stuck clutch plates. If all the above is fine, chances are that the clutch disk is stuck to the flywheel and the pressure plate. I've always taken the primary cover off, so draining the fluid and replacing it, and the gasket is in order. remember to use those wading plugs! There are two ways to free up a sticking clutch. There may be large rubber rings or large flat spring like things between the plates. Intermediate servo piston or pin stuck so that band is applied. 2- check is the clutch leaver in the clutch housing cover is not stuck. Lay the pressure plate on a flat surface, put the picks against the clips without trying to release the bearing. CT-104 - Freeing a STUCK CLUTCH CT-105 - Cleaning an OILY CLUTCH CT-106 - CLUTCH SLOW TO ENGAGE, Slipping or Running Free CT-106B - CLUTCH DISC BROKEN CT-107 - CLUTCH CHATTER, VERY LOUD CT-108 - Clutch Slave PUSHROD Dimensions CT-109 - Clutch Release Arm RUBBER BOOT INSTALLATION CT-110 - CLUTCH SPRINGS, Force and Color CT-111 - Pressure Plate. The spring naturally spreads the friction parts apart a bit. That happened to my buddy's bike after he let it sit outside for too long. Preparing the vehicle to check the clutch pedal for a failed release bearing. But the clutch is still stuck to the floor and has no resistance. My 1929 tractor's single-plate dry clutch is stuck in the disengaged position. Manual transmission clutch stuck. sometimes the plates can stick together when it sits for a while. Clutch plates binding in hub or flange. Please note: The engine is not involved at all!. But you say how, I can't get it out of gear. Two types of friction plate are available. At that point, the energy generated inside the combustion chamber is carried through the transmission and to the countershaft sprocket, which then transfers the load to the rear wheel. Now, adjust the clutch cable back out until you get a freeplay of about an 1/8 inch at the lever. This may be common knowledge to some, but the last bit will prove quite useful!. But if the clutch does NOT spin free, and the plates are stuck, how does one free the plates so it operates properly? In a nutshell, how does one free the stuck plates of a slip clutch? Penetrating oil seems to be the equivalent of greasing squeaky brakes, but perhaps penetrating oil could be burned off after it is released. If you have a brush mower hooked up to your PTO you can put the PTO in gear, transmission in neutral, hold the clutch pedal down, and rev the engine quickly up and then quickly down. I began by separating them and soaking them in kerosene. I even tried putting the front bucket up against 15T of dirt that I just brought in, and it did was spin the tires and dig holes. From just normal operation, the friction surfaces of both the flywheel and the pressure plate are highly polished, and are prone to rusting out . This rapid change in torque will usually break the clutch free. thats an easy way to get the plates to break loose. assuming the cable is fine and you have pressure at the lever. Then, with the engine off, roll the bike back and forth while pulling the clutch lever and it may come unstuck. Motorcycle clutch plates sticking together in the morning is a fairly common complaint. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 25, 2015. The DT series engines had the clutch actuator in an odd place and it could also be stuck from corrosion. If this fails to work pull the clutch apart and remove the all the plates, now give each plate a socking in oil and re-assemble, ajust the clutch and check the operation of the clutch. When a manual transmission vehicle is placed in storage, the fiber of the clutch disc is held captive, under considerable force, between the flywheel face and the pressure plate. note- this think sits in the back of the basket look for any damage, but keep it together to keep it neat. What year bike? Doing a clutch is easy, compared to a lot of jobs. Guess you could also try starting it in gear and depressing the clutch and do some accelerations to break it loose while driving it on pavement. I have been searching for an hour but can't find anything. The three allen bolts with lock nuts - what is the correct number of turns to back them off by after bottoming out on the clutch plate. I could not find just the levers. Have searched and couldn't find a solution this particular problem. Finally, when i press the clutch pedal and shift into a gear i get grinding nose from the transmission. taking off the clutch access cover is easy too,just lay the bike on its side . I tried to ride my KLT250 the other day and found that the clutch had seized up with brand new friction plates replaced a couple months back . It's a common problem with old Triumphs, and it has an easy solution. It almost seems like the plates stick together and pop when you pull in the clutch. On occasion when I try to put my truck in first from neural it goes in gear but I release the clutch and it doesn't move. This will prevent damage to the disc during installation of the. The clutch doesn't engage when I pull the lever back. I took off the centrifugal clutch to get to the manual one and plate pushes off with clutch arm fine pads are a bit worn but ok and spring under plate is fine. The clutch would not release!! The bike has not been used much for the last year. If you can shift through the gears but have no drive and smell burnt clutch, it's going to be the clutch assembly itself. The cure is to file carefully these areas to make them smooth. A stuck clutch has happened several times to my 1950 Dodge B2 ½ ton pickup. Let the engine get completely up to operating temperature and then give it a try. Due to moisture, clutch age, and sitting idle for extended periods of time, the clutch will glue itself to the pressure plate. pulled the motor and the clutch got hung up on the tranny splin. Sep 20, 2011 4,808 Old Dominion Full Name: Mike. It had just stopped raining and the sky was still overcast with a gentle breeze in the air -- a perfect day for a drive. Usually the shock will pop it off. The six springs on a Hayabusa clutch only put about 400 pounds of pressure on the. The clutch had six steel plates, and five friction plates making eleven in total. Like Tom suggested pulling or pushing the tractor with the clutch pedal depressed. Not being mechanical minded,wondered