yandere imagines tumblr. It filled your whole body with anger and …. Headcanons (Yandere!Tom Riddle x Reader). Tales of Arcadia Headcanons and Imagines — Yandere Morgana. Yandere Pokemon Imagines 18+, MINORS DNI - Refer to me as Ninetales or Mod Ninetales on here please - The Yandere sideblog to phoenix-poke-imagines! Here to bring you darker content for your favourites! Profile photo and banner by myself - Requests are open! - Inbox: 0. Of course he’ll always want to be the one to cuddle and surround you in his body, alucard won’t say no if you offer to be the big spoon again, very quick to accept the proposal actually. He only treats you right the day your cramps are especially bad, most commonly the first day of your period. As soon as something is finished, it immediately gets transported here. do not go further if you are averse/opposed to dark subjects and themes. - when he killed a man because there is no food enough you were sure there'll be fight. You try to break up ( Johnny ) Your attempt of breaking up with your boyfriend doesn’t go so well. he’s always calling you sickly sweet pet names like “mine sweet flowere” and “the lyghte of my life”. Have fun reading~ My unfinished works can be found here ~. yandere enhypen ; you develop stockholm syndrome ꧂ warnings: kidnapping, toxic relationships, violence ☽ jungwon jungwon notices almost immediately that your behavior has changed. this is mainly a way to practice, or interactive writing in a way. #yandere x reader #imagines #tw kidnapping #yandere criminal minds #yandere jennifer jareau #yandere william lamontagne jr #yandere #yandere imagines #dark #dark imagines …. Daring finds out about yandere's murder/s. M a s t e r l i s t [Non yandere] M a s t e r l i s t 2. Welcome to my hellhole : Yandere alphabet. Anonymous asked: Anon from earlier about Yandere Taehyung— Rich heir Taehyung obsessing over his older brother’s (idk some close relative) wife who is also older than him. Any characters can be requested and NSFW is encouraged. - from the moment he saw you he could tell. (( hi anon! Thanks for requesting <333 )) Yandere! Loona TW: darker themes, violence She’s always on her phone and it’s only a matter of time before she sees your profile. getting canceled for dating him. ~~~~~ Request box: -OPEN- Inbox count: 22 ~~~~~ The crush/so's gender-neutral unless stated otherwise. Pinned Post arcane arcane imagine arcane imagines arcane jinx arcane preference arcane preferences jinx imagine jinx x reader league of legends silco imagine harry potter imagine masterlist welcome detroit become human x reader detroit become. I hope this turned out okay and you enjoy! This is a College AU, implied magicless world, and reader is a camgirl. Let’s all give a warm welcome to our new co-writer for yandere-simulator-imagines…. Versus a bratty exorcist darling? GHOST [PT 1] [PT 2] I let this ask simmer in my inbox, wanting to work on it and couldn’t until now :) Reference for house: Scotney castle. but your laugh is angelic so he’s not complaining. She-Ra Imagines — Yandere Catra 🐱 See more posts like this on Tumblr. ask anonymous rohan kishibe rohan x reader rohan yandere rohan jojo part 4 jojo diamond is unbreakable yandere meme yandere yandere jjba yandere jojo's bizarre adventure yandere jojo x reader. Tengen’s Fourth Wife? 😘 — Can I please get Yandere Zenitsu. yandere bnha x child reader by pic. It was a blessing, they claimed. Series: Lost and Found masterlist TW: dark themes, implied mind break, cursing, panic attack, past catching up, possesive characters, mentions of death, trauma, murder, reader getting hurt/murdered, mental health issues, Jinx, long story (almost 2k, but Jinx is a bit more complex character to …. He’s- distant, you’ll probably never really know him as much as he knew you. Imagine Yandere Werewolf Bakugou was kidnap and a slave by a witch then Y/N who is a retire knight kills the witch. noncon danganronpa killing harmony yandere kokichi ouma yandere x darling. Herb loves your crafts! Herb supports anything you do, so he’ll be very enthusiastic about any passions you have! He’ll melt if you give him anything you made personally! Even if it doesn’t go with his outfit, Herb will wear anything you give him proudly. After u had woken up, going out is a must. i believe her writing is some of the first i saw for jjba on tumblr,. Masterlist for My Darlings. Yandere!Gojo who made you mommy as soon as you two were married. As the final hour struck, the king collapsed into a fit of rage. Yandere Kokichi and Shuichi trying to confess to their darling, but gets nervous and freaks out. “This’ll make us closer, I promise. Yandere writing blog - 18+ - Requests are closed, but feel free to send prompts or ideas! Anonymous: Hohoho I like the