problems after changing fuel filter. 1997 Mk5 SWB 115 Minibus 70ps Di (Gone, but not forgotten!) 2004 Mk6 SWB T280 Medium Roof 85PS 2. It has also been fairly cold (5-15 degrees F). What You Should Know About Your Fuel Filter. Take the fuel filter off again and. Fuel filter problems generally won't happen with proper maintenance. 0l soon after has bad stalling and sputtering problem. (Disconnect and try blowing through it) Fuel pump relay getting hot and breaking down. Dealer also says that he has had a lot of the same trucks in for the same thing. On these cars, both the fuel pump and the filter are very easy to get to and. The first thing you need to do is replace the fuel return tube! The filter seats onto the tube which presses the plunger down and allowing filtered fuel to the fuel rails. Before taking anything apart, check to see if your engines computer has any trouble codes saved in it. Ran for a few seconds and died. Or they might be letting air in (or pressure out). What Happens When Your Fuel Filter Goes Bad. I haven't experienced any problems not priming the fuel system after a FF change. Repaired that and also changed fuel filter as it was overdue. Even if you frequently take your car to a mechanic workshop for regular maintenance, some mechanics just don't care to change the fuel filters. This eliminates the introduction of a large amount of air into the fuel system. However, if the fuel efficiency starts to suffer or the engine behaves in an. While you should have access to a vehicle owner’s manual that will explain how to change a fuel filter, some neglect to mention what to do after the fuel filter has been changed. Fix: Replace with a new fuel filter if needed. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 28, 2020. Once the bowl was full of fuel I tightened the bowl, but the tractor. A severely dirty or clogged fuel . After replacing the filter (and the fuse) I turned the ignition on and I definately heard the fuel pump run for a few seconds. Joined Apr 23, 2013 · 5 Posts. problem after fuel filter change HELP. Ran it for 10 15 miles and all was good. SOLVED: Stalling stuttering after fuel filter change. We recommend changing fuel filters every 30,000-60,000 miles for gasoline engines, depending on your recommended service intervals. sounds like a fuel supply problem-change the fuel filter and run some injector cleaner through it-it also could be a bad fuel pump-Denny Read full answer Nov 02, 2013 • 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. New filter kit is in with gaskets all lubed up fitted correct I would like to think. 7 diesel isn’t wanting to crank after I changed the fuel filters. If you wish to change the fuel filters as part of this procedure, twist off the bottoms of the fuel filter housings in a counterclockwise direction once the fuel has drained from each into a drain pan. If your engine seems to be receiving fuel just fine while on the highway, but then seems all shaky while pulling out of your driveway or hitting the gas after . Joined Mar 28, 2020 · 11 Posts. A new fuel shutoff is only $29. Do the same on the next filter, close valve change filter open valve start check for leaks. Later models used a filter that has an integrated fuel pressure regulator. You may cause a problem when you ran the vehicle with the relay removed. Detroit dd15 2014 two fuel filter system. If the problem is the fuel filter, and it isn't changed soon, . The main job of that lift pump is to send . I have recently had a major fuel leaking problem with my C5 Mk1. IIRC, the LP fuel pump (which is what feeds the filter) only runs for a second or so when the ignition is turned on. The fuel lost during a filter change is marginal, but does seem to change a bit when changing the filter or draining the fuel/water separator. Your vehicle's parts might damage:. Undo injection line on number 2 . Some cars have a gravity-fed system that takes fuel out of the bottom of the tank. I did that, seemed ok but next day the tractor ran a minute and stopped. If the pressure is working but is too low, then you may have a restricted or defective fuel filter, in which you should reinstall the old filter . First of all the engine does not start as . To solve the problem of bleeding the fuel system. It is as if the fuel line is emptying back into the tank. The fuel filter is positioned between a car's fuel pump and the fuel injectors. And if that happens, serious injury can result. If you've changed the fuel filter or worked on the injection pump or injectors you'll likely need to bleed the air out of the fuel lines. If that isn't the problem then sometimes when changing the fuel filter, one of the o rings doesn't . If it is a blazer or s-10 there is alot of possabilities like the ignition. Turn the key on for about one minute or more to fill the bowl. You can't post conmments that contain an email address. If your vehicle hasn’t been serviced thoroughly in some time, it is worth adding the fuel filter to the list of serviceable items such as the air filter and oil filter. Bleeding fuel system after replacing fuel filter. Check the old filters and make sure the old rubber oring gaskets came off with the old filter. Slow to start recently from cold and needed priming on hand bulb every morning. I just had to have it repaired for a blown head gasket right after replacing the filter so I dont know if it could have caused it but didnt have any problems before so be careful. If the "False air" is not the problem, check the throttle linkage to After changing my fuel filter I also experience increased idle RPM . Then, get a fuel pressure gauge installation. I put the new filter in place and then put the bowl back on loosely. Restriction in the return line to the fuel tank. If you have checked your spark