any. The correct solution is to split the tractor and repair/replace the issues. It's recommended to replace the friction plates along with this upgrade. It has a Barnhart racing clutch . been looking for a couple hours & havent seen it listed here or on you tube. Then run the engine, work the clutch either with the clutch cable (lever) or manually. When I spin the rear wheel, the motor turns like it's still in gear. It's the bottom friction plate in the basket. Clutch Pedal Chatters When You Accelerate. It is not like a welded together type of stuck, more like when the pages of a book get stuck together when they have been wet. Have someone depress the clutch pedal while holding the brakes that you fixed earlier. Discussion Starter · #2 · Feb 9, 2009. C50T stuck clutch plates miracle fix !. The right way? pull it apart, separate the plates, I did this to mine a few months ago and the clutch has "re stuck" since due to sitting (waiting for paint to get done). On the 77-78 CB750's you will see that the clutch pack is divided in the middle of the stack by a special plate. The peddal feels normal on the way down. The pressure plate could possibly be resurfaced but usually it is as cost effective to replace the pressure plate. i pulled it apart and learned that the clutch plates are sticking together making enough friction to keep it from moving. Give the clutch plate, cover and flywheel a quick rub over with some emery to clean it up else it will only stick again before you get it back on the road. 1981 Honda CX500 First start-up for months with stuck clutch free up a motorcycle Bike clutch · 05 zx6r clutch issue details. clutch plates from a Honda 160 that have a decent amount of wear left in them which came out of a motor that was very old and had super sticky oil residue inside? Some of clutch plates were kinda stuck together onaccountabecause of the thick, sticky oil and all. They almost look like very small brake pads lined around and formed in about a 4 inch circle. One way to free it is to bump the tractor, as. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 30 Posts. Clutch Pedal Feels Loose or Spongey. I have not driven it yet but the feel of the clutch lever is smooth. Joined Oct 9, 2004 · 137 Posts. true blue, he said he had a brand new clutch, and second i had the same problem with my car i let it sit for a year and the clutch pad has springs in it and if it sits for too long the springs could pop out. Help! I'm trying to get into my clutch to replace the plates & discs, but I can't even get started because the main outside cover won't come off! I've taken all nine screws out. How to free stuck tractor clutch. Then I ran into the stuck clutch plates issue. The diaphragm spring or coil springs in the pressure plate may be stiffer so the clutch can hold heavier loads without slipping. This is supposed to break away the pressure plate from the flywheel, I supposed. If it doesn't, you're going to need a running engine and working brakes. The plates are all different and are named A,B,C, and D. When done I clamped the clutch pedal all the way down and let it sit over night. Im guessing the pto clutch plate has stuck to the opposite part of the clutch. Just ride with your clutch pulled in the whole time and eventually your clutch will. If you can depress the clutch pedal the pressure plate is not seized, nor can it stick to flywheel. Now, get down to business with the following suggested procedure: 1. Also hits neutral between the gears when shifting. It might even be spring or actuator related. Additionally the 3-5-R waved plate was updated from 12 to 18 teeth and the 1-2-3-4 wave plate was updated from 9 to 18 teeth. Mine has stuck twice: once when the engine was sitting for a prolonged period on my garage floor with the clutch bolted on, and the other was just after having the flywheel machined (the. I've got an awfully stubborn clutch on an MS 361. Again this applies to both synthetic and conventional automotive engine oils for gasoline service. With the clutch disengaged I couldn't use any gear so when I came up to the turn I had to stop for traffic on the intersecting road. Freeing a STUCK CLUTCH - CT-104 When your MG is stored for some length of time it may result in the clutch disk being stuck firmly to the flywheel and/or pressure plate so it will not disengage when the clutch pedal is depressed. The clutch is designed to work as a "rigid coupling" when your foot is of the pedal. After checking the master, the next thing would be to take off the slave and have a peer in there. Most of the time it will come loose if in fact it is stuck and not damaged in some way. After moving the Dodge and putting away the chain and come-along, I fired up the Chevy but still had a case of grinding gears. Warm the tractor up at high idle for at least 15 minutes. Joined Mar 8, 2012 · 40 Posts. ago 1977 GS750 - The Giant Squid. The bad news is the clutch plate is stuck to the flywheel. So to fix this there are a number of (Quite brutal) procedures like ramming it in to gear when the engines running etc but this is one method that s more gearbox friendly and quite quick. If this type of clutch is stuck, it is always a problem with the pressure plate or throw-out bearing and will require replacement. Then pull the clutch lever and jam on the rear brake. Start the tractor and with it in high gear (4th) with the clutch pedal tied down and the engine RPM all the way open, drop the jack so that the wheel hits the ground suddenly and if it doesn't come loose the first time try it a couple more. Adventure Rider - Ride the World. Hey All so the clutch plates on my 1200 were really (and i mean really ) stuck together making the thing a bitch to get it into gear a couple of days ago. Clean the area off as best you can, clean the gasket material off, ( Kerosene and a plastic putty knife works pretty good ) put on a new gasket. If it's not the clutch-cable, it might result from a stiff/stuck clutch. Clutch Failure Symptom 9: Can't Get Transmission into Gear. Do this a few times with the key off and the plates should free up. Spray break cleaner into the clutch housing while it is running. I was able to separate the two clutch plates and it's still in gear. i tried to use it last week and the clutch will not release. Pulled off the IC and found the slave cylinder