implication that Desmond prefers to wake up being cuddled. Yandere!Claude with a darling turning yandere after he broke them. • He loves hanging out with you, mostly movies and the occasional carnival. yandere enhypen ; meeting you for the first time ꧂ warnings: obsessive behavior, manipulation, riki drops an f-bomb, kinda cute? (old request i forgot i had im so sorry it’s late) note: most of the scenarios are either before or right when the characters start dating, so there’s only a few indications of yandere behavior. For the past year your boyfriend has been extremely off weird things have happened unexplainable things but you just say your imagining it all like he tells you every ti demon. #bts smut #jungkook smut #jimin smut #yandere bts #yandere seokjin #yandere namjoon #yandere jimin #yandere jungkook #yandere taehyung #yandere hoseok #yandere yoongi #yoongi …. Anonymous asked: Can I get a imagine of poly BTS kidnapping the reader, trying win her affection by force??? for the poly one, can it be rap line? thank you:) Word Count: 1. Let's all give a warm welcome to our new co-writer for yandere-simulator-imagines… @bushmarsh. They are also a survivor by default except when requested otherwise. Yandere! BTS! High School! AU - Their reaction to you getting bullied. Even though Kanato is basically a yandere on his own, what makes him different is his intensity. His yandere tendencies focus on his darlings safety and them staying with him. The dragon lets out a loud growl in their direction, …. yandere bnha yandere headcanons yandere imagines yandere fumikage tokoyami bnha tokoyami boku no hero academia bnha my hero academia 149 notes Dec 13th, 2018 Open in app. Especially right now because my other blog is going through a weird phase where tumblr won't let me really post or update things. The moment is short lived as darkness eventually consumes his vision- not even getting the chance to start an investigation to the matter. warnings: general nsfw, there is the effects of aphrodisiacs but there’s enthusiastic consent don’t worry. I sighed before telling her that I would look into it. 10 • Yandere Simulator Creepypasta Mod Download • Creepypasta Mod 1. Fate Imagines is a blog that takes (and accepts) requests for headcannons, short drabbles, and blurbs about the characters of the well-loved Fate Franchise. Yandere Hetalia imagines for you~ASK BOX: OPEN lilananana. but your laugh is angelic so he's not complaining. The clock struck its final moment and it’s chiming spelled death for the city. This is a predominantly Steven Universe based imagines blog, although it is not exclusive. With that threat you shut up and gave up. The room felt exponential and he tried desperately to control his breathing. SardonicTheWriter — God can you imagine a yandere Ghostbur. - I like to imagine she was a member of the Fellowship - She totally kicks ass and is super awesome, but doesn't quite have great social skills. But this time, you were sure you were going to get out. order up! — may I request an imagine where yandere!Junko. Even all your little quirks and bad habits are perfect to him. It feels so utterly strange for him, seeing a once-prosperous civilization. Synopsis: The trembling voice of the tea apprentice carries through the room, and though you can't see him . he's always calling you sickly sweet pet names like "mine sweet flowere" and "the lyghte of my life". ty for your kind words i love my fans @yunghighlighter. Chapter 70: Yandere Concept: Househusband Amami Summary: Request: n/a, a convo I had with someone talking about yandere househusbands, and the first to come to mind was rantaro, ofc. #yandere x reader #danganronpa #/ cw ns. It’s not exactly like the anime because I watched it a long time ago, and don’t really like how some of. Taehyung crawled over to you and held your face in his hands. As a Yandere writer, I can only say that these dbd characters will accept you for the way that you are. Chocolate, cuddles, heating pads, pain killers. Felix, your physics classmate, holds a basket full of fruits in front of you while smiling ear to ear, eyes turning into thin crescents. Yandere Amanda young with a S/O who is a protective type in trials, an example being that the S/O will jump in between her and an injured survivor so the survivor can have some extra time to get away from Amanda. Genre: Tsundere, growing yandere tendencies, angst. Yandere Mafia!Taeyong (NCT). Ok so- I forgot where I read this so just know this isn’t my original idea but I really like the concept of a replaced MC au with a yandere twist. request: "please please please,…. You say you hate him ( Mafia! Taeyong ) You tell you captor that you hate him and that was not a good idea. Yandere OCs And Imagines — Masterlist + OCs. Dazai spoke proudly with his deep voice. how he reacts when his s/o cries. Yandere! Gon and Killua with a S/O who tries to leave. (Response will be less detailed if you request more than one oc (separate) in a ask to fit them all in) Posts. Warning for yandere and abuse/manipulation. Their reaction to you killing yourself to escape the torture. Bike Rides with the Yandere Platonic Toman Boys. uh-oh i kinda went a yandere way with this one. See a recent post on Tumblr from @drabbledealer about Yandere Imagines. fun fact: muzan had kept u in the sun for 2 seconds to see if u would wither away and u did and that is how he knew u were alive and in fact, a demon. I am not one to fully talk, as you are in a bed. Amao Odayaka Boyfriend Scenarios - How You Meet. Anonymous: I loved your axis and allies headcanons, could I have some 2p axis headcanons? (include Prussia if you can. It’s difficult to tell if he is serious or not, because Joseph rarely is serious; it’s a factor of your relationship or ― in this cause ― lack of one that you enjoyed in the beginning, but it later made you doubt if he truly liked you in that manner or not. I wanna write for this man so bad-Should I do Daki too?. - hell, he didn't want to acknowledge this as joey. Hi! If you couldn’t tell, this is a yandere blog. See more posts like this on Tumblr. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB: Keep out drama. These are loosely based on the fairy tales, but somethings will be different because that's how I want it to be lol. Warnings - profanity, yandere, and blackmail. please consider: yandere siren & darling. #yandere #yandere twisted wonderland #yandere riddle #yandere trey clover #yandere riddle rosehearts #yandere riddle x reader #yandere trey x reader #yandere female riddle #yandere art #genderbend #genderbend twst #yandere girl #rule 63 but for some reason I can’t imagine this two sharing a darling and. the difference between the traveler and a civilian is just the different ways he can manipulate them to play right into his hand. 0m members in the tumblr community. *** You didn't see it at first, how his hands and eyes would linger on you; how he would accidentally bump into you in the hall and around the school; how Lilia would stare happily when you two were together; how he'd call your name instead of the given nickname "Child of man" ; how he. Yandere AU & Mafia AU - Based off of This Drabble and its Sequel. An oil tycoon so influential he was above the media and nations conceded to his whims at a moment’s notice. Yandere!Claude with a darling who gives up on resisting. Anonymous said: Holy eff Imagine Yan!Jojo house, right? But darling is incredibly socially awkward. I let out a sigh as the student left my office. almost hitting s/o during an argument. yandere michael gray yandere michael gray x reader michael gray x reader yandere peaky blinders x reader yandere peaky blinders peaky Oh goodness I briefly couldn’t find you in tumblr’s search bar and was so worried you were gone but lo and behold here you are, and with hq posts I’ve never read yet!! and you can almost imagine him. Once you catch his eye he’ll want to follow you everywhere and know everything about you. Yandere Pokemon Imagines 18+, MINORS DNI - Refer to me as Ninetales or Mod Ninetales on here please - The Yandere sideblog to phoenix-poke-imagines! Here to bring you darker content for your favourites! Profile photo and banner by myself - Requests are open! - …. This poor woman was totally all at sea and tried to free herself from his grip. Posts that are aren't imagines, asks, etc. seeing someone else comfort their s/o after making them feel insecure. It filled your whole body with anger and overtook your senses. He softly pushes the basket to you, urging you. One of the kuudere’s main defining features is a habit of not showing emotion. He missed you, he wanted to see you, now. with that, i formed a fun idea because sumire deserves her afterlife, and ayano deserves to feel. I started the yandenet a few years ago with the idea to get a nice source on tumblr for yandere content that wasn’t full of unsourced reposts. Lol on the other places I post my works (ao3 and wattpad) I always get a lot of comments on the part where Xiao eats a lock of the reader’s hair he cut off when they fainted. male yandere yandere yandere imagines yandere jjba yandere food fantasy yandere pokemon yandere digimon yandere demon slayer yandere touken ranbu yandere scenarios 65 notes Feb 6, 2022. present mic erasermic yancore yandere boy yanderecore yandere yem bnha headcanons bnha imagines bnha bnha present mic bnha aizawa bnha erasermic bnha x you bnha x reader mha mha x y/n mha imagines mha eraserhead mha aizawa mha mic mha erasermic thanksgiving thanksgiving