others. Military Knives, Bolos, Daggers (13) By Price. Scabbard appears to be a blue that is mostly gone to a smooth brown patina, with brass mounts, throat, and drag. This side also has scrollwork an an image of flags and a drum. here's the pieces you need: connectors: 2 black/white connectors 4 purple/dark gray clip connectors 6 green connectors 56 blue clip connectors 1 red/dark gray connector 34 yellow/gold/gray connectors rods: 4. HORSTMANN,CITY TROOPS SWORD, AICD ETCHED, RAY SKIN GRIP Description: This is a MODEL 1833 STYLE DRAGOON sword , W. Lot: 176 - Native American Trade Tomahawk Early 20th C. Consul to Brazil from 1843 to 1846. lion heads are more typical of German Officer's swords. Horstmann & Sons/Makers" in three lines stamped under the counterguard. To try and identify it I went through . Horstmann imported and assembled the blades with grips and had the company name included in the blade etching. Sharkskin wrap complete but showing wear. HORSTMANN / & SONS / PHILADELPHIA”. This firm began to sell both military and naval swords at an early . The Scovill Manufacturing Company of Waterbury, Connecticut manufactured many of Horstmann’s buttons’ ‘Every part of the sword and trappings, with the exception of the blade, is made on the premises. In his very detailed and well researched work Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sabers , Thillmann lists Horstmann’s company as a sword “assembler” and not a manufacturer. The Worth, you could probably get $200 - $300 due to condition, maybe more tho at auction. However, the introduction of the Soviet IS-3 / IS-4 heavy tank along with. A rather clumsy weapon, it was quickly replaced. HORSTMANN MODEL 1860 STAFF & FIELD OFFICERS SWORD: Original rayskin grip and twist wire. com August 2010 MAN AT ARMS 17 A Widmann sword conforming to the “Marine Sergeant Sword” pattern. Horstmann exhausted his supply of various Widmann sword parts sometime in the mid-1850’s, making these “Widmann-Horstmann Transition” swords quite scarce as they were only made for around 6 years or so. In the more recent historic period of Biblical history, arrowheads have been found with marks said to identify the owner. I’ve seen at least 5 versions of the Horstmann mark, most on a variety of officer’s sabers. PRESENTATION SWORD, L 33":A gilt plate on the engraved Damascus blade, the guard and pommel. The M1832 foot artillery swords, being Ames's first swords, were stamped with the eagle trademark already common on their other products. 5th & Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, PA. American Urn pommel officer sword circa 1840-1850, Horstmann. The musician swords had a circular mark made up of the words C. Horstmann was a large supplier of military goods during the Civil War. There is the original scabbard with this sword, that is very rusted and pitted throughout. Etched up this side is the retailer’s mark that reads “W. Patriotic Motif Sword and Scabbard Inscribed to Anti-Slavery U. Antique spiked tomahawk with wood burnt finish, blade has maker's mark 'V. Horstmann & Sons of Philadelphia. It has a fluted rectangular ivory grip with simple ribbed ferrule and an ornate knuckle-bow. Included is a scabbard of the period. A very nice antique US Civil War Cavalry Sword Model 1840, marked HORSTMANN PHIL. 51) This is a late Horstmann marked eagle pommel sword that reflects Frederick Widmann’s design features dating it post 1848 when Widmann’s widow sold his designs and fixtures to Horstmann. Luneschlos Maker,Iron Gaurd,Xlnt!!! Antique German P. According to Bruce Bazelon's Horstmann: The Enterprise of Military Equipage, The Lilley-Ames Co. US Eagle Head Sword by Horstmann 28. / 1862" with small anchor above and large "P" at left, on the obverse ricasso. The ricasso on the blade obverse exhibits the stamped “king’s head” maker’s mark of C. I have never seen a pre WWII, German made USMC sword. US M1840 Civil War Cavalry Sabre by Horstmann. Scabbard is European, rivet has been removed, and it bears Federal inspector marks, fit is good but is a marriage, none of the Horstmann Model 1840 swords were inspected. The blade has a design that includes stacked cannon balls, cannons, a coat of armor, halberds, and banners and. Does anyone know anything about a model 1850 foot officer sword that is marked "horstmann bros and co" on one side of blade and marked "New York" on other side I have never seen a horstmann that was marked "bros" instead of "and sons" and have never seen one marked "New York" new-york officers swords. Horstmann was actually an importer and retailer who sold a very wide range of swords. Ames 1840 cavalry & artillery Civil War sword wire horstmann clauberg S&k · Peterson, . The other side has an eagle with a shield in the center. The blade design is similar to that made by Ames and is unmarked. A very nice and apparently unused Horstmann labeled 1852 Navy