wet from leaking and an empty fluid reservoir. could get it on both pins but it wouldnt pull up in there for nothing. I go the tractor in gear and moved it. -13 * * Have 1977 Triumph T140V With the common stuck clutch problem. Turns out the slave cylinder was hanging up and keeping the pressure on the pp. From looking at the parts on Messicks, I do not think you have a clutch in the traditional sense of the word: i. Reading other threads on this clutch problem indicates I need to deglaze the steel drive plates, this is done by rubbing the plates on the concrete floor in a figure 8 pattern. Stuck Clutch: Triumph Silver Jubilee. The likely answer to your problem is your clutch plates are stuck together from sitting in some Joe Schmo’s garage the past 10 plus years. I read very recently a post from a member concerning a clutch plate not releasing, so I hope the member finds this. The metal clutch plates may show obvious wear or may have grooves running radially around them, sometimes quite deep. The original /2 clutch friction plate is a bit hard to measure because of the spring. If it moves a couple inches, or you can see the cable end dangling bellow the leave you snapped the cable. 00 (0) Clutch springs set, heavy duty GL1000 GL1100. The plates must have gotten gelled together, which is not totally uncommon for scooters that were sitting for a long time. Last Subscription Date 05/08/2013 May 30, 2012 #3 Yup, that is real common on F20's and 30's. I don't want to do a clutch so is there a simple way of loosening it? Abscraperguy, Oct 7, 2010 #1. I also noticed it do it the other day when I went to move the bike in the garage and it had not been running. I had some work done on my left brake and now the clutch is stuck. Although Greasy's way may work it would be safer and likely your clutch will last longer and you wont risk ripping a lot of cork off, if you resoak the cork and clean the rust off the plates that don't have cork. Contamination can lead to failure/slipping. Posted on Mar 29, 2012 Open Questions: 0 answers. Once warmed up it was pretty good until today. Cleaned the metal plates with a light sand, re assembled complete with new oil on both the metal plates and clutch plates. If possible put the bike on a stand and get the oil up to temperature. I check and the fluid level has gone down, so i think great, the air is out of the clutch system. We started the bike and put in gear and the bike jump like we had not pulled in the clutch. Clutch Pedal is Hard to Engage. Newer oils are too good and can cause a slipping clutch as well as sticking discs. (my fault as its been stored for a year) presume ill have to strip it down,clean the plates and refit. Just replaced the quaife gearbox in my mk1 escort after a rebuild and the clutch seems to be stuck to the flywheel or pressure plate. They will cause the clutch to slip under load and eventually glaze the clutch plates. Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2021 7:59 am Post subject: Re: Stuck Clutch What's the solution besides splitting? ***** UPDATE! ALL FIXED! ***** Yesterday I had removed the flywheel timing mark access plate and blasted the flywheel and clutch with 2 cans of brake cleaner. Just replaced worn clutch plates and basket off of an OEM Ducati performance slipper clutch with 48T EVR. (Maybe there’s a little bit of Ruth in me: I was her assistant for two years. Osoyoos said: I had a similar thing happen on my 800 xxc outlander. With the engine off put the bike in about 3d gear, pull in the clutch, and rock the bike back and forth until you hear/ feel the clutch plates come unstuck. If I pump the clutch it will go the next time. This means that the outer clutch basket is always spinning when your engine is running. If if you're not satisfied, pull the cover and pressure plate. Other than the " Chained to a Tree " trick, I've placed the gear selector( fancy word for Shift Lever ) in 6th gear and used a remote start button. A big milestone today, the long door TR2 engine startup in the body with everything connected. As bikes are a wet clutch the oil thickens over night and as such stick the plates together nothing to do with the wrong oil. The service manual did not call for any special tools for this job. If the clutch feels ok and still won't disengage, this is usually the problem. Looking for suggestions to try and get the clutch freed up. Comment: The engine is not involved at all!. The clutch depressed, you do not want engine to start. I'm also thinking possibly a bad clutch slave cylinder. Put your trust in Hy-Capacity for all your aftermarket tractor and ag Clutch parts needs. You may have a working clutch, but you could spend the next few days fixing the transmission or a wheel spindle. The clutch release bearing will lose lubrication over time, which will wear out the bearing and. It's a wet clutch and the oil film has enough shear strength between the clutch plates when disengaged to turn the wheel. Since it is in my shop now, my . i took off the rh case and the plates and also the actuator arm. The clutch pedal goes to the floor and as if there is no brake fluid, but that wouldn't explain why it is stuck engaged. 440ICD w/stuck clutch plate Post by GLORIAH5 » Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:24 am my 440 icd has been sitting since about last aug 2008. Pedal was 1/2 as hard to press, but clutch still disengaged. In a motorcycle, there are usually 5 or 6 clutch plates. I think the dealer is just going with the simple fact that the first part they saw worn out is the clutch disc and pressure. Also be sure to soak the new friction plates in your engine oil before installing. R I get that but half the clutch is still on the engine with no way to pull it. I would like to ask if someone has loosened up a rusted or stuck clutch on a Ford 550 using a hammer / screwdriver due to the plate / shaft having surface rust which has rendered the clutch always in. Global Automotive Clutch Pressure Plate Markets, 2016-2021 & 2022-2026 by Two-Wheeler, Passenger Car, Light Commercial Vehicle, Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market - ResearchAndMarkets. Not sure if the clutch plate can be stuck open, but I once had an incidence where the clutch slave cylinder piston was pushed to far out ant clamped. i found that the actuator had lots of weld material on it and the push rod was stuck in place. 