jenkins checkbox parameter example. Article for Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Examples Tutorial for beginners with example for each and every topics of Declarative Pipeline. The first parameter is the 'States' Active Choices Parameter from 'Example 01'. Triggering Jenkins for Commits to a Specific Branch. Arbitrary JSON and property file read vulnerability. To implement SSO across a domain, a developer can create a process which adds current employees into a FreeIPA server while accounting for . You simply have to add the word checked within the. As part of The Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Tutorial, We will discuss the structure of the Declarative Pipeline first. A checkbox is an HTML form component that permits the user to select or multiple options from a given set of multiple options. Minimal Example Requires the Jenkins Extended Choice Parameter Plugin. " Select this option, and in the drop-down that. The exact appearance depends upon the operating system configuration under which the browser is running. As we can see the Jenkins GUI picture 1 and 2 can use "Formatted HTML" do this, but how can we use it in pipeline or convert it to pipeline?. Let's say I have a dropdown list parameter with a few selections and I want one of the selections to bring checkboxes, otherwise they will not be shown. Add a string parameter with your Perfecto Lab URL as the default value. Specified by: createValue in class ParameterDefinition. Use the drop-down button to add as many parameters as you need. After checking this option, parameters of different kinds can be added, i. But how to pass the checkbox parameter I didn't find so please help me on this. The content driving this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. The job uses the Perfecto Lab URL, security token, build. For example, String Parameter are selected, and corresponding parameters are added as. How to add String parameter to Jenkins with optional checkbox Ask Question. We have specified isActive property in the above example. Then we add a new String parameter PROJECT_NAME: Adding a String Parameter to project-generator job. Parameters can be added in the Main tab. Parameters boxed in green are worth of some elaboration: Name: this is the environment variable name where the chosen branch name is stored. jenkins-nuget-pipeline-example-v2. RELEASE_SCOPE = input message: 'User input required', ok: 'Release!', parameters: [extendedChoice( name: 'ArchitecturesCh', defaultValue: "${env. For example, you might decide that a Java project in your organization should require the change Can I minimize the number of parameters? Should I potentially introduce a data object for. Jenkins Checkbox Parameter! study focus room education degrees, courses structure 3 days ago Jul 10, 2018 · In this Jenkins parameterized build example with Boolean and String parameters, you'll see 1 day ago Jenkins checkbox parameter. Declarative Pipeline starts with the “Pipeline” label. 4 - Medium - February 15, 2022 As an example, I have a 'checkbox' Parameter on a Job that you need to tick or the I will make sure the Job will fail. Then the user can tick all the required options. There is a checkbox for 'This . Jenkins dynamically put checkbox. And "SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT 20(5) text-cb1. Details: See Extended Choice Parameter → Multi-level Parameter Types → Parameter Type: Multi-Level Multi Select of the Extended Choice Parameter plugin. If a CheckBox is checked, then it is also by definition defined. With this example, if the checkbox has been checked and the form is submitted to a server, the server will be able to read the form element "nameOfChoice" Returning false will prevent the checkbox from being checked. Jenkins parameterized build example with String and Boolean parameters. For example If you want to make 2 checkboxes with value "Spring MVC" and "Struts 2" are checked by default, you can initialize the " favFramework " property with value "Spring MVC" and. This article describes how to use JCheckBox component in Swing applications, including code examples, common practices and a demo program. jenkins checkbox parameter. input: Wait for interactive input. You can optionally request information back, hence the name of the step. And Choice parameters are displayed as a dropdown list: Once we provide a value for each parameter, all we have to do is click the Build button, and Jenkins begins executing. The option to create a parameterized Jenkins build job is a core feature of the popular CI tool , so you don't need to install any plug-ins to create one. checkbox of one parameter in jenkins build with parameter section I want to skip a stage in pipeline if i disable the checkbox of . It enables choosing one or several options in a list. Handling multiple checkboxes in React is completely different from how you use regular HTML checkboxes. I got the format to pass the parameters as with tag -p. To add the parameter you have to check the option This project is parameterized in the first configuration section of the project. Jenkins - an open source automation server which enables developers around the world to The parameter