Officer’s Sword blade, along with three fine rayskin scabbard bodies. ‘Horstmann did not manufacture buttons, but was a large military outfitter. Sword marks identification [275QFK] I noticed in the photo that was submitted that the number four is written differently than the four on my figurine. Millard; Widmann; Fakes; Common Inspector Marks; What = Value; Presentation Sword Press; Presentation Swords; Civil War. The most famous of them worked in Bizen, although swordsmiths by this name are recorded as having worked in Satsuma, Yamato, Yamashiro and other locations. Horstmann Sword Marks Offered is a fabulous U. State Marked weapons are relatively scarce since most state militias were small and armed directly by the Federal Government when necessary, with such swords bearing the 'US' acceptance marks, much more common. War they sold 13,440 M1840 cavalry sabres to the US government. The M1840 NCO sword was the Marine Corps regulation until the change in 1859 which. Civil War Horstmann Model 1852 Usn Us Naval Officers Sword W/sharkskin Scabbard $1,675. Partial wire present and loose. The marking below the “Horstmann's” mark is for Weyersburg of Solingen who made the sword. Horstmann & Sons · Hunt & Goodwin · Klingenthal · D. Sword is an 1850 pattern Foot officer's sword. It was a small tank, at 16 foot 4 inches (5. This is a post Civil War Marine Corp M1850 Staff NCO sword, which dates to the 1870s. Marks: ricasso is stamped HORSTMAN'S / PHILLA / (symbol of Purssian helment), presumably by Gebruder Weyersberg, Solingen Prussia. 25" slightly curved spear point blade with 13" stopped median fuller. Type one Horstmann Cavalry Saber. The blade is marked Iron Proof on the spine, and has the Weyersberg King’s head mark on the ricasso. A marvelous opportunity to own an incredibly important sword inscribed to an American hero and Medal of Honor winner. On the left is the sword Peterson refers to as #121, Staff and Field Officer's Sword, 1860; and on the right, the Staff and Field Officer's Sword, 1850, Peterson #118. Swords with keystone marks were typically older swords. The blade, which has a few tiny marks on its edge, is 31 inches long with patriotic and floral designs. Horstmann & Co" on the obverse and "New York" on the reverse ricasso. US Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber by Horstmann. Early American sword with 29-3/4" single edge straight blade with wide. Most, if not all, blades were imported from Germany, and some still carry marks from their German makers. This is a scarce version of the 1840/41 pattern general officer's sword by Horstmann in very good condition. Ames Sword Company; Clauberg; Gebruder Weyersberg; Horstmann & Sons; Hunt & Goodwin; Klingenthal; D. Stamp Wehrmacht Punch K98 stock 50€ 2. HORSTMANN AND SONS/PHILADELPHIA" in two lines. A Fine Non Regulation US M1850 Civil War Field & Staff Officer’s Sword, that Displays Beautifully !. A Civil War field and staff officer's sword by Horstmann Bros. The main contractors were Ames of Cabotville, Horstmann, and Tiffany but due to the large number of swords required at least 1,000 were made in Germany by . The hilt bears a rack number, 49, so the saber was clearly issued and carried by. along with various patriotic motifs and a 3" panel which says, "U. Old Horstmann sword with rare stamp of a Script “H” in a Shieldand “HORSTMANN” “PHILADELPHIA” stamped underneath it. 1840/41 PATTERN GENERAL OFFICER'S SWORD BY HORSTMANN. Horstmann & Sons Military Store, and in 1859 it was taken over by sons, Sigmund H. The large basket and thumb guard also contain a leather loop for your thump, rather rare. Less than $100 (1) $100-$250 (2) More than $250 (9) Military Knives,Bolos,Daggers (13) By Category. Horstmann 2020-05-07 Python For Everyone, 3rd Edition Is An Introduction To Jan 2th, 2022. (for all officers) This is the first major turn from "combat" to "dress" style swords. 00 M1850 FOOT OFFICER'S SWORD HORSTMANN & SONS CIVIL WAR . The blade is diamond shaped in cross section. Login Form · A Horstmann sword with floral etched panels on blade & knight's head pommel; image credit on full record. Everyone 12 years of age and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. This Horstmann staff officer’s sword with 32-1/2” blade is of the highest grade for this manufacturer. Other markings include “HORSTMANN” in. A48) CS Armory, located in Kenansville, North Carolina, as described in Albaugh's book "Photographic Supplement of Confederate Swords" on page 45, figure '5-E'. American Sword Manufacturers. ' underneath a king's and knight's . Early in the group's history, when a man was inducted into the Knights of Pythias he received a ceremonial sword. Army, Foot Officers', Model 1850, W. For example, there are replicas, movie props, martial arts weapons and antique swords. A preview picture follows: MILITIA OFFICER'S SWORD BY W. Horstmann 2020-05-07 