1991-1999 is one that can be made, and newer then that is a different type. I’ll admit: I tend to get in over my head with the menu. The multiple plates in the clutch are held together by a series of springs. The problem is that your clutch plate has stuck . Codes P0776 Clutch Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 2-Stuck Off and P0842 Transmission Fluid pressure (TFP) Switch 1 Circuit Low Voltage may be set. Loosening or righting doesn't help. It feels like it's stuck in the mud. If it messes up the face of the clutch because it's torqueing it with no face pressure while it's stuck, then you were going to have to replace it anyway. Have the flywheel checked for warp, and resurface or replace it if needed. on my F7 the clutches seem clean, work great, except seems like in the real cold weather, or with moisture in the air when I stop for a quick breather and go to take off, and sometimes the clutch doesn't open back to it's normal postion. When you press the clutch, your foot counters the diaphragm spring which presses the friction disc to the flywheel. Throw out bearing stuck on the Pressure Plate Now What. or push start it and hold the clutch in and vary the throttle to try and free the clutch. Using a vernier caliper measure the distance between the finger bolt & clutch plate face. Re: Stuck Compressor Clutch Plate: Suggestions on Removal Post by assignmentshelpuk » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:26 pm I don't get how an field coil can burn without blowing out something else other than itself--maybe field coil innards are designed to fail internally. It does not effect the performance of the clutch, just makes the first pull feel bad. It has a habit of failing, creating a dragging clutch (hard or impossible to shift). Then the plates can be removed from the clutch sprocket assy. insightbuyer said: On my 2000 insight I randomly have my clutch get stuck about half way down. If the clutch plates are stuck, rock the bike back and forth and shift the bike into fourth or fifth gear. Kyriakos Papadopoulos 29/04/2021 4:09 AM. 00 (0) Clutch spring GL1000 GL1100 CB CBX CX. My engine compartment has been smelling a little hot for several weeks. Oil the new fiber clutch plates ( soak at least 5-10 minutes ) and use new metal plates. A clutch lever can get stuck in the engaged or disengaged positions, and while this might be a bad clutch cable, it's also a symptom of a faulty clutch. Sounds like the clutch plate is stuck to the pressure plate or flywheel. This should be visible when you look at the clutch slave cylinder. Then the smell of burn clutch came for a while. They get moisture in the bell housing and the clutch disc gets stuck to the pressure plate when the flywheel develops a little rust. Timmerg July 5, 2016, 10:03pm #4. It started when I installed a new clutch cable. Ultimately, taking it apart may be a bit of work, but that may be the best plan. Mean while, use a zip tie to hold the . The clutch pedal has now returned back to the normal position. So far I have tried towing the van in gear with clutch down and in gear. When it gets stuck half way down and I press it fully down I can't get the car into any gear. Leaving it overnight or for a couple of days may see it stuck again, but not to the same degree. Just block the clutch pedal down and slip a putty knife or other thin flexible blade between the disc and flywheel or disc and pressure plate. A stuck clutch plate will lock up solidly. Then put a Lil tranny fluid on each one before reinstalling and it worked great. Even if you get it to run and drive some of the plates can be stuck. I attribute it to dry clutch plates that are stuck together. If this does not unstick the clutch you might have. By using the starter, there is a good chance she will break the clutch plate free. 16 Dyna Street bob Installed energy one clutch. Yesterday I bought myself a 2006 scorpa SY 250. With the Chevy still in third gear, the clutch pedal depressed, and the engine immobilzed, the come-along did the trick. Inner clutch basket is number 6. if this is the case you can just ride it around the yard with the lever pulled in and they should free up. Driving at high roll speeds in low gear with the clutch pedal depressed, clutch disk exceeds maximum permissible speed (burst speed) Selecting the wrong (too low) gear when downshifting; Consequence: Facing debris gets stuck in the flywheel or in the clutch pressure plate housing. If you hear a noise coming from somewhere near the clutch, it is definitely time to check it. I assembled it about 12 months ago and as it couldnt be moved until now the p. Stuck Clutch What's the solution besides splitting. The magna clutch plates are not robust to shock loads when seized up. When you depress the clutch pedal, the clutch release bearing or "throwout" bearing pushes on the fingers of the pressure plate to separate the pressure plate from the clutch. A stuck gear may indicate problems with the linkage adjustment, a linkage malfunction, or a warped or damaged clutch plate. The oil squeezes out from between the plates . I tried wacking it with my foot every way possible but it was stuck. Low/reverse clutch piston seals cut or missing. This has happened at least twice before (over the past 25 years) and I was always able to free it by rocking the car. The linings on the clutch disc may be a higher temperature, more wear resistant friction material. Seems that I had adjusted the set screw too far and over rode the "ramps" comp clutch and when I started the bike it wanted to lurch forward, when I dropped it into 1st it shifted real hard. Having a properly adjusted and functioning clutch is the key ingredient to transferring power to your rear wheel. 