special. goretober goretober 2019 mod haw malicious yandere writing challenge writing prompt writing practice writers on tumblr artist encouragement art prompt art challenge art practice artists on tumblr a yandere really queues you imagine your yandere imagine your oc imagine your crush imagine your favorite character imagine your otp imagine your ocs. twst x reader yandere twisted wonderland yandere twst yandere idia shroud idia x mc yandere x. Warnings: This is Cliff when he’s had to work for it, so EXTREMELY dubious consent. Yandere! Idia Shroud x Camgirl! Hello! This is my first fic I’ve posted on tumblr, and I’m not used to using it at all. Note: I do not think that they would act like this in real life. I think ill reopen my study blurbs (found in masterlist) for the semester. He isn’t one for love, and he thinks couples are a waste of time. Darling: It's okay, I am stuff. this offer, i will take it thank you your grace. If you want to see what I've written so far, please check either the "yandere" or "my stories" tags :> This website uses the NOTATIONS theme by Ben Delaney, and is powered by TUMBLR. With the idea of leaving tumblr eventually, I will be. Ask: Yandere headcanons for a nokken x female reader? A/N: Nokken's are perfect for 'yandere' because the myth is they legit lure you to your watery death with their hypnotic music playing. yandere yandere imagines yandere dc yandere batboys yandere tim drake yandere jason todd yandere damian wayne yandere dick grayson yandere headcanon 144 notes Feb …. All my posts are gender-neutral unless specified. Requested by: Anon! “I don’t know if you do any yandere stuff but if you do I was wondering how would yandere killua and gon react to thier s/o trying to leave them for Accidentally Cheating. Lol on the other places I post my works (ao3 and wattpad) I always get a lot of comments on the part where Xiao eats a lock of the reader's hair he cut. cas — welcome to the sad boi community. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna I'll be posting bxb imagines on my private account @lixchu so make sure to follow me there and request for your ships ^^ @yanderechoisan @yandereeunwoo @subbychan @boyfielixie. Yandere Giyuu, Kyojuro and Tanjiro’s reaction to reader dying in their arms. a/n: this was for an anon that requested a diluc sex pollen fic… somehow tumblr deleted my draft so your original ask is gone but don't worry. Yandere: Natsu, Erasermic, Tanjiro, Izuku. ) He’d probably kidnap his darling and if the brothers objected well then he’d have no problem dealing with them. -yandere bae beating up abusive b/n--yandere bae beating up abusive b/n (PART 2)--positive Larry comforting sad s/o--reaction to finding out about s/o's issues--larry with a shy s/o--larry is jealous--yandere boi on valentines-Todd: (#toddtechtribute~)-Todd with a shy trans boyfriend--yandere bae beating up abusive b/n-. There will probably be more as the series goes on. moonlightprayerstuff asked: Imagine this scenario: yandere Tony Stark’s romantic obsession died because she did the snap to save the universe instead of him, and whilst Tony is grieving for her death another version of his obsession from an alternate universe come to his world and despite that version of his obsession doesn’t know him, but he still keep her in the …. Imagine this scenario: yandere avengers’ obsession actually escaped to Wakanda, and seeks refuge there. TW: kidnapping, implied murder (I think diavolo’s character really suits being a yandere, he’s a little brat and he would make sure he got his darling. Tongue sound of the door opening made the shy boy gasp and softly smile. yandere twisted wonderland x reader | Tumblr · Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Chihiro isn’t usually a very shy yandere, but there’s something about his darling complimenting others that throws Chihiro off, and he becomes extremely uncomfortable, and may even isolate himself for a little bit. Y/N asks, trying to get a better look at the boy from behind the tree. ships would also be under the game that the character (s) are from). (Yandere) Pinned Post masterlist mosnta x kpop monsta x texts monsta x scenarios monsta x imagines monsta x fanfic yandere monsta x monsta x yandere monsta 158 notes May 15th, 2019. yandere yandere headcanons yandere prompts yandere drabbles yandere scenarios yandere fanfiction yandere imagines yandere x reader yandere x you yandere oneshot yandere police officer x reader yandere police officer x you yandere lover. Can I request Yandere 1A x reader headcanons? UwU. After all the miserable attempts you took trying to desperately escape him. All copyrights belong to @yankpop (aka me) so do not post/translate my works on any other platforms without my