entry screen can be accessed via a link at the bottom of the build console log or A specific ID could be used, for example, to mechanically respond to the input from some external process/tool. Example to manage (Git) repositories from a central pipeline script using multiple SCM related plug-ins. From its inline help: Multi-Level Single Select: The property file is a tab delimited file, with levels defined in columns and choices defined in rows. I have seen a working example that uses the below syntax: build job:'NameOfTheJob', parameters: [ string (name: 'FirstOption', value: "test"), string (name: 'AnotherOption', value: "test12") ] Basically, don't treat the choice parameters in a special manner, just treat them as regular string. This plug-in can dynamically create a set of check boxes for users to check before building. 1) States: An Active Choices Parameter. elements of type checkbox are rendered by default as boxes that are checked (ticked) when activated, like you might see in an official government paper form. Build with Parameters is a function of Jenkins that allows us to pass some values to the Jenkins job before we build them. Usage * Open a Jenkins build page. Select the parameter type, Check Boxes is a multi-select box, and fill in the number of parameters, the separator, and the expected value. The way parameters take effect is also different depending on the parameter type you choose. As you can see above I have a parameter which is a check box and I want to run the Job using Jenkins CLI. Connect to this signal if you want to trigger an action each time the checkbox changes state. equals("prod")){ return["ami-sdf34", "ami-sdf34ds", "ami-sdf3sf3"] }. The Add Parameter drop-down is enabled with the list of parameter types. Boolean parameters – Jenkins Tutorial I'll give it the name RUN_TESTS. Navigate to your http://jenkins-url. The Multiselect parameter plugin is an extension to Jenkins parameterized builds. Details: For example, String parameters will show up as a plain text field. More about "jenkins checkbox parameter recipes". Jenkins Pipeline Parameters: A set of various parameters can be defined in the pipelines. When working with the Active Choice CheckBox parameter, you can select the default values by adding the ": selected " parameter. When working with the Active Choice CheckBox parameter, the parameter values are written to the variable, separated by commas. gradle file, and configuration file ( configFile. You can also add parameters to your method - the example above has one parameter called name, which has a default value of human (cos we're being really personal here. So lets take an example and see how we can use this plugin to create a free Style job with parameterized build. Jenkins currently allows you to use some predefined parameters like choice, checkbox or string parameter. Custom Checkbox Parameter Plugin Setting instructions Other settings Read remote HTTPS configuration checkbox example Other configuration examples Declarative Pipeline. Jenkins supports a list of useful parameter types. My goal is to call the pipeline via Jenkins CLI where passed values to NAMES parameter signifies selected checkboxes. Jenkins parameterized build example with String and › Top Education From www. Continuing the above example, the following is a simple example: Reference parameter by name in. So in this article, we'll see how to work with multiple checkboxes in React. job('example') { parameters { booleanParam('FLAG', true) choiceParam . The v-checkbox component provides users the ability to choose between two distinct values. The Jenkins user guide explains the mechanics of shared libraries but gives very little guidance on best practices. mat-checkbox selector is an angular material checkbox component, it works like input type=checkbox sugar coated with Material design styling and animations. Single selection based on script result. // This code snippet assumes that the config file is stored in Jenkins. This example assumes a privileged role in the same account as the IAM user, but the setup can be used to assume a role in another account. In addition to the usual checked and unchecked states, QCheckBox optionally provides a third state to indicate "no change". In order to create the parameters, open a Jenkins build job and check the "This build is parameterized" checkbox. Jenkins – Active Choice: CheckBox – Default values. The current version of this plugin contains multiple vulnerabilities: CSRF vulnerability and missing permission checks allow SSRF. JSON-lib is a java library for . Active Choices plugin for free-style Jenkins parameterized job creationScripted, dynamic and interactive job parameters. It should appear checked if all related checkboxes are checked, unchecked if none of the related checkboxes are checked, or in In this particular example you simply bind its Source property to the collection of Country objects in the view model and then group the countries by the ContinentName. WPF/MVVM: Binding the IsChecked Property of a CheckBox to. click to configure jenkins project. JENKINS-66411 Add a checkbox to configure whether a script is sandboxed or not . Login to Jenkins, click on New Item, in