3 weeks ago I was in a drive through and my clutch pedal stuck to the floor when I pulled out onto the road and drove 8/10ths of a mile when I was able to pull off the road into a parking lot. You'll have to fashion a tool to compress the release disc into the springs in order to remove the drive plate retaining ring. I have dealt with stuck clutches before. You may do better posting this in the tech forum. Sometimes, if they sit a long time, the clutch discs and plates will stick and they will do that. clutch fork stuck back please help. Hold the clutch pedal down or prop it down with a stick and slide a knife blade between the clutch plate and flywheel and between the clutch plate and pressure plate. Someone gave me a bike that they thought had transmission problems because it would'nt shift out of first. Once this force is applied to the throw out bearing, the throw out bearing slides along the input shaft to push against the pressure plate, allowing the diaphragm spring in the pressure plate to. Front bearing moved out of position and tore up the belt. Something on or in clutch plates may be stuck. clutch plates stuck together? pull clutch in and tow around in 3rd gearshould roll freely. 0 26x11 rear QSC clutch kit EPI HD springs front n rear ODI rogue 130mm grips Ultraseal commercial grade tire sealant (front) Highlifter tire sealant (rear) CTEK 3300 battery maintainer added 7 zerks beefed up wiring harness. Make sure the bearing is not raised anymore than needed to get the picks at the clip, now you can expand the clip and get the bearing out. The only other possibilities that I know of are sticking plates and a badly adjusted EZ clutch but I presume you do not have the latter. Quick overview of what happened clutch pedal stuck down almost to the floor when I pressed it while driving. Maybe something like this happened. How to Free a Stuck John Deere Clutch. Started the bike all worked fine. Yesterday when I got off in 1st I floored it a bit, pressed the clutch, quickly shifted into 2 and the clutch pedal felt it was stuck to the floor for a few moments so my RPM went quite high (7,000 or so) Lift off the gas, and the clutch pedal got eventually released. Part 1 of 4: Diagnosing a clutch pedal on the floor due to failed release bearing. Watch and learn how to upgrade it. It could be that the plates themselves are worn out. Dirt bike clutch plates sticking together?. Maybe a couple holeshots and it should be good to go if the basket and hub are in good shape. " As mentioned, this is from a mini forum and not my advice, but if you google " freeing a seized clutch" you get a load of results. I read elsewhere of folks resolving the issue by starting the engine, giving it some throttle, and then slamming it into gear to free the plates. Either way The clutch cover needs to be removed and the whole lot taken a look at. Clutch plates could be "froze"/stuck together. A little anti-seize on the threads and a dab on the tip. The seized clutch is the next problem. in neutral then put it in gear cause the clutch plates were stuck, has a fresh oil change. The pads do not seem overly worn and the metal ones are really smooth. Pull the plates apart, soat the friction . Cable tie the clutch lever back and leave it idling for a bit (might be more effective on the centre stand in gear, but even in neutral it can . NOTE: we are NOT pushing on the two little “tabs”—they are rotated so they are up over the vise jaw. It could be that the clutch actuator arm is rusted stuck. Hi Guys My clutch plates are stuck together, I have tried turning the engine over with it in gear with the clutch peddle depressed and the . pull in the clutch; rock the bike back and forth till she rolls freely. The Harley clutch basket is made of cast aluminum that has been proven to crack and leave chunks of aluminum in the case. Last summer, the clutch stuck to the flywheel and pressure plate. So, once you take the big set ring #19 out the outer plate D is the first to come out. He decided to let it set for then. the question is could the clutch plates be rusted or stuck together? i have adjusted it but no luck any help, if this is the problem how do . Put it in high gear, have someone hold the clutch pedal down, then rock the pickup back and forth. Recently my clutch plates locked up after sitting for several months without a start-up. "You get particulates in the oil, copper and lead from clutches, and iron from bearings," says Fred Brunn, owner of American Marine Tech in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida ( www. It's weight, plus the mechanism of its design, should take a little pressure to move. i have a 2003 yamaha TTR 125, ihaven'tt rode it in about a month. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 13, 2007. However, if you could not select any gear following working on the slave, and the clutch feels OK, then indeed the plate could be stuck on the flywheel. When the bike is on the rear stand and in gear with the clutch pulled in, I can pull on the throttle and the Speed will go up. Worst stuck clutch I ever had, . Re: Stuck Compressor Clutch Plate: Suggestions on Removal Post by ice-n-tropics » Sat May 19, 2018 4:49 pm Rotor pulley may need replacement because it appears to have a crispy friction liner with missing surface. I suspect the pressure plate is stuck to the . Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by GypsyD, Mar 24, 2018. Start it up in gear and get it moving Foot on the clutch and bury the throttle on and off If not jack the back up,2nd gear - revs up Foot on the clutch and let the jack go Obviously dont do it in the garage !!! Usually worked on sale cars that sat about. Simply put, friction modifiers are incompatible with motorcycle wet clutches. Um, if the hydraulics arent leaking, and the clutch gets stuck on the floor, it a sign of a failed pressure plate, the clutch fibers are like brakes when they wear out, its time to replace. On my 37 Buick I jacked up the rear, ran it in 3rd gear with the clutch pushed in, and tapped the brakes a few times. If a tractor that has had a stuck clutch is allowed to set for 2 or 3 months without being ran like most people would do during the winter, the clutch is liable to get stuck again. The sticking lever can indicate that the disks are stuck together or stuck apart due to grime build-up in the clutch. 