plugs, coils, air supply and just about everything else you can think of, the fuel filter could be the culprit. After changing the filter and bleeding it I thought I might get lucky and it would start and run - it started but then quit just like it ran out of fuel which was in reality probably air in the line. Drain any water and sediment that may have collected in the bottom of the bowl and flush with some clean fuel. I pump it a few times & take it back to the barn. So what happens after someone changes the fuel filter and doesnt so the job properly? The motor wont start. If the fine filter has a drain, drain it at these times also. If the filter is fitted with fuel shut off valves on either side, it is advisable to close them when changing the element. I shut the fuel off, removed the bottom bowl which was very dirty. If you still have no fuel pressure then. Tighten the fitting and pump some more until resistance is felt on the pump. Running problems got really bad after fuel filter change. 4) lid and filter goes onto housing. I managed to replace the fuel filter myself. The tech who swapped this filter did the best he knew how to do. this has happned twice in the past and each time ive taken it to a garage and they have replaced the fuel filter - which has fixed it. Fuel filter housing is filling up, fuel pump is running and engine is just cranking over, not a sign of it even attempting to start. If my car can be replace with a new fuel filter. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. I also checked that power was going to the fuel shut off which it was, though I did not check how many volts. Hope someone can help! I just changed my fuel filter on my 07 2500 HD and had to change the water in fuel sensor as a wire broke when removing the unit from the filter. this is 'somewhat' normal as it is near impossible to change the filter without at least some air getting in. Literally just got the truck on Wednesday. BX2200 no fuel to engine day after filter change. Did you put back all the o-rings from old filter into new when reassemble ?? Find your old filter and look in the holes for o-ring still stuck . Always have spare filters handy. I have had the dealership drain the tank thinking that I got some poor. Joined Mar 11, 2012 · 68 Posts. You think they would have learned with the same issues with the old oil filters Common issues I have seen: 1) Over tightening, breaking stops 2) Not placing a bit of diesel fuel on the "O" ring to protect against deformation 3) Stripping the canister threads 4) Not cleaning the threads and over torquing causing the canister to crack. I do get plenty of fuel at the filter bleed screes and the injector bleed screw. To solve this issue find the fuel filter located in the engine bay or near . A dirty fuel filter may restrict the fuel system flow, or at least make it inconsistent, which can cause the vehicle to experience hard starting. Fuel problem after change fuel filter. Eventually it killed my batteries (needed new ones anyways) so I replaced them and got it to start again for about 3 seconds. Went to a local auto parts store as it was late in the day and got a Dorman aftermarket to replace. When your fuel enters the tank, it is going to get mixed with these debris particles. Then I pulled it up on some stacked planks to get the clearance I need to grease it and greased all the fittings. I loosened the bleeder screw, and have been pumping for so long that there's a blister on my hand. I've changed them before with no problem. 4 we opened the fuel tank cap,drained the seperator,removed and installed the rail filter,removed /installed the engine compartment fuel filter. I just changed the fuel filter on my JD 750 (round 1983). The motor may surge at high speeds or it may cut out or hesitate. When you try to start the engine this air acts as a lock, preventing the normal supply of fuel into the cylinder. 2012 SLT 3500, CCLB, HO, SRW 4x2, 4. Always open the drain on the water separator (first filter?) before and after using the tractor and drain any water off. I'll order them the next time I'm at the dealer. I have a 2500HD with a Duramax LMM (new body style). Had to do oil priming three times, because I had re-routed the oil hose, but did not need to do anything more with the fuel supply. Hi, I just changed the fuel filter and the truck will not start. Fuel gauge does not work after installing fuel pump Why is it Tricky to Change the Fuel Pump. Air bubbles cause erratic timing and compression problems within the fuel railusually leading to smoke, poor performance and increased . 2008 and up has a tank return line again and don't normally have a problem here bleeding out air from system so really wouldn't think air in system is your problem. The tech who swapped this filter . I changed the fuel filters on my 06 Ford F250 6. Had to have the fuel filter changed again. Sure signs that there is a fuel or fuel filter problem include a loss of pressure in the fuel pump that leads to loss of power or the inability to start the engine. Duramax won't start after fuel filter change. 