consent/knowledge. Yandere Izuku Midoriya Headcanons. She would also teach you to dance if you ask her, she knows you’re the one for her, and gets angry when she spies Rose and Jisoo next to you, trying to get your attention, she’ll blow a kiss to you before every dance performance. only ask for 3 ocs max + specify if you want it poly (Response will be less detailed if you request more than one oc (separate) in a ask to fit them all in). You can kill other sims, be an emotional wreck, use your cell phone to take discriminating pictures, it adds to the game a freaking katana and a school girls uniform that even adults can wear. and before he met OC, he just kept up with his facade of being perfect and fulfilling everyone’s expectations. Jang Deoksu (101): Originally posted by netflixdramas. Warnings: murder, torture, kidnapping, yandere stuff, blood, manipulation, mental physical and emotional abuse. What will happening next? You really think they’d be safe THERE?? Not in a MILLION YEARS. Glitch asking if you want to sit together on the bed and talk about what’s. " I will be going out on a mission. #yandere+imagine on Tumblr. and a long imagine piece I’ve been working on (and I mean very long. Yandere Kyojuro, Giyuu, Muichiro and Yoriichi ( + Michikatsu as a bonus ) with a reader who is like Nezuko with a muzzle on their mouth crying to be freed. Korekiyo Shinguji _V3 boy’s reaction to their fem S/O thinking they were going to hurt them during an argument. but he tried to make the most of it. Expect a free day! Notice how it isn’t DAYS. ’ listen, a human may not believe in mates. You praise her dancing performance. Even though Sebastian doesn’t allow you to talk to many people, he does allow you to have as many cats as you want, since he likes them. - I like to imagine she was a member of the Fellowship - She totally kicks ass and is super awesome, but doesn’t quite have great social skills. Suddenly Y/N got the broom on fire. 0 [Platonic] BEFORE YOU REQUEST… Please be specific as to what you want your request to be like because, “(cookie) x reader?” doesn’t give anything to work with ; Providing a plot, prompt, scenario, or imagine really helps me to better write your. Originally posted by onepunchmiss *GIF not mine* A/N: I’m glad you like them! Also, b r u h, tysm for this request bc ugh, I forgot how much of a babe Garou is. But Zhongli stepped in, protecting them. yandere imagines yandere yandere x reader yandere headcanons yandere scenarios yandere character yandere demon slayer yandere kny yandere bnha yandere boku no hero academia 13 notes Mar 8th, 2022 Open in app. Warnings⚠️: gore? ‘So this is what they meant when they said humans are made of stars’ Altas thought,scoffing as his hands dug deeper into the open chest cavity of the man laying in front of him. Would they turn on each other, or somehow work together? (Bonus points if they're both yandere oof) I didn’t want to write a drabble on this, just my opinion but oh well :3 Itachi x shisui x reader uchiha x you naruto x reader naruto x you yandere naruto yandere naruto shippuden yandere naruto imagines yandere uchiha imagines uchiha. *actually, anytime he sees you, he’s very happy. If this unnerves you, please do not continue. Yandere Albedo and Scaramouche finding God! Darling first. Don't worry, I'm just confused. — warnings; obsessive themes, …. ” you whispered and make him looked at you. imagine your f/o admitting to you how jealous they feel when you’re with anyone else. MASTERLIST LAST UPDATED: MARCH 7TH, 2019! Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Imagines! Super Danganronpa 2 Imagines!. Yandere Obey Me Masterlist The BrothersLucifer • The Brother’s Darling Giving Up • Lucifer, Simeon, and Solomon with a Darling Developing Stockholm Syndrome • Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, and Diavolo. Title: Tea Screen [Yandere Scaramouche x Reader]. #yandere+imagine · Follow · New post. Namjoon stops his tracks, he feels something. *̩̩͙ •̩̩͙*!!!Important!!!*•̩̩͙ •̩̩͙** these are not “rules” for every request. Nothing that would deem to be remembered but considering he’s part of an organization where children kill each other to survive it’s hard not to remember the small …. sagau, and in response to our Yandere finding God!Darling first, post with Diluc and Childe. Y/N is like, "You can stay with me for awhile. #twisted wonderland #yandere twisted wonderland #twisted imagines #twst #yandere twst #yandere malleus #yandere malleus x reader #gender neutral mc #yandere #dragon boy #dragon love #TW yandere #tw death #Malleus POV #Killing Fiancee AU More you might like. Yandere Imagines blog — Yandere Fairytale: Fae King. Lately, being in the house alone have him violent panic attacks. They adore every little bit about you, and have often chosen their obsession for reasons which are often even a bit of a mystery to themselves. Sweating, you fumbled with the front door’s locks. “Come oooooon! You need to eat something! If you don’t, you may pass out AGAIN! Please! It’s not like it’ll kill you to gain a little weight if that’s what you’re worried about!”