1 First up, soak the new clutch plates in clean engine oil for a few hours. Mechanic @ Vespa StL let it sit in the ultrasound cleaner for a number of hours, at it was good to go after a good lubing. Here is some advice on freeing a stuck clutch. Potential causes not related to the bearing disconnecting: The clutch cable runs to the clutch fork and bearing. I believe type F tranny fluid has microscopic grit in it. I popped off the derby cover and started to adjust the clutch and now it seems to not move at all. So OP, try changing to some different oil and see if it makes any difference. Pull the clutch lever in and use the kickstarter like you were starting the bike. I installed new clutch plates in my Roadstar and now the clutch works. The clutch disc and pressure plate may have a larger diameter to spread the load across a larger surface area. Honestly I don't think it is a "PROBLEM", just more of an "ANNOYANCE". • Always use a pilot tool to align the clutch disc to the pressure plate and flywheel. A being the innermost in the basket (the last one you'll come to). If i drill out those rivets, the clutch plate should fall free and reveal the spline "plate", for lack of a better word. It might shock/free up the plates? It's an R80. I put in more DOT 4 fluid, leave the cap off, and pump the clutch back and forth too many times to count. The first is to leave the operating lever (once it has been freed off) in the released position (press the pedal and insert a suitable wedge under the operating lever, so it is held in the released position. Hello, My clutch pedal lately has developed a strange behavior - it sometimes gets stuck when pressed. A slipping clutch occurs when the plates do not engage properly with each other. In the past it was just a matter of getting into a higher gear and stepping on the brakes with the clutch pedal depressed, then slipping the clutch for a moment to remove any accumulated rust. He said to get the tractor moving and rev up the engine and then slam on the brakes. I did this 7 or 8 times, but it is still stuck. This is my 6th manual transmission Boxster. Ricochet full frame skid plate ITP T-7 beadlock 14" w/OMF inner rim guards Maxxis big horn 2. I ran her until she was hot and then tried turning over in gear to release the clutch plate, oddly 1st and second jolted but 3rd just started and ran in gear with low box without drive. Now pry the pressure plate from the clutch disk and the. had to shut it off the change gears. The first step to solve chatter or jitter is to inspect all of the components for damage. If I leave the clutch alone for more than 2 days the plates stick together so much that I can't break them loose unless I . how do i keep them from sticking. I have a 96 tacoma, it has the 3rz engine, manual trans, 4x4. According to a first aspect of the invention, in a clutch plate of the kind set forth each friction lining comprises underneath and upper layers of friction material, the underneath layer being riveted to the driven plate and the upper layer being stuck onto an outer surface of the underneath layer in the face to face contact therewith. Dismantle the clutch, clean up the splined shaft and make sure the plates slide freely on the splines before reassembly. An initial visual inspection of the pressure plate, clutch disc, and flywheel can usually be done through an inspection cover. Fire it and give it light rev and let the clutch out quick. I was told the problem was a low brake fluid level caused by rear rotors and pads that needed replacement. auerbach Join Date: Sep 2007 Posts: 2168 West of Toronto Pics: 2011-08-07 179703 I know nothing about NHs but Yanmars come with a clip on the pedal for holding it down if it sits for a week or more -- to prevent rust from locking at the throwout bearing or flywheel. The likely answer to your problem is your clutch plates are stuck together from sitting in some Joe Schmo's garage the past 10 plus years. To inspect the plate's surface, separate the engine from the transmission and remove the pressure plate from the flywheel. when the clutch is pressed it works fine it does its job it releases the clutch from the pressure plate and it rolls as if were to be in neutral. Meanwhile, the multi-plate clutch on a Hayabusa uses a stack of smaller-diameter plates and is easier to package. Take a logical approach to fixing a frozen clutch plate on your Ford tractor. So, it appears to be irrelevant to being operated or not. The clutch springs force the pressure plate to squeeze the friction and drive plates together, causing the clutch basket and inner hub to synchronize. I used Barnett clutch plates and a Barnett lifter plate with coil springs. Your clutch plates are probably hydraulically locked together. Removing the old clutch is as simple as removing the six bolts. The spline portion (that's stuck in the spine insert within the pulley) is riveted to the clutch plate (see image above). Once I start riding it never happens again. If you do indeed drive down in second gear, keep a sharp eye on the temperature gauge. had an old husqvarna that needed that after a few months in the shed. Do you think the clutch is stuck to the pressure plate because the tractor has been setting too long without use? Does the pedal activate anything when pushed or released? Maybe you need to hook a 3 bottom plow to it and put it to some strenuous work for a bit! H. so its stuck in gear but the shifter is in neutral what can this be?. The majority of multi-plate clutches operate the same way: drive from the engine's crankshaft turns a gear to an outer drum gear; when the clutch is engaged, the drive goes through the clutch into the gearbox where ratios dictate the speed of rotation of the output shaft and final drive sprocket. Physically sliding a sliver, such as a putty knife, in between the stuck clutch disc and pressure plate is a simple approach if it can be done. despite my putting my other foot on the brake pedal. At least thats what I think is happening. Try putting it in gear and then holding all the way up on the shifter. When my '84 R80RT (65,000 miles) sits very long, the clutch plate will not disengage (usually during humid weather or over the winter), and thus the bike will lurch when dropped into gear. With the engine and parking brake OFF and the vehicle pointed in a safe direction, use a gas station type hydraulic jack to lift both rear wheels so they are clear of the ground by about two inches. Remove the pressure plate bolts a few turns at a time and in a crisscross pattern. Most probably the friction plates have reacted with the metal plates (often there is a rust reaction between the two when this occurs) and they can be very firmly stuck together. I could started on 5th gear ( on the center stand) but the clutch did not work. E Easy Rider Banned Joined Apr 14, 2013 3,123 Posts #10 · May 30, 2013 chuckern1k said:. Today while shifting, the jeep stopped pulling so he coasted to a stop. The type F has a higher running temp too so it can take the heat. Still wont select neutral with motor idling,false neutrals changing through gears. I pulled the clutch cover and pressure plate, then pulled each steel and fiber out seperately and wiped them off with a clean shop towel. It's a perfect little tractor for my smallholding, but I left it standing for a couple of months, and now I can't get into gear other than crashing it in in low ratio (or starting it in gear). Remove the knee bolster on the driver side. If the springs behind these plates fail, you might feel the clutch pedal go very heavy and then you'll lose drive. If you have a Barnett clutch, get out your wallet and best of luck. Sun Jul 18, 2021 1:15 pm link quote. CONTACT OUR OFFICE at 1-208-342-8911. All seemed fine but when I engaged the clutch and selected 1st gear, the bike lurched forward. I hammered [:0] on it and heated it with a torch and I cant get it apart. I've recently got my CJ2A running but I cannot get my clutch to release. Clutch pedal momentarily stuck to the floor. When a John Deere tractor has not been moved in a while, the clutch disk will stick to the pressure plate. Instead you have a hydraulic shuttle assembly which has two internal clutches, like those in an automatic automobile transmission or a motorcycle transmission, both running in oil. pull in the clutch rock the bike back and forth till she rolls freely. Clutch Push Rod stuck? 06 Jul 2008 04:31 #224350. My suggestion was to put in low gear, clutch pedal down, (it has T-18 granny), and try to get to a more level spot. How Much Does A Clutch Replacement Cost?. Is the clutch disc stuck to the plates or the rear plate stuck on the shaft? or both? Reactions: digger. Jump to Latest Follow I downshifted from 4th gear to 3rd gear and all of a sudden upon changing gears the clutch went all the way down to the floor and remained there and I couldn't shift it into 3rd. This will make the clutch plates expand a bit and pop loose. Problem is i need to get the tranny out of the truck but the clutch disc is stuck/frozen on the transmission input shaft. Hy 801curt, the hub of the clutch disc may be broken away from the friction material, you may find the problem when you remove the clutch. Assumed it was excess grease burning off from a ruptured boot. If oil or grease is present, find the source and fix the leak. put it in top gear 6th, put the front wheel against a wall, hold the clutch in and put some weight on the kick start. You are going to have to figure out and repair whatever is letting all that oil get in to the bellhousing. The tractor clutch is a known issue, mechanical/corrosion bonding of the clutch plate to the flywheel after prolonged setting in the elements. The clutch is hanging up and the plates are sticking together inside the clutch basket and will not disengage correctly, even when the clutch cable is pulled in. The Made In USA 6R140 Steel Clutch Plate meets premium quality specifications with 27/30 teeth and a 9. I previously dismantled the clutch and cleaned the metal plates, all seemed good, and i have had it operating properly since. He talked to Subaru and apparently the only option is a whole new compressor for $850 installed. PDF Freeing a Stuck Clutch Disc. This is easier than it sounds and saves a lot of trouble in the later process. The bullwheel shaft can also hang - that's the one that pokes into that boss that sticks out to the inside on the main transmission case. Take the lock nut off of the adjustment screw and then knock the adjustment screw out. Starter Clutch Roller Kit GL1000 GL1100 GL1200. Since then have adopted the old farmer's trick of blocking the clutch petal after shutdown. When the plates are intertwined and stuck together, they cannot rotate. When in neutral start the engine, let it run until it is a bit warm ( check the gage ). Also, try to minimize the use of the air-conditioner. If I don't break them loose by rocking the bike back and forth with . 440ICD w/stuck clutch plate. You still need to change the hydrolic fluid and the coolant, strip the brakes while you are doing it and if the pads need replacing then do it. If you experience this issue, If it is a stuck clutch, the best bet is to put the bike on a stand and get the oil up to temperature. Remove the oil cooler lines on either side and swing them out of the way. Only ever had this problem once on the CC #70 when it spent a night outside and got rained on. If it brakes free you will feel it. Don't over grease throughout bearing or grease on plates will cause slippage. So, you just dragged home a that crusty Triumph or Harley from some craigslist ad and you get her running. Manual control linkage improperly adjusted. When a clutch is case held, the outer splines slide into slots in the transmission case. , point it down the street, and tromp on the gas pedal. Since it is in my shop now, my proposal is to warm up the engine, then put the rear on jack stands, start the truck in gear, push in the clutch pedal and hit the brakes a few times. Then the gearbox oil should become a bit warm too. It will sit like this on a flat level surface. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 14, 2009. All other cars I've had that had a stuck clutch normally free off after a couple of meters towing in this fashion, freeing off the driven plate to the flywheel. I just finished removing the clutch, de-glazing the pressure and clutch plates, and re-assembling things. No amount of “coaxing” has been able to free it. The plates are sticking in the grooves and not coming apart= clutch not disengaging. To try and break the bond that has formed, you will want to move the car into the open, ie. Here I am, in the midst of party-prep (friends are coming for Christmas cocktails tonight at nine). pull off the inspection plate and spray the clutch down liberally with WD40. I used to VERY lightly lube the splines, but be careful not to apply too much as any excess will be spun out onto the clutch plate lining. I used 10w40 Mobil 1 4T Racing oil. so my car wouldnt go into first while running and the second gear was a rough shift. The clutch plate undergoes a lot of pressure and friction in this process, and can become