0dti and had the fuel/injector pump changed and now it won't run. For s&g's fill it up with fuel, if it won't run long enough to get to a fuel station pour in 5 gallons, it may not help but it eliminates one possibility. Before starting I cycled the key several times then started it. Besides sending your fuel pump to the Bahamas, a clogged fuel filter can have other consequences. Car will not start after changing fuel filter. Even if you frequently take your car to a mechanic workshop for regular maintenance, some mechanics just don’t care to change the fuel filters. When your engine sputters, it . When you replace the fuel filter, be sure to inspect the condition of the fuel lines and hoses. Wont stay running after changing fuel filter, [fuel pump](/topics-fuel-pump-jeep/), your knowledge or capabilities so I may need to ask questions to find out basic information to help solve your specific problem. Before changing fuel filter car was jerking while driving, the problem was solved after fuel filter replacement. Hi everyone, I've just changed the fuel filter on my MK6 Golf TDI but cannot get it to start now. Common Problems After Changing Fuel Filter Signs Of A Bad or Damaged Fuel Filter 1. Misfiring – Misfiring occurs when the engine misses one of the steps in the combustion process. after some research I thought it could be the fuel filter. The good news is that, for many models, the fuel filter can be relatively easy and quick to replace. If you had enough water to get it in the oil you. However, the car won't start again now. After changing the fuel filter, before starting the engine, turn the key to the on position for a few seconds. It does however makes a big stink about priming the system after changing the HPFP itself, which of course makes sense, as the new HPFP would have no Diesel in it to lubricate the piston and roller. I'm posting this as an informational message for those who have problems with fuel flow in Craftsman lawn tractors with Kohler engines (possibly this affects others as well), specifically after changing the fuel filter. In your case the pressure might drop just enough when the fuel level goes down and exposes the cracked shell. Volvo wont start after changing fuel filter. Sound like you have an air suction problem. Before the change, my car started really fast. If you changed the lines and the filter then its safe to say that there is no fuel in either. Using the turkey baster, drain the excess fuel from the housing. There are physical signs that you can feel when your Corolla's fuel filter is clogging. Misfires When an engine misfires, it is because one of the cylinders that produce power inside the engine is not receiving enough fuel to produce that power. Replacing the fuel filter for preventive maintenance can reduce the risk of dirty fuel causing problems, or a plugged filter causing engine performance or starting problems. Inspect the new filter o-ring and make sure it's properly positioned on the filter. From other posts, my fuel pump does not click or make noise. If you are just going to replace a part that is the first one to t Mass Air Flow sensors give a bunch of trouble on this engine!! After changing fuel filter and pump, car still stalls intermittingly. I changed the fuel filters on my 2014 6. The pressure gauge won't read if the system is full of air, but it will read a lower pressure when fuel and air are being drawn in together until the system fills with air. Place a bowl or bucket beneath the fuel filter. Signs Of A Clogged Fuel Filter. Also strange that FCA makes a fuel filter change recommendation, like the oil change recommendation, and does NOT notify owners of older models. carmenruiz231_178558 December 11, 2021, 7:11am #1. A rough idle is often caused by fuel starvation due to a damaged or severely soiled. fuel leak after changing fuel filter - Dodge 2007 Sprinter question. However, these filters are not made to last forever. 3 Power Stroke Limp Pump Problems. On most 21st century cars, they typically don't need to be changed and are mounted in the tank with the fuel pump. Of course, if you run out of fuel while driving then you have a bigger challenge on hand. If, after changing a fuel filter, the engine suddenly displays a loss of performance, the filter should be inspected for proper installation. I put a new filter in along with some PS 911. Because a forklift's fuel line may contain pressurized liquid propane, changing the fuel filter can result in a release of that fuel. Here are some of the most common problems that are associated with a recent fuel pump change: 1. You WILL get low fuel pressure warning until the system senses pressure. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. This reduces the airflow, changing the air-fuel mixture. Remove the filters from the bottom of the housings. How To Change a Fuel Filter & Bleed Out Air on a Diesel. Take off one hose like the return hose off the IP in this case and put a fitting on it to your air compressor and set the reg to 5 psi. Benefits of Changing Diesel Fuel Filter. Joined Mar 12, 2007 · 70 Posts. Not sure why the fuel pump would not push the fuel on its way. right after I changed the filter, it ran fine for a few minutes until it used up all the fuel in the lines. Here are five of the bad fuel filter symptoms to watch for: You have a hard time starting car. COM — Replacing a fuel filter isn't listed as a regular maintenance item on most vehicles, and in those cases it generally doesn't need . check fuel pump fues, u may also have air lock problems, loosen the fuel line entering the fuel rail. Engine runs roughly after a fuel pump change 2. 1) The fuel filter is located directly underneath the driver seat on the under carriage of the car. Without a fuel filter, these particles could easily clog . In the past it has started after a fuel filter replacement without having to manually bleed this system. The fuel pump went out, we replaced it ourselves and now have the following problem: The engine starts and initially runs fine. Has anyone had problems with that interval? Do most change before, after or after 25,000 miles. Changing your fuel filter can lessen the load and increase the mileage you're getting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It is a single piece without the drain assy. Since the major cause of hard start after fuel pump change is the lack of fuel pressure, the solution to this problem would be to remove the fuel line that connects to the fuel filter. I just got my fuel filter changed at a local garage. Mine takes forever to go from Full to 3/4, then from 3/4 to 1/4 it moves relatively quick. Sometimes it may even clear the problem up. Try pressure cleaning the injectors or replace them. After replacing the fuel filter, plugging everything in, and then putting them back into the fuel tank, I tried to turning the car on for a good . Check out this guide to buying kerosene fuel. I decided to go ahead and change the filter. Well, when you go to change the fuel filter, you can pull out the fuel pump relay, crank the car a few times, and be assured that fuel isn't going to flow everywhere if you make a mistake. You should fill up completely once then drive for a day or two, refill and calculate your MPG. Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves: https://amzn. After crawling underneath the engine this past weekend I found the problem with my check engine light and new Fleet Guard filter-separator. Engine misfires: A weakened filter will eventually cause the engine to misfire because of a lack of proper fuel reaching the fuel injectors. in terms of assembling the fuel filter housing: 1) fuel filter housing is full to brim with diesel. Double check the fuel relay is seated properly. Before replacing it the fuel filter would be full when I would start mowing but about 20 minutes into mowing it would be dry or empty. The car was working ok before and I have had the filter off again. Changing the fuel filter in your diesel engine is a common activity in routine diesel engine maintenance. The cleaning stuff you pour in the gas tank are not as effective as pressure cleaning. It was a Mann filter, and I replaced it by a filter from the dealer. On most 21st century cars, they typically don’t need to be changed and are mounted in the tank with the fuel pump. It turned over one time then I noticed I didn't close the back fuel filter drain and it died and won't even turn over now after I closed it. Stalling When To Change Your Fuel Filter? Conclusion Related posts: What You Should Know About Fuel Filters. Fuel leak after changing fuel filter - 2007 Dodge Sprinter. Trying to start a diesel vehicle without fuel in the system can cause damage to the high pressure fuel pump, as the fuel also acts as a lubricant – so if after . Changing the fuel filter is very straight forward. Happened so quickly I could not tell what was where, but did not think much of it. I posted just recently about my Volvo s40 2005, in regards to an fuel filter. Clean outside of filter housing. 4: Reduced Engine Power If you notice a loss of power when your engine is under increased load, such as when you're driving fast, your fuel filter may be to blame. Shouldn't be a problem at all as long as the fuel is in a clean bottle and there's no dirt gets in while you're doing it. When changing out a fuel filter, it becomes necessary to remove any air bubbles that have been introduced into your fuel system. If you are having starting, stalling or fuel economy problems with your Mini, you may have a dirty or clogged fuel filter. Replace any damaged filter brackets. When you hear fuel going back in the tank with every stroke, stop priming. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. really easy way to prime engine after filter changes is to connect one of those oil extractor pumps to the bleed nipple on the engine. Try thisAfter installing filters. The filter i needed doesnt fill up with fuel it just filters through it. Had to replace the kit twice after gaskets teared the first time on second disassembly. 92240 wrote: just wondering if the car is a diesel or gas. 2 HDi doesn't start after changing the fuel filter housing. The engine spits and sputters until I change the filter again. you will need to put more info like fuel pressure? or what it is your working on for ideas of common problems with them. I am in URGENT need of some answers I bought this car from a man who took my money $5. When you change a diesel fuel filter, run out of fuel or disturb the fuel system, air is trapped. Car Will Not Start After Changing the Fuel Filter. If it is a gas motor , you should be able to get it running with just a few seconds of cranking. It leaked from the sealing of the fuel filter housing (which was 6 months old), and one of the fuel hoses. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 23. This has worked for me half a dozen times with no issues. I start mine and let it run for a good 5 minutes, close the valve then change one filter pre fill filter open valve then start. Hi, I changed the fuel filter of my Partner 1. That works if it is accessible (mine isn't). Changed everything out; primed the new filter and. 6-cycle key two more times for 15 seconds just to be sure. This is more likely if the filter on the vehicle has never been changed. I just changed the fuel filter on my 2012 2500HD, after installing the filter I primed it and opened the bleeder screw and let the air out, repeated this until only fuel came out, let the truck idle for about 8 minutes to check for leaks, none so went for a test drive, but in drive the trunk has no power. Here are some tips that you might find useful. Check the hose between the intercooler and the intake manifold. This problem primarily occurs because the engine is not getting enough fuel, which sounds absurd. when i got it the DIC read 100 percent. I just changed my fuel filter and now the truck blows black smoke from exhaust. I have checked the fuel cap, cleaned the water seperator screen (it was clean) & replaced the fuel filter. If your vehicle hasn't been serviced thoroughly in some time, it is worth adding the fuel filter to the list of serviceable items such as the air filter and oil filter. Changed my fuel filter yesterday but ever since then it's having trouble starting, I know after I first put it in I had to wait for the fuel filter to fill up while the engine was priming. mercedessource Tech help - You have to be sure all air is removed from the fuel lines and hoses 1985 and older Mercedes Diesels require that you manually bleed the air out of the fuel system after you change filters, hoses, or service your fuel tank. Truck is getting fuel to the filters. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 35 Posts. Replace the fuel filter: Bad fuel pump: A failed or leaking fuel pump will no longer create pressure needed to pump fuel: Replace the fuel pump: Blocked fuel lines: Bad fuel deposits and dirt can build up and clog the fuel lines preventing the engine from getting the required fuel: Use a carb cleaner and compressed air to clear the clog out of. Turn the key off, wait a couple minutes and turn in on again. I have decided to replace it myself, as it seemed quite easy to do, so I’ve ordered a completely new. STOP FILLING THE FILTER WITH FUEL. anyway, i never noticed any problems due to fuel flow. The fuel filter was changed, and it was fine the first day, it works as usual, without problems. The regulator shell has a tendency to crack which can cause an intermittent drop in fuel pump pressure. My Peugeot was primed really easily each time I changed the filter, idled . There was a couple of yrs in my fleet where the return line to tank was deleted/returned all fuel to filter housing. I changed the fuel filter on a BX2200 engine D905 (?). ( My 312D is a campervan and has not had a lot of use recently) Cranking was much faster and after 5-8 seconds it fired into life and has not missed a beat. It is designed to filter out rust, scale, dirt and impurities from the fuel. As your car's life goes on, the fuel . 7 Common Problems After Changing Fuel Pump (And How to Troubleshoot) · engine start difficulty · inconsistent fuel gauge readings · fuel gauge not working · engine . I shut the truck off for a minute and restarted it and I didn't hear it for the little bit I ran it again. The fuel system will require priming after the fuel filters are replaced. Review the fuel filter change procedure for the '015 Golf one more time on U-Tube and see if you failed to follow all the steps. 2) rubber seal ring goes on top. Engine Mechanical problem 2003 Nissan Pulsar 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual Hi! Was hoping someone could help me out. i took it apart and plan to do a post about it, but later. After changing them I am hearing a loud moan from up by the secondary filter. If your car is hesitating, then you may need to clean out the fuel filter or add more fuel pressure. Re: Running problems after fuel filter change by Thorpepete » Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:08 pm Well guys I bought a genuine ford filter and I noticed the ford one had a couple more notches on the side it was a lot harder to get in also the ford filter seemed to take in more fuel. to/2N2JEXRWix Fuel Filter 33386: https://amzn. Not enough oil or low oil pressure, low coolant, low voltage, low fuel pressure. Plugged John Deere Fuel Filter Look at the fuel lines running in and out of your fuel filter. The diesel is pumped out of the tank and into the fuel lines, and then flows into the fuel filters. STOP TAKING THE LINES ON AND OFF. cel came on saying o2 sensor stuck rich . I found the correct filter and replaced it and runs great now. First of all, changing a diesel fuel filter will help you to keep the vehicle's engine free from clogging. Re: Running problems after fuel filter change by ned » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:38 pm Thorpepete wrote: Hi this is my first post so I would be grateful for your help I have a mk6 duratorq 2. But hey, sometimes it’s good to know. by Altransit » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:30 pm. It started up first time and then coughed and died. Trouble Starting the Engine · Issues Accelerating · Frequent Idling and Sputtering · Strong Odors · Engine Misfires/Low Performance · When to Replace . A Bad Fuel Filter Can Cause a Car Not to Start. After every use, fill the tank full to minimize condensation. 7 diesel isn't wanting to crank after I changed the fuel filters. That's all I ever did on the 110 Puma after hearing all the tales of vehicles not starting after filter changes and how it should be done. I'm not sure if it was the problem with my lawn mower though. Answered in 1 minute by: 3/31/2022. If you suspect that your fuel filter needs to be replaced, it's best to call a qualified forklift technician. Plenty of Honda diesel owners have suffered problems after using a non-OEM filter, . Then it's probably the filter in the engine bay, if not then it's the water sep. What does the arrow on a fuel filter mean? The arrow is indicative of direction of fuel flow , so the arrow should be pointing to the front, as fuel flows from tank to engine. You need to always check for a fuel filter in every vehicle you work on. anytime your fuel filter gets clogged, it has the ability to reduce the flow and weaken performance as the engine will have difficulties drawing fuel. First of all, changing a diesel fuel filter will help you to keep the vehicle’s engine free from clogging. And that makes the cost even higher. To ensure long life and proper functioning of the engine, it is extremely important to periodically replace the fuel. One of the major functions of fuel filters is to regulate fuel transmission into the engine, thereby leading to improved fuel . I changed the paper fuel filter. 