. Jul 01, 2019 · See more posts like this on Tumblr. How about Yandere Kokichi?. Summary: Based on the game of Yandere No Sutoka. Headcanons for Sherlock, Mycroft, and Moriarty. Fingers crossed only in your tattered mind, you lied to him. Imagine your yandere leaving you sweet, daily. This could, depending on the yandere, be a good or bad thing - it might starve the yandere of affection, but it also allows a sufficiently delusional yandere to …. ART GIVEAWAY/REQUESTS (i can’t send it through tumblr cuz it gets lagged, so, if you are interested - ask me, i will send it to you!). Anon from earlier about Yandere Taehyung— Rich. #yandere simulator #imagines #yandere #yandere sim #megami saikou #headcanons #yandere sim headcanons #ayano aishi #senpai #akademi high school #student council #kokona haruka #saki miyu #osana najimi #budo masuta More you might like. AN: This is not a continuation of the previous sasaeng scenario, this one has different bts sasaeng personality and is the continuation of the …. Warnings: yandere, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy mindsets, unhealthy behavior, that’s about it, this is all fluff Saihara Shuichi. Glamrock Freddy also gives off soft yandere vibes, so I wouldn't worry too much about him compared to past yanderes mentioned. Darling has a hunch that he probably stole it, but Giorno never denies or confirms it. Yandere Danganronpa Posts From My Tumblr. Hank is the good guy who find you and give you your new powers. it’s no shock to be dealt with. 22 they/them all of your yandere dreams come true. s/o is kept gender neutral summary: after accidentally coming into contact with a rare type of …. She stalks her potential partner and goes to the limit of making another account specifically for talking to the potential partner. Hope you enjoy your request! Word Count: 1. Especially right now because my other blog is going through a weird phase where tumblr won’t let me really post or update things. Baby, don’t look at me like that. Asking you about the underwear you have on that day, describing the way your hair smells, threating the person you payed a little to much attention to. yandere simulator | Tumblr Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Yandere OCs And Imagines — Masterlist #1. The sky above ripples from the force behind it as something, or rather someone, is trying to tear its way inside. Yandere!Yamaguchi x Reader - The Escape You obviously had tried to escape more than twice but the other punishments were too spine-chilling to even imagine. Who would have thought that this sweet boy would be behind all of this. A romantic double suicide like Romeo and Juliet!“. You said you were craving for fruits, and I didn’t know which one so I just bought everything. TW: brief mentions of blood & death Shadow is a possessive & protective yandere. Hello Anon, I’m definitely interested in doing a yandere Mr Negative for you! I sort of have a general idea as far as the plot goes, but feel free to message me if you have a specific idea in mind. Yandere Yandere Imagine Yandere Imagines Yandere Headcanon Yandere Headcanons Yandere x Reader Yandere x Darling Yandere x Female Reader Yandere JJBA Yandere Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Yandere Jotaro Kujo Yandere Jotaro Yandere Jotaro Kujo x Reader Yandere Jotaro x Reader Yandere Jotaro x Female Reader Yandere Theory. oooh, this one is gonna be brutal yeonjun and sunoo are polar opposites when it comes to their obsession with you, so i don’t think they’d get along that well unfortunately. imagine a world where mc is oblivious with tremendous luck to be able to walk out of life threatening danger (without ever actually knowing that they’re in a situation like that in the first place lmao) to the dangers that they entangle themselves with boss! giorno as they aid him while he is somehow unconscious & taking him under their wing without knowing who he is & …. masterlist rules wips about us prompts recs moodboards. it was tiring for him but he felt like it was the role that he had to play in order to keep his privileges. but as a vampire who was forcefully turned and aged to become an entity you loathed, a species. When Dazai had stripped you of all your clothing and saw how nervous you were, he quickly changed his whole demeanour. “You’re so cute, begging like anything could get you out of this. A/N: I posted these designs on my Tumblr as well as the journal I just posted. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. Warning for yandere and abuse/manipulation. Crazy Cat Lady in Training: Yandere Motive AU: Imagine the. Your freedoms would be gone, this man would be with you 24/7. the expected trope is that the supernatural creature is the dominant party in the relationship, considering their heightened senses and overwhelming abilities, additionally their experienced history. Yandere x reader yandere imagines yandere jjba imagines yandere jjba yandere yandere johnny joestar yandere gyro zeppeli yandere diego brando jjba Anonymous: Hi, I was the person who asked for a few writing tips a while ago, and when I saw your response I literally died. Summary: Being best friends and going to the same college can make Yoongi realize some things. Yandere! Mammon x Gender Neutral! Reader/MC. he never forgets an anniversary. So, the requirements to become a mod are pretty simple. Y/N sets him free but like he has no where to go. Creepypasta & Marble Hornet Imagines — Masterlist. Till Sunday, I hope you’re ready and as eager as I am to be with you awake for the first time, I can’t wait. #tf2 #yandere engie #reader x tf2 #tf2 x reader #tf2 yandere #engie #tf2 engie #dark nights come with a cost More you might like. — pairing; yandere! mental patient! han jisung x reader — word count; 5. Made For Me ; For Our Friendship [Prince AU] Making You Mine; Drabbles / One-shots. Even though Sebastian doesn't allow you to talk to many people, he does allow you to have as many cats as you want, since he likes them. Hello friends, This is a blog dedicated to Demon Slayer imagines. he didn't even know until it felt like it was too late. Scenarios / Imagines-Yandere! Eren Imagine -Um,,, this weird crossover idea I had for yandere sasuke x reader x yandere eren modern au. - You know who did it, this isn’t right. Yandere muichiro’s reaction to reader mistaking him for Yuichiro and refusing to marry him. yandere x reader yandere imagines guess I'm calling these headcanons yandere headcanons yandere jjba jojo part 5 jojo part 7 jojo part 3 jojo part 6 golden wind vento auero stone ocean steel ball run stardust crusaders jolyne kujo jotaro kujo diego brando dio brando bruno buccellati tiziano squalo risotto nero ghiaccio hot pants diavolo jjba. Hello, can I ask for a yandere Kaneki Ken headcanons? Thank you so much beforehand! No problem, hun. He's going to be extremely worried about them. Her goal in the game is to eliminate 10 rivals who have a special interest …. Male Fae (Erolith) Magpie Fae x GN reader (Tehlmar) Part 1 / Part 2. after this it’s albedo! ♥ i’m not really proud of this one, but i’ve been working on it for days so 🧍‍♀️ Xiao is broken. Warnings: Yandere stuff, past kidnapping mentioned, physical abuse, blood, light nudity, implied attempted non-con. You clamped your hand down over your mouth, trying to limit the amount of sobs that would …. Or with no one at all, if possible. Yandere!Claude and Yandere!Lorenz fighting over the same darling. #bnha bakugo katsuki #yandere x reader #bnha imagines #dabi x reader #yandere x you #yanderes #yanderexrea #yandere #yanderebnha #yandere bakugou #yandere villain #yandere dabi #yandere mha …. Maybe not insulting but aggressive and stuff, but secretly deeply in love but somehow even after being kidnapped need a lot of time to actually act normally towards the cheesecakes. *** You didn’t see it at first, how his hands and eyes would linger on you; how he would accidentally bump into you in the hall and around the school; how Lilia would stare happily when you two were together; how he’d call your name instead of the given nickname “Child of man” ; …. " you whispered and make him looked at you. Yandere Felines Mammon, Satan, Beelzebub, Diavolo, and Solomon; See more posts like this on Tumblr. ever since elementary school he’s had a reputation for being sweet to everybody and helping out his friends whenever they needed it. warnings: slight gore kind of, yandere themes, stalking, spoilers for part 2 of my yandere xiao series. yandere imagines yandere imagines yandere. ↳ a/n- I HAD TO REUPLOAD bc tumblr sucks lol well folks. he didn’t even know until it felt like it was too late. friendlylifecherry: Yandere Motive AU: Imagine the first day of the motive: everyone's still a bit tense because they have Nagito tied up and everyone's arguing over what they should do. Yandere Danganronpa HCs/Imagines From My Tumblr shuichisbombeyeliner. /r/tumblr is your destination for Tumblr related discussions, jokes, screenshots, and …. whether or not the redness in your cheeks were visible, your skin was definitely hot. - henry's…disturbed, to say the least, of joey's new form. They carry an elemental ring that