the next page provide the name of your choice for your pipeline and select the Pipeline and click on Ok. Jenkins Choice parameter Passing to a pipeline Job. We could have just as easily used a Jenkins Choice Parameter, but we use an Active Choice parameter (as shown from Example 01). Jenkins: Populate Choice Parameter from Shell Command. In Jenkins declarative pipelines it is possible to prompt a user for an interactive input by creating the input step. Active choiceparametercanDynamic updateAnd canRendered as combo box, check box, radio button or rich HTML UI widget。. This allows us to choose only one as it's a choice parameter, how to use the same list to create checkbox parameter, so the user can choose more than one as needed? e. From now on, when you want to build, you should set parameters before that being start. Review Board can integrate with Jenkins CI to do test builds of code changes and report the results back as a status update on the review request. It would appear that the Extended Choice Parameter plugin isn't yet fully compatible with Pipeline scripts since Jenkins pipeline-syntax generator creates . g: if the user chooses first and third, then the last echo should print. #2 Create Dynamic Chart with a Checkbox. Best practices for writing Jenkins shared libraries. For example, there is the following Active Choice, which displays a list of environments in the form of a CheckBox. Whenever a checkbox is checked or cleared, it emits the signal stateChanged(). Example: Creating and using a Jenkins shared library. On this configuration page, there is an unselected checkbox next to text that states: "This project is parameterized. Step 2: Next, we select Pipeline from the given list of options. After that, the most important part is here. Examples of YAML format and JSON format are as follows: CheckboxParameter : - key : key-1 value : value-1 - key : key-2 value : value-2 - key : key-3 value : value-3 { "CheckboxParameter" : [ { "key" : " key-1 " , "value" : " value-1 " }, { "key" : " key-2 " , "value" : " value-2 " }, { "key" : " key-3 " , "value" : " value-3 " } ] }. If you tick the Install automatically checkbox, Jenkins will download and install the requested version of Maven for you and install it to the tools directory in the Jenkins home directory. component, and we can even add the separately for some specific task. Scheduled jobs will use the default values. More parameters than I really wanted, but it covers the different scenarios I need. Custom Checkbox Parameter This plug-in can dynamically create a set of check boxes for users to check before building. Today we will learnHow to add different type of parameters in jenkins jobRun and validateReferences:How to Parameterize Job - https://www. There are different parameter types available. Only a basic "process" or "abort" option is provided in the stage view. Notice that it has generated an additional hidden field with the same name and value=false. It allows us to use any kind of Groovy script to retrieve external information, or even run a In order to create the parameters, open a Jenkins build job and check the "This build is parameterized" checkbox. sh "echo \"first second third\" > ${WORKSPACE}/list" // Load the list into a variable env. This will add a checkbox parameter to the build interface. Jenkins Checkbox Parameter Example! Convert the format to the format you want completely free and fast. Check Whether a Checkbox is Checked. Create a new parameterized Jenkins job. The values for these user-specified parameters are made available to Pipeline steps via the params object, see the Example for its specific usage. Active Choices Reactive Reference Parameter in jenkins pipeline , I was in need of the similar solution. Step 1: Setup the Parameterized Scheduler plugin. This plug-in provides several additional Jenkins parameter types that can be rendered as user interface (UI) controls in job forms. Contribute to jenkinsci/custom-checkbox-parameter-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub. Users running the job manually can set the parameters. In this Jenkins parameterized build example with Boolean and String parameters, you'll see just how easy it is to create and configure a CI job that can be customized for each run. parameters - This is the list of parameters that need to be provided by the. The checkbox component permits users to select between two values. Thi parameter type returns a set of parameters returned by the groovy script. booleanParam(defaultValue: false, name: 'ALL', . parameters: [choice(name: 'CHOOSE_RELEASE', choices: env. It's only useful to populate a list of choices based on. Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Examples. " defines a checkbox on the selection screen. A select component used in forms & surveys. mat-checkbox part of Angular Material module called MatCheckboxModule. Along with parameter definition, you can also set their . Example- Usually, Jenkins jobs will run in a separate server. How to use Active Choices Reactive Reference Parameter in Jenkins. This step pauses Pipeline execution and allows the user to interact and control the flow of the build. I am going to make use of String Parameter for my . It allows Jenkins users to create more complex variables consisting of a configurable number of interdependent drop down boxes. The user input can be saved as an environment variable and used in the next steps. Note that with the exception of LIBNAME, all other parameters are optional and the build should still run even if they aren't actually defined. Part 2 of my attempt to help document Jenkins scripted pipelines, for other engineers or hobbyists A checkbox (or bunch of check boxes):. Boolean parameters will be displayed as a checkbox. 4/ 29-Oct-2021 18:10 - latest/ 29-Oct-2021 18:10. You will learn: * How to use a checkbox as a Controlled Input in React * How to use. Passing parameters of extendedChoice type to Jenkins. When checked the CheckBox is typically This is convenient for constructing tri-state checkbox based trees, for example, where undefined parameters - optional list of parameters. Jenkins Pipeline parameters. See Extended Choice Parameter → Multi-level Parameter Types → Parameter Type: Multi-Level Multi Select of the Extended Choice Parameter plugin. ShoppingCart Example using Java Microservices+JMS ActiveMQ+ SpringBoot. Let us see all these directives and blocks one by one in this. Check whether a checkbox is checked with JavaScript. // help to assign the ID of config file to a variable, this is optional // as ID can be used directly within 'configFileProvider' step too. It defines checkbox multi-choice parameter: pipeline { agent any options {. You can get the all selected checkbox values using request. As our goal is about creating project folders, we create a new parameter using a checkbox “This project is parameterized”. The parameters directive provides a list of parameters which a user should provide when triggering the Pipeline. 6 days ago In this Jenkins parameterized build example with Boolean and String parameters, you'll see just how easy it is to create and configure a CI job that can. Injected variables via one of the Jenkins plugins ("EnvInject" for example). Jenkins Custom Checkbox Parameter Plugin 1. LIST )] // Show the select input env. To restart Jenkins services [[email protected] devopsroles]$ sudo /etc/init. Step 4: Then click on Add Parameter. Many ecommerce businesses will display an email opt-in checkbox that's pre-selected during the checkout process. Jenkins parametric construction plug. Alternatively we can download Maven from Internet instead of pointing to the local installation path by enabling the Install Automatically checkbox. These parameters can control what the pipeline does, for example what environment it may be deploying applications into. Click on that icon to hide a checkbox and same icon again to unhide it. In the Build section, add build step and select Process Job DSLs:. Most configuration content can use the default values. Jenkins Use cases Series: Use Active Choice Parameter. These are very similar to a switch and can be used in complex forms and checklists. Jenkins Use cases Series: Use Active Choice Parameter plugin for parameterized build with values such as Check-boxes, Multi-Select, Radio Buttons etc. For example, String parameters will show up as a plain text field. Then, click the Add Parameter button, and select the parameter type to add. Returns: the value for the requested attribute. Below is the sample Jenkins File for the Pipeline, which has the required configuration details. Jenkins CI Integration¶ Jenkins CI is a popular service for continuous integration , allowing you to run test suites, perform builds, and even deploy to servers in an automated fashion. Step 1: Install active choice . A standard JCheckBox component contains a check box and a label that describes purpose of the check box. Jenkins Checkbox Parameter Example Nutrition. Parameter Name: Use params['ParameterName'] in the build script to get the value selected by the. Let's say you have a checkbox parameter called PARAM_1 and a string parameter called PARAM_2 (in which the user can put anything he wants) How I have looked at the "Active Choices Plugin" but you can't put a string parameter as reactive one. com 2017-11-01 · Jenkins dynamic parameters using Extended Choice Parameter Plugin and Groovy. In the following example, we make use of the Jenkins Active Choice Parameter plugin. The complete configuration content example is as follows, but it is not necessary to fill in all the content. Therefore, a builder, like Ant and Shell, can use the parameters. LIST = readFile("${WORKSPACE}/list"). com/declarative-pipeline-parameters/. Checkboxes are added inside a. Checked the example, but user cannot input the value by them self, only provide choices. , boolean, string, select parameters etc. Just pass the destination account ID as a parameter to the assumeRole function call. Jenkins pipelines can declare what kind of parameters it accepts and what are the defaults to those parameters. my code now : PARAMETERS : p_vornr AS CHECKBOX default 'X'. The Branches to Build parameter is used to associate Jenkins jobs with particular branches. Basically, this pipeline label opens the block where the following directives and blocks are present. RELEASE_SCOPE = input message: 'User input