9cdti sri and it will not start now. Also, the prevention of contaminated fuel related dangers is another huge thing. Fuel continues to flow, but it may carry dirt to the carburetor or injectors, which can create additional problems. I figured the fuel line from tank to filter had gelled or had ice in one of the low lying. The fuel filter is on the pressure side of the system, if you messed anything up changing the filter you'd have a fuel leak. They have a 2001 Ranger V-6 auto with less than 16,000 miles (they bought new, don't drive much) had the fuel filter changed at a Ford Dealership and now it is hard to start in the morning. 4 I had a mobile mechanic change the fuel filter for me but since he has done this it will not run on idle. A little info on the OEM fuel filter for 98 and older 5. I was doing my spring service and replaced the fuel filter in the sediment bowl. It ran good before, but wont even try to fire up now. Stock Problems/Issues - Replaced my Fuel Filter and now my car wont start - After reading the forums and i decided to change my fuel filter. Changed the fuel filter on my 05 1. Fuel filter; this should always be replaced with the pump because even a partially clogged filter is a pump killer. A common trick is to pinch the [flexible] fuel line with Vise grip pliers to do the change over on the primary (closest to the tank). If the regulator and/or check . Remove the fuel filter from the housing and the o-ring from the lid. Fill it with diesel then pump it down each of the feed and return pipes that lead into the fuel filter, careful not to spill any. Replacing the fuel filter regularly protects the fuel pump and fuel injectors from contamination. Contaminates that get past a dirty fuel filter can damage, clog or cause a fuel injector to leak, leading to all types of engine drivability . Common Problems after Changing the Fuel Pump 1. The dirty injectors would be the main issue since you already changed the fuel pump and filter. Car is Hard to Start One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing fuel filter is hard starting. Craftsman Kohler Fuel Filter Problem: Solved. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 21, 2011. Heck, we have a forum member that goes near 100,000 miles on a fuel filter. I learned the hard way many years ago. After 5 min or so fuel seeped out and I pulled the air fitting and reattached the hose. Clicking this will make more experts see the question. Hello, I changed my fuel filter last week. Service Emission System Now code after changing fuel filter. I had someone come out and look at the car and they performed a bench test on my fuel pump. Never had this problem when changing filter in the past. It wouldn't hurt to prime the system, but I don't think it's detrimental to not do it either. I have been having problems where my mower will run for 15 minutes then will run out of gas in the filter. Will not prime fuel from filter housing free flows out return line and back to fuel tanks fast as it can be pumped in. However, when you replace your fuel filter, you will be able . Not changing this vital part of your vehicle can lead to several problems, such as: Sputtering while accelerating. -5*f and my L4630 would not start. It's leaking somewhere, causing a fuel-rich condition. 31 people reported this problem. Tags change dci filter fuel megane start. That's why it takes multiple "goes" to fill the filter, and then further engine rotations (to turn the HP pump driven by the engine) to bleed the HP side of the fuel rail. Re: Wont Start after changing fuel filter The problem with the other aftermarket filter/regulators is that the car will run and you will not ever see any symptoms unless the pressure hoes way high or way low. Changed the fuel filter today, and cannot for the life of me get the system primed back up. Im about to change the fuel filter on a 1980 SC. I first cracked the filter outlet to the ip first till fuel poured out. Fuel filters can start to cause issues if the correct service schedule isn't adhered to. Any weak fuel filter will cause the engine to misfire and perform very low. Some vehicle manufacturers say you should replace the fuel filter every 50,000 miles. i went under to investigate and the fuel filter was vibrating and causing a whining noise. It lasts about 300 miles and the message appears again. 3L Power Stroke Diesel - Problems after changing fuel filter - I bought my Ford F-250 (year 2000) 7. Pour some clean fuel into the filter for easier start-up. anyway I got it started took it out for a run and started it a few more. No matter how long I press the black button on the fuel filter housing no diesel flows into the filter. A clogged fuel filter will stop your car from running smoothly or altogether. This time after I changed them and cycled the fuel pump 5 times it would start then die a few seconds later. Another common problem after changing a fuel pump is that the car will start hesitating. It was slightly longer however then the OEM filter (maybe 0,2-0,3 inch). 2010 466 no start after fuel filter replacement. 12 Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Filter (How to Tell if a Fuel Filter is Bad) Lower Engine Performance. Re: My car wont start after i changed the fuel filter Keyon. 800 and failed to tell me that the vehicle was in two prior accidents, needless to say I found out by the DMV that the vehicle was not his to sell because the paperwork between the. Wont stay running after changing fuel filter,. Plunger up allows fuel to drain out of the housing when replacing filters. 