Python For Everyone, 3rd Edition Is An Introduction To Apr 1th, 2022C. The scabbard is leather with brass hardware. The Roby Company went bankrupt and sold its name and equipment shortly after the war. German Germany Ww1 Antique Grosser Size Lion Head Fireman Sword W Scabbard. Horstmann firm was founded by William H. M1832 FOOT ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD – HORSTMANN. M1860 US Civil War Cavalry Sabre by Horstmann Philadelphia, Sold. Horstmann & Sons" and a stamped crowned head. Wwi British Officerand039s Sword And Scabbard. Horstmann & Sons Presentation Grade Model 1850 Foot Officers' Sword Presented to Medal of Honor Recipient Captain DeWitt Clinton Lewis, Company F, 97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Blade is bright and retains gold wash on engraving in blue panels. Extremely stylized and geometric depictions of animals were often featured, with a meaning we can only guess at today. Most standard issue models were sold, as well as a huge variety of related military equipment. Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Swords. It had one of the sharpest-ever edges and was perfectly balanced. This is a M1832 Foot Artillery Short Sword. Swords were sold to state and local militia units, and were not Federal inspected. US 1840 Model “Old Wristbreaker” Cavalry Saber by Horstmann.   Obverse ricasso marked with Horstmann. It is known as one of the best Japanese swords ever made. There is a knights head makers mark on the ricasso. Blade is brightly etched with military motifs and maker’s mark. 1864 (right ricasso) Inspector's initial J. The maker / retailer name inscription to the forte, but it could only be Horstmann of Philadelphia. Sword used but in good condition. 1840/41 PATTERN GENERAL OFFICER’S SWORD BY HORSTMANN. on the ricasso (for their Keystone tool works in Trenton, NJ). Ames' second contract was for the M1833 dragoon saber. Both flats of the blade exhibit intricately acid-etched floral decorations along with military motifs. Less than $100 (2) $100-$250 (4) More than $250 (7) Molds Flasks and Ammo (121) By. Horstmann or WKC Mark? A lot of post-CW Horstmann swords are foud with an old English “H” on a shield stamped on the ricasso. Research Center: Weapon6534-Sword-Cavalry-Model-1840-Horstmann. The sword that would fit this scabbard . A gold washed etched panel covers the lower half of the blade, with patriotic and martial themes overall, "IRON PROOF" on the. The best-known example is on the so-called M1875 USMC musicians’ swords. In good condition, a M1860 US Civil War Cavalry Sabre by Horstmann of Philadelphia. The smaller fuller comes to within 10 1/2" of the tip. From 1923 to 1951 the Lilley-Ames Co. JS: Your saber is a German import sold by Horstmann of Philadelphia. This lot is closed for bidding. Ask the Civil War Collector. Sword Saber Early Model 1860 Staff And Line Horstmann, Luneschloss Civil War Saber/Bayonette Paul D. Lot: 177 - Native American Trade Tomahawk Early 20th C. Of these, antique swords are the most valuable. The scabbard is stamped Horstmann. Horstmann & Sons, Philadelphia," is engraved "Presented to Capt. The design on this sword’s blade is described in detail below. Blade length 28 inches or 71 cm. (A) 1860 pattern cutlass stamped "U. Help with light cavalry saber?. As used by all officers below the rank of major between 1851-1865. Top of blade spine shows “ Iron Proof” mark, likely indicating this sword is an import. 8" blade with a fuller to within 9" of the tip. This sword was used by both Union and Confederate. Its predecessor, the Centurion main battle tank (MBT), is widely considered to be one of the most successful of post-war MBT designs. Horstmann swords apart from most others. Horstmann was in business from 1817-1954, I'm betting that this sword is definetly from the earliest years of their business. SUPERB PRESENTATION STAFF OFFICER’S SWORD OF CIVIL WAR MEDAL. (PDF) Power and Status: Rāmānandī Warrior Ascetics in 18th. A space has been left on the blade for the recipient's name, although this . Horstmann & Sons, NY and Philadelphia carried a range of sword varieties rivaled only by the Ames Company. Sword length without scabbard 34 inches or 86 cm. Etched blade with US, eagle, and military motifs. Category: firearms & edged weapons. Scabbard is brass [more like this]. Values for Horstmann Sword w/ Scabbard. Civil War Horstmann Model 1852 Usn Us Naval Officers Sword Wsharkskin Scabbard $1650. There is also a Horstmann marking with the words all in three arches. Kirschbaum and assembled by importer William H. The words "sword" and "saber" are sometimes used interchangeably, but the blades are different in. It was ultimately superceded by the M1860 Light Cavalry Saber. along with various patriotic motifs and a 3” panel which says, “U. The latter two are marked by Horstmann. Detail, blade marking, Cavalry Sabre.