required', ok: 'Release!', parameters. Jenkins+Groovy+ActiveChoiceReactiveParameter : Rendering dynamic parameter by read values against Jenkins+Groovy+ActiveChoiceParameter : Rendering dynamic parameter by reading only keys Recent Posts. Checked by default… If you set the " receiveNewsletter " boolean value to true, this checkbox will be checked. Each build to release, you need to enter the release version of the release file, you can use the Build with Parameters function of Jenkins to do this. Introduction Parameters Remarks Examples. Jenkins parameterized build example with String and. Уязвимые продукты: Custom Checkbox Parameter. Example type (str) - type of select, can be single-select, multi-select, radio, checkbox or textbox (optional, default single-select). Jenkins is an automation tool that automatically builds, tests, and deploys software from our version I will take you through the process of building Jenkins pipeline step by step with every parameter provided We will start with a quick example. This plug-in can dynamically create a set of check boxes The complete configuration content example is as follows, but it is not necessary to fill in all the content. getParameterValues("names") getParameterValues() method returns the String[] array for the It will return null value if you forgot to select checkbox. Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Active Choice Parameter. A Jenkins plugin to support parameter in this build scheduler. In “Build Triggers” tab, select “Build periodically with parameters” Jenkins setting automation run job with parameters every fifteen minutes as the picture below. Category: Jenkins checkbox parameter. equals("dev")){ return["ami-sd2345sd", "ami-asdf245sdf", "ami-asdf3245sd"] } else if(Env. Note, that when storing a password, choose "Password Parameter". W orking with the scenarios where you require to work with the parameterized build where the parameters going to be used in Jenkins build need to have inputs like check-boxes, radio buttons, multi. What if you don't have Jenkins admin access? Summary (TL;DR). Step 2: Then look for “This project is parameterized” checkbox. Custom Checkbox Parameter Plugin. plugins » custom-checkbox-parameter » 1. " prepares the text I hope you have find useful the above ABAP code build for a Selection Screen using Checkbox and Radio Button Group example. We may not be sure where the installation path of JAVA or JMeter is that server. Each job configuration has a Branches to build parameter used to filter out commits so that certain jobs are only triggered This is useful, for example, when you want you have two separate jobs, one for the. Parameters: name (str) - name of the parameter. Checkboxes built with the latest Bootstrap 5. In the following example, Env is the reference parameter. on Jenkins – Active Choice: CheckBox – Default values. In this example, I using two parameters: NAME and SITE. String array is converted into list and request is forwared to employee. I did not find any related answers/examples specific to Active Choices plugin [JENKINS-65550] custom checkbox parameter plugin : not 2022-01-09Give feedback to Atlassian; Help. Browser extension to make a summary of Jenkins job parameters for easy copy-and-paste. Index of /mirrors/jenkins/plugins/custom-checkbox-parameter/. Parametrized Jenkins Pipelines – Steffen Gebert. For example, you have a Jenkins job to build release for an application. i want the checkbox on the right side on my selection screen, the check box should be displayed after the label. On the beginning let's tick This project is parameterized and start adding params. You should note that, in addition to native parameter types, some plugins may add new types. It allows the user to select one of several Brazilian States. In order to give the business users a nice interface to add users, a parameterized Jenkins job was created. Today we will learnHow to add different type of parameters in jenkins jobRun and validateReferences:How to Parameterize Job . 自定义复选框构建参数定义类 Custom check box construction parameter definition class. form-check, a series of classes for both input types that improves the. On the right side of the editor, you will find a select box. BUILD_ARCHS}", multiSelectDelimiter: ',', type: 'PT_CHECKBOX', value: env. io/doc/book/pipeline/jenkinsfile/#handling-parameters. Jenkins REST API 使用指北 0X00 写在前面. And also depending on the selected environment, in the " Environment " parameter. submitterParameter - This will add submitter's name into the environment variable. #!groovy node { stage(' configFile Plugin ') { // 'ID' refers to alpha-numeric value generated automatically by Jenkins. In "Manage Jenkins" -> In "Available" tab -> Select "Parameterized Scheduler" Hi Ibrahim Patel, Could you tell me for example? One parameter with multiple checkbox? you can click. Timecodes ⏱: 0:00 Intro 0:19 Overview 0:34 environment directive 1:37 example pipeline 2:13 String. Jenkins Pipeline script parameterized builds For online/classroom trainings and project related support please In this "Jenkins Minute", you'll see how to add parameters to your Jenkins Pipeline. Pipeline: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. This was just a simple example of how to work with checkboxes using JavaScript. In order to create the parameters, open a Jenkins. Examples: How to use Checkbox in Excel. for example purpose, I am creating a file with 3 items in it. The script executes the remote SSH command on the selected environment, and returns a list of directories located in the " /var/www/html " directory. For example, we can make an API call to fetch all the country's. For example, an environment parameter that lists dev, stage, and . 