4-cycle key until fuel flows with no bubbles. Its looks like a bit of a hassle as it involves taking off the air filter box in order to get at the air flow sensor lever. I would double check the filter fuel line couplings to ensure they are firmly seated. may have gotten it in the fuel tank too. It's a 2006, and it's my first diesel. If you didn't use the bleeder then there's a lot of air trapped in the filter. I only have 15,000 miles on it, but by next fall I will be near the 25,000 interval. Have the fuel pressure checked. LML No power after changing fuel filter. I'm not getting at fuel at the injectors. Posted by Tim Dhing on Aug 07, 2013. I just took another of mine off that was very clean after 30,000 miles. Megane 2 dci won't start after fuel filter change. Had the filter housing out 2-3 times now. Hi mate, I have the same problem after replacing the fuel filter in my car. Recently my car was serviced at home and after changing the fuel filter, the car would not start. I think I'm going to replace those lines with new ones. They, of course, will clog up over time and if they are not replaced, will cause the fuel pump to work . Hey guys about 3 weeks ago I had my dealer change the fuel filter when they did an oil change. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. A damaged fuel filter can put a strain on the engine. If you start noticing problems with your engine running strangely and experience loss of . Oil change went just fine, no issues. Follow the numerous DIY on this board regarding changing the OEM fuel filter. 2 d4d and have just changed the fuel filter as shown in the pinned guides. 3 about 2 months ago and did maintenance work on it. This filter is normally located between the main fuel tank and the engine's primer /lift pump. It has gone down since checking it last i remember it was like 95 percent. It may take a couple of hours to complete the first time, but it will get easier and faster after that. All mix/timing/ignition (new plugs, wires about a year ago)seem to be in spec and good order so he was leaning toward fuel delivery issues. Ford F150: Bad Fuel Filter → Symptoms and Diagnosis. Re: Running problems after fuel filter change The filter head itself may be faulty, it's quite common for them to draw air. In normal conditions the fuel pump does not need a prime. Fleetguard filters provides a small red plug for the center hole of the primary filter. What has actually happened in your engine is the air filter has become dirty or clogged. Before changing the fuel filter for the first time I had saught advise and I was told to "go ahead & change it and all will be well". Fuel filters have a bypass valve. The rough engine operation at idle speed can also stem from obstruction of the fuel filter. Checked my work and when I turned on fuel pump I saw the filter in the engine compartment was leaking. This operation is carried out in the following steps: - Close the fuel cock [Fig. VW Golf MK6 TDI won't start after fuel filter change. Common Problems with Fuel Filters. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU'RE DRIVING WITH A CLOGGED FUEL FILTER? · You have a hard time starting car. You will feel a loss in power while accelerating and at times intermittent jerks. How to Change Your Mercruiser Water Separating Fuel Filter. The fuel pump may fail causing the engine to stall and not restart. If I immediately shut the car down again, an start again it starts fine. JD 750 not getting fuel after changing fuel filter. Although you relieved the pressure in the fuel line, there may be a bit of fuel left in the line that can spill . Check Engine Light Comes On (or Fuel Filter Light Comes On) 5. Sometimes they stay on the motor and cause an air . Stalling : when the filter is too much clogged, the engine will not receive any fuel, engine comes to halt. the ring will move a little, but make sure no gaps are. Then, open the vehicle’s vents on the hood to enhance ventilation. Megane 2 dci won't start after fuel filter change. Make sure the fuel that is running into the filter using the same steps used when identifying fuel flow from the tank to the fuel pump above. Then the next day i drove it, it has a loud whining noise coming from the fuel filter. Shut fuel valve off, got collar off (clockwise, not counterclockwise as in manual), and removed bowl and filter - within bowl was also spring and red plastic washer. Learn how to replace a fuel filter. give it a few pumps to create a vacuum and wait until no more air comes out. A week ago I took my motorhome to a truck service facility in Brookshire, TX by the name of Lube Zone (which previously was B-Line) for full service - change oil & oil filter, change primary fuel filter, change fuel filter/separator, change air filter, lube the chassis, etc. Click to expand This looks like about the best order to follow when changing the filters. You should turn to your user's guideline to learn when the vehicle builders recommend replacing your fuel filter. One way to rule this out is to check the fuel. I exchanged the bowl with a see-through type, and at the same time replaced the motor filter with the water separating "oil-filter" type. This is my parents truck and they live 2000 miles away. However, with a clogged filter, the fuel pump will work much harder and you may have problems starting the car or notice poor acceleration or stalling. It's possible that the fuel filter is not fitted correctly, and is letting in air to the fuel system. Checked all plugs, hoses, pipes etc, nothing loose or leaking. You won't cause any harm to the engine and it will make your engines fuel lift pumps job much easier. Replaced the line, and everything was okay. When you first turn the key on, it runs the fuel pump for a second. My fuel filter light had been on for a while and I went through the procedure of trying to drain any water. to/2MWZbIXI've been troubleshooting my GEHL 3410 skid steer loader with. Jump to Latest Follow Hey Everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of this months Ride of the Month Challenge! 