worn over time—especially with consistently strained gear shifting. I tore the bike down again, picked the clutch plates off and put them in an oil bath, making sure every plate got coated well. Satoh Clutch Kit Includes: Pressure Plate Clutch Disc Throw out bearing and pilot bearing Fits: Satoh 650G, 560 7 1/4" Pressure $279. I bet it works great when the engine is hot though. Now the clutch seems to be stuck. Excessive Slip In All Ranges Low oil level. It was a small spring clip behind the bearing on the front primary clutch that let go. may as well get MTC or Barnett clutch plates and put them in. Now you need to reach out to the clutch, which is situated on the base plate of the machine. It could be as simple as a lack of free play in the clutch cable, and all you need is a cable adjustment. stuck clutch sheave and spindle. While you're waiting, warm your engine, drain your old oil out and fit a new oil filter. Try once this should break it free, starters pump out a fair bit of power. After renting all the fancy tools at Autozone I looked at the new clutch plate and noticed it is threaded (larger than the small bolt. 1969 Chevy Corvette V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 105K miles. I had to split and install a new pressure plate. On Evo's and newer, there's a clutch pressure plate compression tool that's needed. Take the clutch plates out,I bet the clutch hub and basket have grooves worn in them where the plates engage. A common problem encountered on BCS walk-behind tractors is that the cone-clutch may become STUCK, meaning the clutch plates “stick” in the “mated” position, and therefore power cannot be inter-. What about the clutch plate stuck to pressure plate? How to rectify when clutch plate stuck on one side, that is on pressure plate? Reply. Once this occurs, the only cure is a replacement of the clutch plates. Will these plates cure the sticking? Thanks. Aug 22, 2009 #5 PDub said: I've seen this happen before - I think it happens as the clutch plate friction material absorbs moisture and then rusts / sticks to the flywheel face. I cleaned the basket and bought a complete clutch kit, $99 from Jessbikes, best option I reckon. Any history on the clutch, recently replaced, unknown, etc? From the pedal on the floorboard of a normal functioning system: As you allow the clutch pedal to come up off of the floorboard, the pressure plate diaphragm spring is responsible to push the bearing back, bearing pushes the fork back, fork pushes the slave cylinder piston, slave cyl moves fluid thru hose, fluid pushes master cyl back. I have driven stickshifts since the 1970's and know when a clutch is bad. I pushed the clutch pedal to change gears and when I released, the pedal stayed down! There was nothing that I could do to get it back up. A quick check method also provides a brute force method for freeing a stuck plate Position the car . Most folks recommend kind of lightly jerking on the truck with a tractor while in gear with the pedal depressed. Y On my 2030, single clutch, I had one of the levers on the pressure plate break. I suspect the clutch plates are s. Hy-Capacity also offers an extensive line of Components & Tools, Intermediate Plates, Gears, Shafts & Seal Kits, and Flywheel & Ring Gears. I have a KZ1000-P19 (Cop Bike) and have a stuck clutch plate. 00 (2) Clutch metal drive plate metal GL1100 GL1200 CX. Attempting to free a frozen clutch by wedging the drive wheel and using the force of the engine may cause damage. This is when you press the peddle down and get a grinding noise when you try and select a gear. With sides of engine off and clutch lever pulled in * Clutch release plate does move out 1/8" with clutch lever * Plates seem stuck . Got a power transmission issues. After basket is removed put clutch face down with the area that was on outside of motor down on bench. On others, you remove an outer clutch plate/spring carrier and then pull out the plates individually. If the clutch driven plate is stuck to the flywheel , although free from the pressure plate, there's two methods to try:- the second is used . A sticky clutch, ways to release it and normal. Before pulling the whole clutch, pull the clutch bell, and see if the arm moves freely. How do I unstick the clutch and disengage the gearbox without removing the Re: Clutch disc stuck to pressure plate (Lurkertom). If the bike has been sitting for about four years there is a fair chance that the clutch plates have dried out completely and become either stuck together or glazed. A broken 35R clutch wave plate allows the piston to overstroke, causing the piston to leak and causing loss of apply on vehicles with more than 25,000 miles. The clutch itself is a heavy old spinning disc of metal and springs. After a leisurely hour of driving. If I leave the clutch alone for more than 2 days the plates stick together so much that I can't break them loose unless I take them out of the clutch and pry them apart with a screw driver. Can be carefully removed one by one. The disc is just stuck and needs a little encouragement to release. Failure do do so results in the clutch plate releasing unevenlly causing a shudder & undue wear. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 9, 2012. Clutch disk on the M is stuck to flywheel or pressure plate. My ironhead has been sitting all winter and i went to go start it the other day and it seems as if my clutch plates are stuck together. Hi everyone, was hoping if anyone could assist me with a stuck (rock solid) clutch lever I am having with my '09 SC. After about ten minutes of riding all of a sudden the motor goes "Zing" and alas the clutch freed itself. So this would do just fine, if there is even 5% left (grooves on the plates). Steel separator plates are splined on the outside and slide on the splines/lugs inside the case or drum. When the clutch assembly is applied, a member is locked to the case. chrisw said: Technical question; '63 2000, has been standing now for about 10 months and the clutch is stuck on. Also, when installing a new clutch, clean the flywheel & pressure plate with brake parts cleaner & make sure your hands are clean when handling any clutch component, especially the clutch disc. If the metal plates are blue from giving the clutch a lot of stick these will need replacing as they will be warped.