1 and earlier does not escape parameter names of custom checkbox parameters CVE-2022-25189 5. booleanParam(defaultValue: false, name: 'ALL', description: 'Process all'), . pipeline { agent { label 'master' } parameters {. In the above example, the first parameter is a lambda expression that specifies the model property to bind with the checkbox element. Browser default checkboxes and radios are replaced with the help of. string(name: 'hostname', defaultValue: 'gabor-dev', description: 'Hostname or IP address'). LIST, description: 'What are the choices?')] } multiSelectDelimiter: ',', type: 'PT_CHECKBOX'. booleanParam(name: 'yesno', defaultValue: false, description: 'Checkbox'); choice(name: 'planet', . Passing parameters of extendedChoice type to Jenkins Pipeline via. Continuing the above example, the following is a simple example Learn more. Add a string parameter with your security token as the default value. Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin. To work with them as separate elements, you need to save them in an array. The way parameters take effect according their respective parameter type. This Jenkins parameterized build example demonstrates the steps required to add parameters and make your build jobs more dynamic. When we want to generate the dropdown of checkboxes dynamically via some value returned from the API. equals("stage")){ return["ami-sd34sdf", "ami-sdf345sdc", "ami-sdf34sdf"] } else if(Env. For example, at some stage of the Jenkins pipeline you may want to ask a user to provide the credentials. In “Manage Jenkins” –> In “Available” tab –> Select “Parameterized Scheduler” –> click “Install without restart”. What are triggers in Jenkins?. Parameters: staplerRequest - staplerRequest. Service parameter First parameter will allow. Details: The check box settings are configured through YAML or JSON files, and the file content can be obtained Guide to Jenkins Parameterized Builds Baeldung. description: 'Checkbox parameter'). How To Display Text when a Checkbox is Checked. Step 1: We create a New Project for the Pipeline by navigating to Jenkins and then click on New Item. Custom Checkbox Parameter Jenkins plugin. For consistent String parameters will suck up till a hard text field Boolean parameters will be displayed as a checkbox And Choice parameters are displayed as a dropdown list Once we provide perfect value that each parameter all those have to root is ripe the Build button and Jenkins begins executing the job. String parameters are exposed as environment variables of the same name. How to use parameters in jenkins declarative pipeline. Details: It defines checkbox multi-choice parameter: pipeline { agent any options { ansiColor('xterm') } parameters { Stack Exchange Network. From the UI side it will look like this: 1. On the Sample step dropdown select 'Properties: Set job properties'. Jenkins supports this use-case by means of parameters that you can declare and use as Groovy variables in your Jenkins job. Usually checkboxes can be created using the HTML tag. The TIME_TO_WAIT  parameter is optional and if not specified, it defaults to the value of 1000000. Jenkins Checkbox Parameter Convert! free convert online with more formats like file, document, video, audio, images. On the configure job page select the This project is parameterized checkbox in the general tab. In this example, I using two . The check box settings are configured through YAML or JSON files, and the file content can be obtained through HTTP, HTTPS, or file paths. If you want to hide/unhide all the check boxes you can use hide all button and. Now click on the Add Parameters dropdown and select the Active Choices Parameter from the list. Jenkins dynamically put checkbox - Stack Overflow. You can code a checkbox to be pre-selected when the page loads using the checked boolean attribute. cases when the parameters provided by Jenkins are not enough because of its static. The method takes in a command and attempts to execute it as a terminal command. io/display/JENKINS/Parameterized+Build. JENKINS-64513In active choice parameter with groovy script, groovy sandbox checkbox gets JENKINS-58146Expose parameters creation to Jenkinsfile Pipeline I Oct 25, 2018 — In the following example, we make use of the Jenkins Active Choice Parameter plugin. You can define pipelines as requiring some parameters from the user, or from an api call before they can start. Working with the scenarios where you require to work with the parameterized build where the parameters going to be used in Jenkins build So to achieve this use case there is a plugin called Active Choice Plugin, which provides the choice of creating parameterized parameters with the.