gives them their power. The one thing Natsu wasn’t expecting when he came back from his quest was to see you gone. to be adopted by the pro hero Aizawa, and taken into his care as his new daughter allmight. yandere dark blog 18+ she/her and my mental health was rapidly declining. tw: yandere behavior, drinking, manipulation [Yandere Michael Kelso x Gender Neutral Reader] Originally posted by tulowitzki. So uhhh yandere reader, uhhh let’s torment my current favorite character, like any good writer should. S/O playing with Kokichi Ouma’s and Maki Harukawa’s hair (and their reactions) Ryouma Hoshi, Himiko Yumeno, Maki Harukawa, and Kaito Momota first kisses with their new S/O. Even if it’s true he demands you say it’s not. Childe, Scaramouche & the Tsaritsa. Don't worry Nagito can't hurt anyone anymore, he can't hurt us. Yeredere (イェレデレ) takes the "y" (イ) from "yanderu" (病んでる), meaning "to be mentally sick," and the "ere" (ェレ) from "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "lovey dovey," with a dere (デレ) added to the end. Twitter and Wattpad is @derehart. you were the new kid and donna was nice enough to befriend you first, she asked you if you wanted to meet her other friends and you agreed. Summary: After finally having an opportunity to escape from your harsh reality, you’re unfortunately forced to find out what a grave mistake it is in the worst ways possible. Summary: After finally having an opportunity to escape from your harsh reality, you’re unfortunately forced to find out what a grave mistake it is in the worst …. Yandere! Ayato Aishi x Gender Neutral! Reader. yandere! siren! yang jeongin. Anonymous said: " yandere nagito with a s/o who has an issue with yelling and loud noises,, so any time he raises his voice to loud in a angry or annoyed way or makes a loud noise they’ll start silently crying,, gender neutral or female reader please !!. - Hau is probably one of the healthier yandere. This is a blog for 2p and 1p yandere imagines and preferences~! Requests—OPEN. All the ups and downs of life, he stayed, he stayed by your. Let’s get one thing straight before we start. It depends whether you acknowledge all the horrific things he did and/or whether you excuse them due to his past trauma. This is your last chance to stop yourself. He’s going to be extremely worried about them. #yandere #yandere x reader #yandere magi hcs #yandere magi #yandere judar #tw forced pregnancy #tw yandere #nsfwish #tw dark content #yandere imagines #but also: when the kid is born they look exactly like judar lol #another painful reminder. (It's probably a shrine made out of cow skulls and blood because he's totally a worshipper yandere. Like he went from Dazai to daddy serious in 0. He's easily above Toy Freddy and Helpy and below Rockstar Freddy when it comes …. Could you do yandere kent from stardew valley? That’s a very interesting idea! When you’ve seen the horrors that Kent has seen, it’s only natural for the world around you to start feeling gray. This is meant to be their characters not them. #yandere x reader #yandere imagines #yandere scenarios #yandere #yandere sans #Nightmare sans x reader #yandere nightmare #yandere undertale More you might like. After trying to tame you or they finally break you, they just don’t feel the same when they first met you; you aren’t the same person they loved once and it creates a conflict between them. Elves and Pixies: Male Drow Sorcerer (Ardul) x Male Reader. ) ↑ Kid reader in all of the female characters hold <33. Though he can imagine if he were to be apart of it. #Yandere! Yandere Yandere Imagine Yandere Imagines Yandere Headcanon Yandere Headcanons Yandere x Reader Yandere x Darling Yandere x Female Reader Yandere JJBA Yandere Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Yandere Jotaro Kujo Yandere Jotaro Yandere but you could only imagine the smirk he had beneath it. The guidelines for submitting requests are as follows: I will be posting a variety of imagines, requests and the occasional photo edit. “Here,” he hands one to Hinata. twisted imagines twisted wonderland yandere yandere twisted wonderland yandere twst jade leech floyd leech cater diamond murder mystery or was floyd murdered? Vampire AU! ft. “This one stays at your house while I keep this one here. It started out as something harmless, he treated you like a friend, however he didn’t like how sweet you were to everyone else, he wanted you …. I will not accept smut (since I can’t write it very good). imagine kdrama imagines reader insert x reader x y/n x you hell is other people kdrama seo moon jo not my gif yandere imagines yandere x reader yandere x y/n love triangle lee dong wook imagine lee dong wook strangers from hell imagine strangers from hell x reader strangers from hell.