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. I have 88,000 miles on a 2006 LBZ. This trouble code detects that the fuel rail/system pressure is too low. Read somewhere on this or the other Nav forum that you needed to reboot the ECU following a fuel filter change but can't find the thread. HD states to change the fuel filter at 25,000 miles. It is also possible that there is a dirt particle or . With the manual pump you changed the fuel settings with the fuel rack within the pump. The fuel pump will try to compensate for a bad fuel filter, placing undue pressure on the fuel pump motor causing the pump to fail prematurely. After changing the filter, loosen the fuel fitting going to the injection pump, work the mechanical fuel pump on the side of the engine ( or turn on the electric feed pump) until fuel is coming out through the loosened fitting. Yesterday I unhooked the fuel in into the fuel filter and atached a short line into a full can of fuel. When should I change my fuel filter? Like any filter, your fuel filter catches dirt and other debris. Part # 3C3Z-9T289-AA Here is a broken assembly next to the new part. Hi, Changed my fuel filter yesterday but ever since then it's having trouble starting, I know after I first put it in I had to wait for the . keep cranking till the car starts, tighten the fuel rail connection. Changing fuel filters, even on a large engine, is well within the capabilities of the average DIYer who uses a methodical approach. When the fuel filter clogs up, look out for symptoms of bad fuel filter: Misfires, Stalling, Reduced Acceleration, and Noisy Fuel Pump. The problem has come about when trying to prime the system after reassembly. Contaminates that get past a dirty fuel filter can damage, clog or cause a fuel injector to leak, leading to all types of engine drivability problems. It would be nice if somone posted a procedure for changing these filters. That can depend on the type of sender, shape of the tank, etc. Open and inspect your new filter. Keeping the fuel system clean will help mininimize these problems. Now I'm having problems with the fuel filter. It was running perfectly before and now it won't start. After changing fuel filter and relay and still doesn't. To replace the secondary fuel filter, follow these seven steps: Using the 24mm socket or ½" square drive ratchet, remove the blacktop cap—on the right. I have taken out the fuel pump assembly and put it back with the new o rings but the problem is still there. Just had to flush out my long range tank after picking up about 100 ltrs of contaminated diesel in Nowra (south coast NSW) and also change the fuel filter assy in the process (. Step 4 - Remove and replace the fuel filter and O-rings. After 10 minutes or so, the engine starts to run rough and loses power. Cranking the engine with air still left in the low side will force air up into the commonrail and the injectors which can only add to the extended cranking. I've had my 1025r for 3 1/2 years (180 hours). Here is a list of the most common pros and cons to this debate. Changing the fuel filter for 1st time on my "new" used John Deere 2305. The second day, it started to idle abruptly and when I. I hope you found this video and solved your problem or learned and didn't do the same thing that I did when. I dropped the fuel filter to find it covered with a white, waxy coating although the fuel in the plastic bowl was liquid. Additionally, you need to prime . Another thing could be vacuum leak. Double check the fuel filter was put in the correct direction of flow as well. Forklift Propane Fuel System Troubleshooting: A Step. Again, I don't have this, but I would think the idea after changing the filter is to open the bleeder and manually activate the lift pump until the bleeder stops bubbling, then tighten the bleeder, then try to start. Well just yesterday I go and start the truck and it says Change fuel filter and is reading 0 percent. my car was dying often and it was not a battery or alternator issue. Car won't start anymore after changing the fuel filter. If there are no other problems, nothing else normally needs to be changed. Not sure about a 1-2 mile drop thou. Any sediment from the diesel will get trapped inside of each fuel filter, allowing the cleansed fuel to flow to the injectors and engine. The Bentley manual says nothing about priming the system after changing the fuel filter. I recently changed fuel filter in 04 focus se 2. Once this happens, immediate cleaning will help, but the best will be a full replacement. I actually have a couple of questions on this fuel filter issue. If your Check Engine Light is on, then have it scanned to check for codes. NOTE: Again, remember to properly dispose of the fuel. Some older cars have a separate fuel filter. Now, I have to hold the key a few seconds, and keep cranking, then it starts. Just asking, did you turn off the valve on the fuel line before you removed the filters if not the fuel went back to the tank. Fuel filter change intervals vary depending on your engine but usually fall within the 20,000-50,000 mile range for older gasoline engines and 60,000-90,000 miles for newer engines. After a few minutes the primer will return to its normal position. 0 TDDi - Vantunered (Also gone). Occasionally, the motor will quit altogether and will not re-start. Tried bleed screw on top of filter. 10s, 68RFE, Mineral Grey, Pacbrake air springs, Fumoto oil valve, Cat/Cummins Dual Filter kit, Edge CTS Monitor. Tightened and then waited as small air bubbles slowly came out the return port of the IP. Just do you best to keep most of . Follow these guidelines to get the best deal on fuel. 9 Cummins 12 valve and priming the diesel fuel system after changing the filter or Incase you run out. Check for cracks in the fuel filter. Hey guys, I can't get my truck (88 k2500) to start after I changed the factory style square fuel filter.